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Jeo news watch live
sohail rajput, Hyderabad Thursday, June 29 2017

kulbhoshan ko U.N.O mein pesh kr k bharat ko dehshatgard qarar dalwaya jay
Muhammad Ashraf Nadeem, ghoteki Thursday, June 29 2017

niceeee g
abid, mianwali Wednesday, June 28 2017

May Allah help us to get rid of agents of Jews working in Pakistan & guide the youth to understand the harm which U Turn Khan (fake pathan) is trying do to this country by his malicious tactics. May Allah protect us & give us peace, prosperity & security!
Parvez Ishfaq, Faisalabad Wednesday, June 28 2017

Muhammad Ashraf Nadeem, ghoteki Wednesday, June 28 2017

Quetta me abhi dhamake ki awaz sunai di
ubaid, quetta Wednesday, June 28 2017

Samaa Tv, your reception on internet is horrible you canot see any thing your IT people should be aware of it, its totaly useless.
Saeed Ahmed, Mississauga Wednesday, June 28 2017

well done breaking news !!!
4 sentences ! continuous repeat for 10 minute, wow. what a stamina. how much waste of time . setting up the trend of nation " just words words words" May Allah Guide us all. (AAmeen)
zon, joburg
Alqadeer, Ellah Abad Tuesday, June 27 2017

fareed khan, jacobabad Tuesday, June 27 2017

Shabash Pak Army ;Ahmed pur sharqia k mareezoon ko bar waqt hospital tak ponchanay per Wel-done. Pak Army zinda baad, Pakistan painda baad
Muhammad Ashraf Nadeem, ghoteki Tuesday, June 27 2017

Samaa bohat acha channel hai mujhy bahoot psand hai allah in Sub ko Sada Aabad Rahky
Malik Naseem, Islamabad.Peer Wadai Moor Britsh Home Sunday, June 25 2017

apko bhi Eid Bhoot Bahot Mubarik Ho Sir.
Malik Naseem, Islamabad.Peer Wadai Moor Britsh Home Sunday, June 25 2017

Tamam Alm-e-Islam ko Eid mubarak
Muhammad Ashraf Nadeem, ghoteki Sunday, June 25 2017

Pakistan have become a "country of indifference",what ever happen there the people simply don't care,no matter how many innocent lives are lost on daily basis we just don't care and life goes on in Pakistan as normal,Pakistan should not celebrate EID because of lives lost this week in Peshawar,or at least have some decency and announce the day of mourning for all the shaheed of Peshawar.
Jamal Shirazi, Richmond Saturday, June 24 2017

Our political talk shows are like fish market/circus,no manners at all.what kind of a nation are we?I could not see our talk shows more than 5 min,they are just like bee noises,gives me a headache every time I turn on a political talk one seriously listens ,just blame games,talking nonsense ,we have deteriorated as a civilized nation to a bunch of illiterates with tons of money who control every department of the government,how can a nation prosper like this?and how long it can survive.
Jamal Shirazi, Richmond Saturday, June 24 2017

NO Voice
Fazal Ur Rahman, Lawrenceville Saturday, June 24 2017

this is 10 time i m complaining that only picuture we can see no voice check there is is technical fault in your system.please correct it .thanks,.
Fazal Ur Rahman, Lawrenceville.Georgia USA Saturday, June 24 2017

well done breaking news !!!
4 sentences ! continuous repeat for 10 minute, wow. what a stamina. how much waste of time . setting up the trend of nation " just words words words" May Allah Guide us all. (AAmeen)
zon, joburg Saturday, June 24 2017

nazreen ko kia dikawogi,, itlaat ghalat aa rahe hen aap k pass,,
dhamka China post per huwa aap jinnah check post dika rahe ho
shahab, Quetta Friday, June 23 2017

Chief Justice of Pakistan se appeal hai k az khud notice lekar kulbhoshan ko phansi dalwa,ain
Muhammad Ashraf Nadeem, ghoteki Friday, June 23 2017

Safraz Ahmad, Naat Khawan hai aur Hazoor (SAWS) ke samne kamli main Chhupane ki ilteja karta hai, is koi nahi Hara sakta
Muhammad Rukhsan, Rawalpindi Friday, June 23 2017

Idare tawan tab kare ge jab Azad honge
Waqas , Milan Thursday, June 22 2017

masha allah
Hafiz, Dubai Thursday, June 22 2017

Jo khawateen hijab pehn kr TV Peh aatee hain un ke azmat ko mera Salam aur un k parent ko especially jinhon nay apni bacheun ke esse tarbiat ke hai,aur jo nangay sar aatee hain un ko Allah pak hidayat dai Aameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
Muhammad Ashraf Nadeem, ghoteki Thursday, June 22 2017

Samaa bohat acha channel h
Hafiz usman , China Xian Thursday, June 22 2017

QASIM, JHANG Wednesday, June 21 2017

السلام علیکم..
یہ درست ہے کہ آج بلال قطب نے صاحب نے پاکستان کی جیت کے بعد فائرنگ کے واقعہ میں ایک جانی نقصان پر پروگرام کیا.مگر پروگرام دیکھنے سے ایسا معلوم ہورہا تھا کہ یہ پروگرام عوام کی جان کے تحفظ کے بجاےُشیعت کے تحفظ کے لئے کیا گیا ہے. .
ali, Guangzhou china Wednesday, June 21 2017

live nahi chlta kia problam hai
abrar khan, lahore Wednesday, June 21 2017

Shabash Pakistan
pehli fatah....1965 ke jang
doosri fatah...champion trophy
teesri fatah...kulbhoshan ke phansi
chothi fatah...kashmir ke azadi
us k baad bharat dunya k naqshay se mit jaey ga
Muhammad Ashraf Nadeem, ghoteki Wednesday, June 21 2017

I Like it Pakistani Media also a very big mafia they are not respect anyone this is good
Saboor Khan, Lahore Tuesday, June 20 2017

Samaa News Live - News and current affairs has great significance in the lives of Pakistanis. Acknowledging this phenomenon, Samaa TV brings you an exclusive platform giving maximum coverage to all local and international news. The channel management of Samaa News TV believes truly on their motto “Sansani Nahi Sirf Khabar” and has engaged their energies in collecting and transmitting authentic news ONLY.

Samaa TV Live news telecast is the forte of the channel as their business thrives on this phenomenon. Breaking news and live coverage of all the significant events happening in the country is the best way to capitalize in the industry and grab the TRP ratings and Samaa TV News Live has done this brilliantly. Samaa News Live has been phenomenal in providing live and authentic news from the major cities of Pakistan, namely Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Islamabad, and Peshawar. Unbiased reporting in an ethical and responsible manner is what Samaa TV actually believes in. Reporting of accurate facts and current affairs commentary without political affiliations or hidden agendas is the forte of Samma New TV.

Samma News is giving all the required coverage to the JIT case of Panama and hearing of Sharif family members. The channel is actively reporting about the latest updates linked to the case to the viewers. You can access the breaking news and news updates linked to Panama case and response of opposition parties on Samma News.

Apart from usual programs, SAMAA channel presents some quality content that interests the audience. Samaa News in Urdu allows you to see live hourly Samaa News bulletin and Samaa Breaking News update if certain news is to be declared in between the headlines. Samaa News headlines are telecast every hour with latest breaking news that is happening every minute. This keeps the public aware. Current affairs and talk shows at Samaa TV are hosted by biggest names in journalism include Abdullah Farhat Ullah, Abida Hamid, Nadeem Malik, Paras Khursheed, Beena Khan and other. Samaa TV real story is gaining immense popularity among the viewers.

SAMAA News TV presents its programs under different section such as PAKISTAN, World, Businesses, Sports and Entertainment. Samaa TV morning show titled ‘SUBAH SAVEREY SAMAA KE SAATH’ is hosted by famous TV actress Sadia Imam. This morning show is well-recognized among viewers, as it is not a usual morning show; as it seeks to connect audience with content that can make you laugh, provide many thought provoking moments and entertains their audience in a right manner. Some of the popular Samaa TV programs are Darja e Shararat, Crime Scene, Awaz, Nadeem Malik Live, Court No. 5. Khoji, Qutb Online, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai, Awam ki Awaz, Hum Log, News Beat, Muttasreen, Meri Kahani Meri Zubani, and Samaa kay Mehmaan to name a few.

Samaa News TV – Reporting reality based news and broadcasting shows based on facts has been the forte of Samaa TV. The channel has truly lived up to the expectation of the dedicated viewers by every mean. Whether its current affairs show, political debate based program, hourly bulletin or breaking news, Samaa News with its utmost professionalism has never let down the expectation of general public. Samaa News Live is the first private news channel to broadcast live transmission to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar simultaneously.

The addition of Saama TV to Pakistani electronic media has increased healthy competition for gaining high TRPs. Samaa News TV aims to report & broadcast news, critical review, & current affairs show in an unbiased manner. Authentic content of news & neutral discussion on current affairs without any sort of political involvement or diplomatic agenda is the hallmark of Samaa News. Samaa endeavors to bring genuine & unbiased news content through its wide range of professional experience to its viewers. Some of the renowned names in journalism are associated with Samma TV, who extended their professional expertise to ensure timely broadcast of news & information round the clock. The live news bulletin of SAMAA, perceptive political talk shows & other TV shows including sports, social, economic, & infotainment has placed it amongst the top tier news & current affairs channels of Pakistan. This page can be searched by Samma TV, Samma News Live, Samma News Bulletin, Samma TV News Live, Samma TV live streaming to name a few.

Some of the popular shows of Samma TV are:

Subh Saveray Samma Kay Sath

Most popular morning show of Samaa TV titled “Subh Saveray Samma Kay Sath” on airs every morning from Monday to Friday at 9:05 AM. The show is hosted by famous TV actress Sadia Imam. The show serves as a perfect energy boost for the viewers as it is packed with entertainment, information regarding beauty tips, household tips, discussions with invited guests and lot more. Watch out this interesting morning show on Samma News live.


If you are urging for authentic news reporting and unbiased informative show, then tune in to Awaz on airs from Monday to Thursday at 10:03 PM. The show is hosted by Shahzad Iqbal, a popular media person. His way of authentic and reality based hosting makes it quiet evident for the viewers to stick to their TV screens. In every episode of Awaz show, the host invites a guest to discuss certain topic in detail. Don’t forget to watch Awaz on airs only Samaa TV News Live.

Court No. 5

Samma TV News broadcasts COURT NO. 5 a dramatized show revealing heart wrenching court cases that are based on common man’s problems. Hosted by Aminah Kabir, she advocates each case on behalf of suppressed and helpless citizens who are seeking justice. The format of the show welcomes any real crime story that can be dramatized and bring into focus of general public. You can watch Court No. 5 every Monday at 11:05 PM.

News Beat

News Beat is a flagship show of Samma News TV which is considered to be the gateway to all the current top stories that manages to make headlines. The show focuses on the political turmoil to social & cultural issues. Hosted by very talented Paras Khursheed, the show takes you to an in-depth insight at the main story that caused the maximum rouse. You can witness a conversation & argument with the panel of invited guests in order to acknowledge their verdict. The show telecasts from Monday – Thursday at 20:03 – 21:00. You can watch News Beat online & live on with latest videos & episodes of the talk show.