Dunya News TV – One platform to get authentic and latest news, none other than Dunya News TV! A Lahore based news channel governed and managed by National Communication services (SMC) Pvt. Ltd., Dunya News possess its bureau offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan, Peshawar, Sukkur, Dera Ismail Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and all other sub districts. Dunya TV News has massive wide spread coverage of news all over Pakistan that surely gives them an edge over others. Within short span of time, Dunya TV gained immense popularity from its flagship shows like Hasb e Haal and Mazak Raat. Some of the spectacular and most watched current affairs shows like Aj Kamran Khan Kay Sath, On the Front with Kamran Shahid, Tonight with Moeed Pirzada etc have successfully glued the audience to their TV screens from quiet sometime.

Checking out the latest news bulletin before leaving home has now became a trend. Dunya news bulletin stands out among other channels as Pakistan’s popular and most watched channel that delivers you local and international news, current affairs, political debates, crisis / issue discussions you want to watch. Dunya news bulletin is telecast every hour that lives up to their motto of delivering news as it happens. It covers the wide spectrum of news and current affairs that you crave for. Dunya News Morning show Dunya titled “Payam-e-Subh” telecast every morning live and is hosted by Aneeq Ahmed.

Some of the renowned faces of Dunya TV are Kamran Khan, Nazir Naji, Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami, Haroon Rasheed, Kamran Shahid, Moeed Pirzada, Salman Ghani, Aneeq Ahmed, Wajahat S. Khan, Junaid Saleem, Sohail Ahmad, Uzma Nauman, Salman Hassan, Ayesha Zulfiqar, Ayesha Naz, Uzma Nauman, Madiha fakhar to name a few. Some of famous and most watched Dunya News Live programs are Cricket Dewangi, Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath, Hasb-e-Haal, Ilm-O-Hikmat, Khabar Yeh Hay, Mahaaz, Mazaaq Raat, Meri Dunya, Nuqta E Nazar, On The Front, Peyam-E-Subh, The Sports Show, Tonight with Dr Moeed Pirzada, Voice of Dunya, and Yaad Karti Hay Dunya to name a few. Watch Dunya TV Urdu News coverage of all the major events happening in the country that the Pakistani audience is interested in. In case you are unable to catch the transmission of Dunya TV on your cable network you can opt for the option of Dunya News Live streaming available on HamariWeb. This page can be search by Dunya TV live, Dunya TV news live, Dunya news Pakistan, Dunya TV channel and Dunya TV Live streaming.

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Pakistan ko ghatya kehne walon apne gareban main kashmiriyon ka khon toh dekho kameeno
Sajjad , Moro sindh Tuesday, July 26 2016

indian government ne good sahi kiya ki indian baccho ko ghatiya country mein study krne se maana kr diya hai

thanks for modi ji
manish, mumbai Tuesday, July 26 2016

What's going on in the country,if it is to baned someone's activities to be televised
It's Zardari's.why only Altaf Hudson's..didn't Zardari speak and ridicule Pak Army?
Saleem, London Sunday, July 24 2016

Sheeda Tally was very spiritually busy with Mr. mansoor ali khan on ary and was saying one breathe that thief thief and thief Nawaz sharif but Mansoor Ali khan should ask him what he is and was in present and past. he remained 8 times minister and looted Pakistan different ministries . Now when he collected all the money and lost the hope of future then he is becoming pious . he is one of the big chor (thief ) of pakistan. he was minister in nawaz sharif cabinet then nawaz sharif was good and now when he is sheeda and tally nawaz sharif is chor (thief) shame on him and ary and those channels which invite tally for every day on their channels.
pardesi, Attock Sunday, July 24 2016

پاکستان کے فرعونوں اور قارونوں کے نام ۔
جے کر منندے بیت رسولی ۔ تے سر نیزیاں تے چھڑدے کیوں ۔
پاکستان کے یزدو صرف یہ دو مطالبات ھی مان لو شاید تمھاری بھی بخشش ھو جاءے ۔
تمھیں یہ میں نہیں کہہ رھا یہ عبدل ستار ایدھی کہہ رھا ھے ۔ لیکن ھمیں معلوم ھے کہ تم نے
جہنم کو اپنے لیے پسند کر لیا ھے ۔ کب تک زندہ رھو گے سو سال دو سو سال ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
کبھی نہ کبھی تو مرو گے نا ۔
S A KHAN, rwp Sunday, July 24 2016

Najia baig come back hasbe hall paliz
Khursheed , Trento Saturday, July 23 2016

InshaAllah, CM Sind and PM Pakistan when you died than your Grave and cemetery decorated instead of Flower that decorated with Garbage of Karachi
Ashraf, karachiat Saturday, July 23 2016

I'm very impressive with this Live page but before some days I've seen many problems in this page they aren't open showing too much buffering to play any video
Kashif, karachi Saturday, July 23 2016

Dunya news is really working appreciable because they only talk about the authentic points who going to be not wasting there time on argue about any super start and film star
Shafeeq, karachi Saturday, July 23 2016

salam ,jab tak najia kay saath show hota thaa kabhi miss nahi kia ,magar jab se tabdeeli hoi hay sirf aik show dekha hay ,phir chore dia,please najia kay saath show karain us kaa format bauhaut behtar thaa
syed, manchester Saturday, July 23 2016

I don't understand , why you keep those laddies after any comments they are laughing un necessary either it is funny jokes or some serious matters . I don' t understand why. are keep as show piece or some one special choice as our politician keeping beside them. I don't understand !
sah, montreal Saturday, July 23 2016

plz duniya news py b islamabad iqbaltown ka area dhkha dy ta k hokmarano ko b pata chaly k ya kaisa islmbad ha jha py hr trf gandidi gandig ha aur roads tooti hoi aur paan khaara ha hr taruf na seewarge ka nizaam ha logo k gharoo ma paani jata ha plzzzz duniya news
kamran, islamabad Friday, July 22 2016

اس وقت ساری لڑای سی پیک پر ھو رھی ھے ۔ ساتویں آسمان الله کے ساتویں آسمان سے نہیں ھمارے ساتویں آسمان سے سختی سے آڈر آیا ھے کہ اسے پیک کر دو ۔ ھمارے تاریخی غداروں کی اولادیں اور وڈیرے لٹیرے تو اپنی طبقاتی جون کے مطابق آمادہ ھو چکے ھیں ۔ البتہ تغموں والے ابھی تک آمادہ نہیں ھوے ۔ چین تو اس بے غیرت خرید و فروخت کا قاءل ھی نہیں ھے ۔ تاریخی غداروں کی اولادیں اور وڈیرے لٹیرے ھمیں ایک بہت بڑی کھاءی میں دھکا دینے ھی والے ھیں ۔ ھمیں پتہ ھی نہیں چلے گا یہ ھماری غلامی اور موت کے پروانے پر بڑی خاموشی اور رازداری کے ساتھ سودا کر رھے ھیں ۔ اس کے بعد ھمارا بولو رام کروا یعنی کہ خدانہ خواستہ خانہ جنگی اور ٹکڑے ٹکڑے کروانے کا پروگرام ھے ۔
shaukat Ali, RWP Thursday, July 21 2016

Your news are like a broken play record. Repeat, repeat, repeat and it seems that these news are for deaf people. Same thing again, again and again. Sorry to hear same thing again and again.
Ahmed, Toronto Thursday, July 21 2016

with the start of month of A ugust some parties started agitation tehriks.
hanji, hyd Wednesday, July 20 2016

Dunya news channel is the impartial channel and full of entertainment
the most favourite is Mazaaq raat and Hasbe hall .
May Allah bless all its team and Mian Aamer Mahmoud all they need.
Mirza Munir Baig, Madinah Munwarah KSA Bassically from Lahore. Wednesday, July 20 2016

the Dunya News is losing its merit by hiring envelop journalists like Habib Dajaal. Show them exit & try to regain ur position otherwise not interested in this channel, same is the position with hasbehall programme in absence previous lady co star (Najia Baig)
Mahmood Ahmed, Indian Kashmir Wednesday, July 20 2016

My grand mother is a huge fan of watching news channels. I have bookmarked the Dunya News Live Streaming page on her laptop so can enjoy live streaming anytime and any where she feel like. Thanks guys.
Nuzhat, Karachi Wednesday, July 20 2016

Duniya news TV is not that good! I have watched few shows of Duniya news but I am unable to make any sense out of those current affairs shows that are broadcast by the channel. Please improve your programming content!
humaira, lahore Wednesday, July 20 2016

Is good channel
Muhammad jaleel, chakwal Wednesday, July 20 2016

Hello Dunya live TV.For a long time i am striving to see you on my net.But all in vain.I saw that you are appearing on the all nets of the world under hamari web but not on mine.You are seem deaf and dump and blind in my favor.Oh! Yes surely you will do so.That is why that you owe the name "Dunya."I am too aged but use the net for positive purpose.I know Quran.I know Hadiths.I know all religions of the world.i know the A.B.C of modern technical civilization.I have the personnel library in my home.I have many rare books.I am the emam of the huge mosque.I am not all alone.I am much aware of the role of I.T.Ok Let the I.T whatever it likes.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, July 19 2016

Sarwar Sahib kay comments ko fully endorse karta haun. Yay badshah rulers qaum ko essy tarah rakhay gay aur meddia kabi bhi azad or honest analysis karay gi.
AB Islamabad
Akhtar, Islamabad Tuesday, July 19 2016

I watch many programs daily on Dunya news channels and my cable channel create awkward type of problems sometimes but this page is pretty apportunity for me
Fahad, Karachi Monday, July 18 2016

Khabarnak ka accha taqal hay MASHALLAH
Arsala khan, mississauga Monday, July 18 2016

Dunya News is appreciable that he has an extra ordinary analytical personality like Habib Akram. He has found many drawbacks in Tayyab Urdegan. But surprising that Turks stood with him and foiled the Military Coup. I wish Habib Akram had carried out similar analysis of the Rulers / Kings and the Crowm Princes of Pakistan, who have been looting the poor country since decades. Whenever any of the Kings and their courtiers, becuase of their nefarious activities, fear that they are likely to be hauled up, they all combine and yell: "Democracy is in Danger" and the poor masses are befooled. I wish we develope the habit of analising the situation in true perspective. The rulers are bent upon "Doom the country" and run away from the country. By doing so these rulers are sure to lead luxurious life abroad, come back after a few years; by then the simlpeton Pakistanis will forget their past activities and treat them as "Innocent' and elect them as their rulers, not because of their past efficiency, but due to the wealth they spend on purchase of Votes. Can we learn some lesson from Tayyab Urdegan and his service to his countrymen? You have to find Patriot analysits , who remaining above from party/group affiliations, should give honest opinion to the corrupt politicians. May be their efforts bear fruit.
sarwar, lahorw Sunday, July 17 2016

Yaar! we are tired of seeing their grand fathers and fathers and these cults, now ! ek to in main shaheed bohat payda hote hain.. Is ko ek glass wine ka peelao ta ke is ka Nasha uthre!
Sajid, Dubai Saturday, July 16 2016

It is best news channel.
bdul hameed palijo, Jungshahi(Thatta) Saturday, July 16 2016

This is a wonderful news chenal.but also like a sports news
sana ullah khan, Bannu Saturday, July 16 2016

This is the most special benefit for me to watch many programs Live there before the other channels show because I'm addicted to to updated with news
Farhan, Karachi Saturday, July 16 2016

Dunya News is surely the most watched Pakistani news channel that also broadcast the infotainment sort of shows like Hasb e Haal and Mazak Raat! Thank you a lot for giving us the opportunity to see live streaming of this channel.
Kanwar, Lahore Friday, July 15 2016

Dunya News - The fame of Lahore based Dunya News is ever increasing due to its amazing and interesting content. Dunya TV Urdu News is a 24 hours channel that broadcast the content in national language. Formed in association with National Communication it became official in December 2008. Dunya TV managed by Mian Amir Mehmood broadcast news and corresponding talk shows in Urdu dialect 24 hours via neighborhood link drivers. Dunya News Live has high local reach and witness live transmission of news and current affairs in diverse urban, villages, towns, and other distant regions of Pakistan. The Dunya TV news and current affairs shows have massive popularity, and viewership. The highly acclaimed Dunya TV shows with high TRP ratings include Hasb –e-Haal, Mazak Raat, Cross Fire, News Watch, Police File, Tonight with Dr. Moeed Pirzada, to name a few. The battle of TRP has won single handedly by Hasb e Haal fame Azizi. He makes the audience burst with laughter by his signature Punjabi style of analysis on prevailing current affairs and issues. Dunya TV in 2012 expanded its business operations by diversifying its expertise in print media by starting a newspaper "Dunya Newspaper".

Popular Shows

Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath

Who doesn’t want to hear about the views of Kamran Khan on latest political developments in the country? We all are impressed and spell bound from his unique way of presenting a show. The show runs for 90 minutes and telecasts from Monday-Friday at 9:15pm to 10:15pm.

Hasb e Haal

The show needs no introduction. It is now a household name. Witty, informative, and full of entertainment, Hasb e Haal is certainly Pakistan’s most watched and favorite show. This comedy talk show is telecast on Dunya News at 11: pm from Thursday to Sunday. The hosts of the show are Junaid Saleem, Najia Baig, and Sohail Ahmed who presents a political and social satire in their unique style. It aims to raise voice against the odds of the society in a lighter hilarious tone, mocks the law and order, judiciary, government policies, and flaws in the entire existing system of Pakistan. The popularity of the show is the relevance of the content and the way it is presented. You can watch Hasb e Haal online and live on Hamariweb.com with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Mazaaq Raat

Mazaq Raat is a popular show of Dunya TV. The show is hosted by renowned TV actor Noman Ejaz with the team comprising of Amanullah Khan, Iftikhar Thakur, Sakhawat Naz, and DJ Mohsin Abbas Haider. The show telecasts from Monday to Wednesday at 11:05pm. The format of the show is entertaining as the DJ Jutt commences and ends the show with a parody song. Noman Ejaz hosts the show marvelously with Mazaaq Raati team that pinch in with the sarcastic and hilarious remarks. The other members of the show are Miss Tech that comprises of Fatima Sohail and Hanel Siddiqui. You can watch Mazaq Raat online and live on Hamariweb.com with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.