Express News Live TV – Bringing you news as it happens! One channel that performs this function perfectly is none other than Express News Live. Living up to their motto “Har Khabar Par Nazar”, experts at Express News TV ensures that the viewers are updated with the latest happening in the country every minute. The craze for breaking news is never ending in Pakistan. For long time, national TV enjoyed the status of sole current affairs channel, with the advent of private news channels in the country the legacy of current affairs is carried out by some of the leading channels including Geo, Express News and Samaa. Telecasting hourly Express news bulletin has gained popularity among Pakistani audience. Every hour viewers wait to watch Express News channel to catch the latest news updates. This adds to the credibility of the channel. Express news TV bulletin is watched by thousands of viewers across the country.

Express Television Network is classified as the second largest media group catering the domains of entertainment, news, and current affairs. Express News publication enjoys the status of the only newspaper being published in 11 cities simultaneously. Express News TV Live is a prime Urdu news channel of Pakistan, mainly focuses on social, political, cultural, economic and global issues that affects the nation. Launched on January 1, 2008 owned by the Pakistan’s second largest Urdu News Paper daily has its headquarters in Lahore.

Express News TV Live is known for broadcasting live shows and coverage of live press conferences of various political parties in high quality. Other premier shows telecast on Express News include Kal Tak hosted by Javed Chaudhry, Koi Dekhe Na Dekhe Shabbir Tow Dekhy Ga, G for Garida, Giraft , Takrar, Syasi Theatre, Khaber Se Agay, Woh Kya Hai to name a few. Leading host Aftab Iqbal has recently joined Express News TV hosting a comedy political show titled “Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal”. The show creates the stir among the audience with witty and humorous performances and discussions. The Express News offers you programs related to the genre of politics, sports, weather, entertainment, international current affairs and top stories etc. The anchors of Express News TV debate on various current prevailing issues in their live shows. Express News Breaking News is broadcast as it happens. Tune in to Express News Live to get access to the Express News Bulletin broadcast every hour. Watch Express News Live TV coverage in case you are at office or stuck in traffic. You can watch Express News Live Streaming online from the platform of HamariWeb. Minute to minute updates are now accessible via live streaming option. Now you can watch your favorite Express TV shows on HamariWeb

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I am watching many videos many programs in this news channel and this is pretty much amazing for me to watch my programs on this news channel
Ajmal, karachi Saturday, July 23 2016

Only the express news show us the reports quickly because of their best services and after took a survey I've seen that many News channels copied the news of other news channels but the express news don't do this thing this the brilliant record of this news channel
Ahmed Shafiq, karachi Saturday, July 23 2016

prime manister ko batadu k pakistan me chines company ko taeka darehehu lkn unse pucha ha k ketne pakistani ko nukeri darehhu.pakistan me age ki had 60sall ha jab k ho 45 sall se zeyada ko ni rakte. ya log kahan jain ur keya karain.thanks
niaz gul, hemlet swabi Friday, July 22 2016

CONGRATULATION to PML(N) on their huge victory in AJK's elections and I hope they will keep the promises and peoples of AJK will be rewarded to make this happened. So long to PPP's government and on the other hand let me welcome to PTI first timer (rookies) in AJK
Akhtar Malik, New York Friday, July 22 2016

barnala mazfara abad m ni bhimber distt ke tasil ha ghalit repoting na karai
shahid, jeedha ksa Thursday, July 21 2016

- Some of Pakistani parties creating disturbance like previous history of them in the month of August , Specially to celebration days of 14th August every year.
shameer, kck Wednesday, July 20 2016

Express News Live Streaming page is truly amazing and is all great when it comes to catching news when it happens. I am all glad to see this service from this page. Thanks for offering!
Noureen, Karachi Wednesday, July 20 2016

Express News is my all time favorite. I am very much interested in watching live streaming of Express News whenever it is possible. I am all impressed by the way this channel showcases its programming content.
inaam, Karachi Wednesday, July 20 2016

Its good channel. We want to watch hopeful and positive news and talk show. As regards political news, interview and talks show, these are more than enough. We dont want to watch more. Unfortunately our politics became partnership of criminals and politicians which under the title of democracy & irrelevant to a common Pakistani.

Kashmirs are our brothers but what we doing except emotional speeches and Kashmir Day?????????????
anwer ali zuberi, Karachi Tuesday, July 19 2016

Express group ko chahye k apny news pappers or television logo m Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi ki photo lagayen hmesha k liye ya kam is kam name hi attach karen..Is Trah har lmaha har khabar k bad hum Edhi sb ko duaon m yad rakh sakty hain....
Abbas Ali, Rahim Yar Khan Tuesday, July 19 2016

- dove , lifebuoy, lux shampoo advertisements are sub-standard.
kashesh, Matiyari Monday, July 18 2016

All channels are requested to on air only good advertisements, half nude
advertisements are their thinking delivering to peoples.
kamal, jamshoro Monday, July 18 2016

Express news is one the best news channel in Pakistan I've daily watch many programs in this news channels Live without any aids
Rafaqat, Karachi Monday, July 18 2016

Well done Express Live Team! Thou are right and peace lover.I am listening the talking of well versed scholar Mulana Ashrafi Sahab about the oppressed Kashmir.The innocent Kashmiri Muslims are being killed by coward pagans of India.Aah! The Kashmir has becoming oppressed since 1799 A.D. the era of Ranjeet Singh.I have the pride to say that i had been in Kashmir for five years.I was the part of the noblest Institution of Pakistan.I have seen the remains of Haji Muhammad Amin(r.a) of Umar Zai Charsadda K Pk and his companions, the freedom fighters of Kashmir in 1948 A.D.I would see the cartridges on the high elevations of Kashmir.Haji Muhammad Amin was Entitled by The word "Fakhre Kashmir by the President of Azad Kashmir.Haji Muhammad Amin would walk in the streets of Madina bare feet.His one closed friend and companion is my best friend.He is above 100 years.He lives in Peshawar.By the Grace of Allah he is wealthy.I would meet him when i would come to my home from kohat.I would take rest for two hours.He would arrange the best lunch for me.He would tell me the story of Haji Muhammad Amin and Kashmir.He was accompanied also with Haji Muhammad Amin on the eve of Hajj.
The modern era is seem to be the world of Dajjal.I wrote something about this in the book of great scholars of Islam.The Muslim brothers and sisters are required to be wack up not to be dormant.This the cry of modern era specially,that the Muslims need to be united on the most simple way of Islam.That Allah is our Lord and the Muhammad(s.a.w) is our beloved Apostle.The Muslims need to be kind and merciful to each others.In dealing with foreign people great care may be taken.The non Muslims communities pay the double role related to Muslim Community.From one side they give the impression that they are the well wishers of Muslims.But in fact they are busy in multiple ways of the the genocide of the Muslims.The Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam are required to be tied with the rope of Islam and to be stood for the defense of Islam.Not to be afraid of death.The material power of the anti Islam nations will be converted in foam.The Light of Eeman is the supreme power.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Monday, July 18 2016

There is no any party in Pakistan to rule according to law. all political parties of Pakistan are false.
the worker of parties are selfish.they want only money and money. PML-N, PPP, PML-Q and all other parties of Pakistan are corrupt and false parties. the only only suitable system for pakistan is the KHILAFAT-E-NABWI AND SAHABA.
MOHSIN, swat. Sunday, July 17 2016

NADEEM AKHTAR, ISLAMBAD Sunday, July 17 2016

Ali, Lahore Saturday, July 16 2016

-Todays Pakistan is 99% better than 2002,2005 ,2007, 2013 due;
- Economic restored
- Peace in cities stored
- Bomb blasting ended
- Unwanted Strikes ended
- Loadshedding of Electricity is reduced to 4-6 hours instead of
18 -20 hours in the past years.
- and so on.
- PML-N is right ruling party with good large team of politicians.
- PML-N is over all better than all collective and individual political
parties however every body has its own opinion.
Hamesh, kck Saturday, July 16 2016

Ten Sport is my favorite channel but i hate the aids who came in middle of match that's why i use to came here whenever i want to watch something on this channels
Kashif, Karachi Saturday, July 16 2016

PML-N is the only party who put the country on economic track at this time in my view.
PML-N should be given more ten years to work for country to get out put. they are working and their work can be seen every where.
Alam khan, Kck Friday, July 15 2016

Express News popularity has declined to a certain level due to their poor reporting and unethical way of news coverage at certain situations. I don’t want to pinpoint but I believe that this channel should be on the top of the list with dignity otherwise NO!
Urwa, Lahore Friday, July 15 2016

Bharti gani films orwahain ki bani hui adds ko media industry band kari Dushman ko mali faida na dain mulk ki foreign exchange ko zia na karain
waqaruddin Siddiqui, stlouis MO Friday, July 15 2016

Him rescue academy lahore thokarniaz baig mein training kr rhain hain yahan pr bhot zulm ho rha ha larkon ko mar mar kr behosh kr date hain media se guzarish ha a kr din mein sorthal dekein aur hmare awaz alla hukam tk pohanchain . shukria
Riffat , Lahore Thursday, July 14 2016

Express News Live streaming is watched by me frequently. Mostly during my office hours I keep in touch with current affairs and news headlines by watching Express News. I am all glad on this service of HamariWeb.
Ikram, Rawalpindi Thursday, July 14 2016

Express News is liked by my mother. I can surely recommend her this link for checking the news bulletin in case TV doesn't work. This is truly the most helpful service one can find.
Mehmood, Lahore Wednesday, July 13 2016

I dont like Express News Live TV! This channel is not at all professional. I recommend to all of you to watch another channel but not Express News Live TV
Raheel, Karachi Tuesday, July 12 2016

I would like to advise ARY, Samaa and express tv channels that for God sake leave the dirty Sheeda Tally and host some mature and wise personality for running their TV talk show as by inviting always such a dirty personality people have started hating these channels. sheeda tally price is one ministership but I think and he knows that it will never be met him without Martial law. he is trying for it and projects himself as his morning and evening sitting is with Raheel Sharif. He now a days using saboteur doctor qadri for himself as on his own he is single and is nothing...but he can never be succeeded in his ill designs and also the three tvs channels.shame on all you as you are always against the progress of pakistan...
mehmood raja, rawalpindi Tuesday, July 12 2016

A G LADHI , KAMALIA Monday, July 11 2016

muhammad uzair, Haripur Sunday, July 10 2016

Mil khan achakzai , karachi Sunday, July 10 2016

Express News - Viewers across Pakistan have expressed their belief and trust on Express News, considered to be one of the most watched channels in the country. Express News TV launched back in 2008, is an Urdu news channel that has stepped up the ladder of success within a short span of time. Express News TV Live is the news subsidiary channel of Express Media Group. The slogan of "Har Khabar Par Nazar" is based on the idea of catering all the news and top stories from local and global domain. The channel has its offices in all the major cities of Pakistan including headquarters in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Mardan, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Sukhar and Rahim Yar Khan. Express News TV Bulletin satisfies the urge from the viewers for breaking news and hourly news bulletin. Express News Bulletin gained immense appreciation from masses. Express News with its exclusive customer base and professional team has catered perfectly well to the needs and specifications with its interesting and informative content. Checkout latest developments of Express News and Express TV live on HamariWeb. You can avail buffer-free and high quality Express News Live Streaming online from this page.

Popular Shows

Famous shows of Express News include Kal Tak by Javed Chaudhry, Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal, Takrar, Woh Kya Hai, Darling, to name a few. Let us take an insight of the popular shows of Express News:

Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal

Renowned TV host Aftab Iqbal left Geo Television and joined Express News. He is hosting a show titled “Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal”. The theme of the show is based on humorous way of criticizing politicians, discussion on current affairs, and genuine analysis about the social issues in the shows. The show is telecast from Thursday to Sunday at 11pm.

Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry

The flagship show of Express News TV titled KAL TAK is one of the most watched and followed show in Pakistan. Hosted by veteran anchor person and intellect Javed Chaudhry, the show highlights the significant and concerning daily issues on table with popular dignitaries, politicians, socialist to reach on pragmatic resolution. Javed Chaudhry normally starts KAL TAK with historical preface related to matter that adds to the relevance of the show.

You can watch KAL TAK online or KAL TAK live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show. The show telecasts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 10:00 pm.


Takrar is another flagship Television Show of Samma TV that covers variety of daily life problems faced by common man and current affairs. The show is on air from 08:00 P.M. to 09:00 P.M. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only on Express News. The show is hosted by Imran Khan and Rana Naveed Anwar is the producer of the show. You can watch Takrar online on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.


Darling is the comedy show broadcast on Express News TV. It is directed and hosted by renowned comedian Khalid Abbas Dar. He impersonates various characters and acts hilariously to make a mark. Jungi and parody song is the hallmark of the show. You can watch Darling online on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.