Express News Live TV - As the electronic Media industry in Pakistan flourishing, current affairs and news channels are getting popularity and fame. Express Television Network is classified as the second largest media group catering the domains of entertainment, news, and current affairs. Express TV Live is a prime Urdu news channel of Pakistan, mainly focuses on social, political, cultural, economic and global issues that affects the nation. The slogan of Express News is (Har Khabar Par Nazar) depicts the philosophy of business that ensures that no news can bypass the lens of Express. Launched on January 1, 2008 owned by the Pakistan’s second largest Urdu News Paper daily has its headquarters in Lahore. This is among most watched news TV channel of Pakistan with verity of news and famous political talk show like Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry, To the Point, Woh kia hai the paranormal investigation, Darling the comedy show, Koi Dekhay Ya Na Dekhay Shabir Toh Dekhe Ga and other business, sports and entertainment news. Watch Express News Live TV coverage of current political, economic turmoil and lot more. You can access the minute to minute updates on the current issues of terrorism, Operation Zarb e Azb, Peshawar Killings, Imran Khan’s Second Marriage and lot more. Express News Bulletin is broadcasted after every hour bringing you the latest updates. Express TV Live streaming is accessible on HamariWeb. Now you can watch your favorite Express TV on HamariWeb. Catch the Express TV Breaking News as it happens. Express News thanks to their viewer who trusts this channel, because of their love and trust. The confidence audience has on Express News, has made it a worth watching news channel of Pakistan.

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Qibla by the Sun
Sun alignment with Kaaba on Thursday noon
28 May
A previous sun alignment with the Kaaba is shown in this file picture.
The celestial phenomenon called “zero-shadow” happens twice every year.
Tuesday 26 May 2014
Astronomers say that the sun will align with the Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Makkah on Thursday, May 28, at noon.
The disc of the sun will be positioned immediately over the Sacred House, said the Jeddah Astronomical Society on Sunday in statement. On Wednesday, the sun will rise at 5:37 a.m. from the northeast horizon and continues moving until it comes directly overhead on the Kaaba at 12:18 p.m. The Kaaba will lose its shadow for a brief time.
Astronomers said the celestial phenomenon called “zero shadow” occurs twice every year in the Grand Mosque because of its location between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer.
Aside from May 28, the event also happens every July 16th of each year.
Due to the tilt of the Earth's axis, the sun travels at 23.5 degrees north and south of the celestial equator. The sun falls directly overhead on places lying over the equator during equinox and moves northwards towards the tropic of cancer and then again progresses southward.
The public must avoid looking directly at the sun with the bare eye even for a very brief period of time.
Muhammad Wasim, Karachi Thursday, May 28 2015

ch sahb ap ne bilkul theek kaha hai k agar wakeel roads block karen ge to aam aadmi kea kare ga ye wakeel qanoon ni aik mafia ban chuke han police se zeada ye khatarnak han
sibghat, netherland Thursday, May 28 2015

kururd saib kal aur aj ka qanoon? dar asal x-chief is onesided pakistani condemed this kala kot ko
Javeed, Gujrat Wednesday, May 27 2015

ATTENTION: ALL CITIZEN OF PAKISTAN, Please do not sale impure and toxic food in country. All are cheating each other kids. They will suffer from diseases. FOR GOD SAKE.

Muazzaz Geo TV k zaraiye Musalman Behno aur Bhaeyon say appeal hay. k on logo kee Islah kya karain jo nadani main Haram pak k TV nashriyat ko drama samajtay hain.Allah karim nany ham sab ko paidi kya aur hamray aamal ko b paida farmaya hay.Aab kisi ka yeh kehna k Haram pak kee TV nashriyat drama hay Musalmano ko azziyat main mubtala karnay k mutaradef hay.Ye Haramain kee Zammadari hay k woh jes tarah chahay telawat Quran nashar karain.Aap yaqeen karain Peace TV par main Haram say record shuda "Qunoot e Nazila" son raha tha. Mujay janay do kisee byaban main k ro ro kar del halka karoon.Aur aab b maira del tarap raha hay.Tu you ye jo masnooaat hain na ye Rab kee Taqdeer say wajood main aaye.Kisi waqt Insha Allah aap ko jadoo, badnazree waghaira k baray main bataounga jo subcontinent main buhat ziada hay.Jes k baray main bandey nay Masjedi Nabavi ki library main baith kar Hafiz Ibni Qayyem kee Ketab say estifada kya tha.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, May 27 2015

Our leaders have knowledge, experience, capability, insight and love with country. They all should be united for the period of five years for one term only. After five years Pakistan will be a respectable country and power as well. How many leaders are ready for this act.

Overseas Pakistani have been looted by fraud builders in past. Now it would be appreciated by state and defenders of state to launch housing and commercial schemes for overseas Pakistani in all big cities. Billions of dollars are in the accounts of overseas Pakistani and they prefer to invest in housing schemes. DHA may please announce or any other but same trusted type. FRAUD BUILDERS ARE AGENT OF ENEMY TO DISCOURAGE MASSES.

Be careful: HINDUSI regime is against Pakistani and Indian Muslims and they are striving to kill them periodically in bomb blasts and in random killing. They are striving to divide Muslims in sectarian disputes, mother tongue disputes and regional as well. Hearts of HINDUSI regime are bleeding since the defeat of 1965 war. For the friends of Indian regime 1971 is a witness of devil.

ATTENTION: Honest citizens, renounce HARAM today and strive HALAL from today, you will see the difference in Pakistan. Who is agree to renounce HARAM and will tell to DAD & MOM please do not accept HARAM.

This is high standard and high status living time in west and others are following them. Our leaders are from common families and they need high living standard and living status. That is why they are after power for money/dollars to deposit in dirty foreign banks. If you have one lakh or one caror today after ten years it will be one rupee in dollars. Go back to history and check the periodically dollars rate. Politics is a business and leaders want money for high living status. They need to fly fir toilets as well.

Subh say Sham tak jhoot bolnay walo kuch Allah ka khouf karo. Kal tum ko marna hai Do you know one can work as their Agent and can keep necessary documents and can issue on behalf their Principal if authorised by their principal. Find out first online education. Find out cost of printing in Europe and America. If you have no knowledge dont report rubbish.TUM LOGO NAY PAKISTAN KO BADNAM KIYA HAI.
Jamil Khan, London Wednesday, May 27 2015

Rizwan bahi,
ea baat shi hi ke governaer koi MQM ka hissa nhai,nahi koi madad kar rah hai,aap to g.wala may ho nah is liyea dheke ga nahi,,,governor bee sablish ka admi hai,hota hai.
naveed, karachi Monday, May 25 2015

Sama nics
falak sher sial, pattoki city Sunday, May 24 2015

sana safore Qatil ke RAW ke agent hai to kew Media khmush ,ab kew medi trail nhai karti.........aur agency kew khamush hai........sir MQM ko badnam karna aur vote bank torna chati hai......
naveed, karachi Saturday, May 23 2015

banigala islamabad main jhagray main 10 say zaid log zakhmi
shehzad kiani , islamabad Saturday, May 23 2015

Muzzafferghar school incident: why did chief minister of Punjab have to ask for the inquiry of the incident? where are bloody provincial education minister, his stupid teams of advisers, secretaries, EDOs; an uncountable list of corrupt, inefficient officials enjoying perks and privileges from masses tax money? Why do police have to be involved to initiate investigation against school owners? Sacking from jobs is not enough, they should be treated more than criminals because they commit more heinous act of crime by neglecting to follow proper procedure regarding building inspection or so on.

What a shame for us in view of aXact scam! Education!!!!!!!!!!!! being made mockery in Pakistan by pigs skinned characters!!!
m sajid, karachi Saturday, May 23 2015

The Express Live TV is watched by the many brothers and sisters in Islam.I also see the a short para of the teachings of Islam on the top first page of the Express newspaper.Many TVs arrange thus.I would like to share the Saying of Muhammad(s.a.w).Narrated by the Abu Hurairar(r.a) that the Holy Prophet(s.a.w) said,"The people will observe year by year that there will be occurred abhorrence.In that time the true will be made false and the false will be made true. Dishonest will be considered trustworthy and the trustworthy will be considered dishonest.And the unable people will be the representatives of the nation." Then a question was put up to the Holy Prophet(s.a.w)."Who are the unable people ya Rasoola LLAH."The Prophet (s.a.w) said they are those who do reject the common and genuine opinion.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Saturday, May 23 2015

i hate india i hate india chanial i hate india people not muslim i hate india flag i hate india army i hate india police i hate india
zeeshan, duby Friday, May 22 2015


please tassub chore aur karachiwale ko jene dey,,koi be incident hot hai karachi may,MQM ke karkun arrest hote hai,aur 90 day ke remaind lete hai ea kon sa khanun hai....jangi qaid jaisa suluk kia jata hai.....shame for All.....shame for all.
naveed, karachi Thursday, May 21 2015

javid ch sahb aj ka ap ka program both acha tha mere mashwara hai k ap aik dafa kpk main ja k khud live logon se pouchen k wakae un k masael hal hue han corruption kam hue agar aesa hai to phir hum b khan sahb ko like karen ge
shafqat ullah, holland Wednesday, May 20 2015

aik baar mqm ko zaror chance day na chahye tk karachi k masly masail hal ho saken baldiyati election zaror hone chaye mqm ko dewar s lagya jaa raha hy aik din bhi mqm ko karachi k hawaly kiya jay tu karachi ka naqsha hi badl jay ga Ali ap bilkul thek kah rahy hn jeeye altaf hussain .
hina siddiqui , khi aziza baad Wednesday, May 20 2015

altaf the great leader in the world he is the right man brave man har qadam apna rakhen gy mqm taery liye dil diya hy jaan bhi den gy mqm taery liye tu hamary wasty hn or hum taery liye mahajiron ka koi nhe ALLAH k baad srif altaf hussain hy jo mahajiron k saath hy jumma jumma 8 din s leader nhe banty jaysy imran taliban balky tavel jiddojahad k baad be panah qurbanion k baad tehrek banti hy jaysy altaf ki qayadat in ho apne puri zindagi mahajiron k liye or mahajiron ky hoqoq k liye sraf ki jeeye altaf jeeye mahajir altaf hamara goror hy altaf aik souch hy ik fikar hy aik nazerya hy altaf falsafy hayat hy jeeye altaf .
hina siddiqui , khi aziza baad Wednesday, May 20 2015

Mr. Murad aap such ki tashree krte wakt khud to such bolen, Mohtarma Hina Siddiqui ne jo kha such kha, G.A. Altaf
Ishtiaq, Karachi Tuesday, May 19 2015

I endorse fully Mr.Harry of Dubai.
Zulfiqar Mirza's allegations on Asif Ali Zardi just like a "SOUND IN THE DESERT". Who can arrest God of Evils? Zardari is the man of Army's, Agencies', Politicians', Moulvies' Judges' God Father. How can they arrest their own God Father............ Yes, it is possible for them to arrest & kill Zulfiqar Mirza to shut his mouth up forever and it will be done in near future.Asad ali Karachi
Asad Ali, Karachi Tuesday, May 19 2015

Ahmad qurashi bhe you are geniuse .doing very well job ..and tou are a lion of pakistan journalist force...salute u....i love you pakistan ....every inch of your land .
shahab khan, peshawar Sunday, May 17 2015

it is best channel.
arsalan, Rawalpindi Sunday, May 17 2015

Zulfiqar Mirza's allegations on Asif Ali Zardi just like a "SOUND IN THE DESERT". Who can arrest God of Evils? Zardari is the man of Army's, Agencies', Politicians', Moulvies' Judges' God Father. How can they arrest their own God Father............ Yes, it is possible for them to arrest & kill Zulfiqar Mirza to shut his mouth up forever and it will be done in near future.
HARRY, Dubai Sunday, May 17 2015

express news is no 1 chanal of pakistan
adil lashari, multan Friday, May 15 2015

mera leader kitna khobsorat lg rha hy..qurban jawoo...aisa sincere insan mn ny dekha nhe..lov u salute u khan
hearts, peshawar Friday, May 15 2015

Express News is considered to be one of the most watched channels of Pakistan. Broadcasted in Urdu language it runs a 24 hours transmission. Express News TV emerged for the first time in 2008. It is the news subsidiary channel of Express Media Group. The slogan of "Har Khabar Par Nazar" is based on the idea of catering all the news and top stories from local and global domain. The channel has its offices in all the major cities of Pakistan including headquarters in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Mardan, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Sukhar and Rahim Yar Khan. The urge for breaking news and hourly news bulletin increases day by day in Pakistan. Express News with its exclusive customer base and professional team has catered perfectly well to the needs and specifications with its interesting and informative content. Checkout latest developments of Express News and Express TV live on HamariWeb.

Popular Shows

Famous shows of Express News include Kal Tak by Javed Chaudhry, Media Azad Hai, Takrar, Main aur Molana, Siyasi Theatre to name a few. Let us take an insight of the popular shows of Express News:

Kal Tak with Javed Chaudhry

The flagship show of Express News TV titled KAL TAK is one of the most watched and followed show in Pakistan. Hosted by veteran anchor person and intellect Javed Chaudhry, the show highlights the significant and concerning daily issues on table with popular dignitaries, politicians, socialist to reach on pragmatic resolution. Javed Chaudhry normally starts KAL TAK with historical preface related to matter that adds to the relevance of the show.

You can watch KAL TAK online or KAL TAK live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show. The show telecasts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 10:00 pm.


Takrar is another flagship Television Show of Samma TV that covers variety of daily life problems faced by common man and current affairs. The show is on air from 08:00 P.M. to 09:00 P.M. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only on Express News. The show is hosted by Imran Khan and Rana Naveed Anwar is the producer of the show. You can watch Takrar online on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.


Darling is the comedy show broadcast on Express News TV. It is directed and hosted by renowned comedian Khalid Abbas Dar. He impersonates various characters and acts hilariously to make a mark. Jungi and parody song is the hallmark of the show. You can watch Darling online on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.