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Reviews & Comments on Iqraa TV

first time I see this channel on this website and I like this channel especially I like
its dramas.
nomi, danmark Wednesday, May 29 2019

Here having the iqra TV channel every live update that gives here in every second what we easily watch to know anything about the world
areeb, faislabad Wednesday, May 22 2019

The iqra TV channel is the nice TV channel that give us good live shows that mine whole family watch that very eagerly sometime
areeba, karachi Friday, July 13 2018

Iqra tv is always open whenever I need to learn about useful information. I always come from dorms to home and open this channel. My parents also watch with me.
ayesha abbdani, Lahore Thursday, June 28 2018

We get the every details about this iqra tv channel form this online way easily who give us the facility for watching the every show of their easily
tooba, panjab Thursday, May 03 2018

The iqra channel available here with the all updated of their that everyone can easily get that from this way authentically
neha, islamabad Wednesday, May 02 2018

To read the online Quran and listen the recitation of the Holy Quran this Iqra Tv is the best channel, usually I watch this channel in Ramadan.
zainab, khi Saturday, April 28 2018

Iqra is the most informative channel which has the many Islamic issues to concern and they also provide the other kinds of information which everyone should have to know
Anas, Karachi Tuesday, April 24 2018

Iqra TV is extremely a wonderful and astonishing TV channel that gives instructive and
subjective projects to its gathering of people. I am glad that there exists this much high-
class diverts in Pakistan.
Khansa, Sahiwal Thursday, December 21 2017

the streaming of Iqraa Tv channel is available on many languages but I like to watch this channel in Arabic language on this source, here I can listen beautiful Arabic recitation and much more religious knowledge.
jasmene, khi Tuesday, March 28 2017

For the religious acknowledgment, the streaming of Iqraa Tv channel is the right choice for us that is why I especially browse the streaming of Iqraa Tv in Ramadan month. My father also listen the recitaiton from this source.
Wali, dubai Monday, March 13 2017

iqraa tv is an Arabic language tv channel, it is basically promote itself as ‘muslim families safe hevan’ presenting religious and social programming.
bisma, gilgit Friday, February 17 2017

Iqraa TV is one of the most watched Islamic channel that one can never end up watching. I am all happy and excited to access the live streaming link of this drama. Thanks for making it possible here on this page.
Raheel Ikram, Peshawar Wednesday, January 04 2017

Mine mother and grandmother see this TV channel very eagerly because many Islamic shows comes on this TV channel daily
neelam, panjab Monday, January 02 2017

Mine grandmother really like this TV channel of iqra television because her many favorite dramas show on this channel
ramiz, karachi Friday, December 30 2016

I like all the activities of Iqraa Tv channel to boost the religious information. Some times I watch the live Prayers from Makkah with Jamat on this channel, I really like the sweet recitation.
adeel, khi Wednesday, December 28 2016

Iqraa TV serves as a hub of Muslims telecasting various religious programs and shows. The vision of Iqraa TV is to meet the viewers’ requirements through broadcasting various topic oriented programs.
komal, lahore Tuesday, December 27 2016

I especially watch Iqraa Tv at 9 A.M and watch live Makkah with sweet recitation in the back ground. This channel is the best Islamic TV for the Muslims.
emaan, khi Saturday, December 24 2016

Before I have seen the many drama by this channel but now when this dramas coming at a time so I am not free at that moment
wareesha, pindi Wednesday, December 21 2016

To increase the religious information and knowledge Iqra Tv is also the best Islamic channel that is why I already tuned this channel in the list of my Tv channels. In every morning I listen the recitaion in this channel.
vicky, khi Tuesday, December 20 2016

The streaming of Iqra Tv is not working for a long time, actually I only watch this channel in the Web Tv portal because it is not available in my area.
moiz, khi Tuesday, November 01 2016

Those who are unable to watch iqra on TV can watch it online through live streaming. Watch iqra Live Streaming Online,iqra TV a famous entertainment channel for foreign dramas dubbed in Urdu languages and also broadcast Pakistani dramas.
fatima, lahore Friday, October 28 2016

The popular Iqraa TV shows are The Straight Path hosted by Daud R. Matthew, Revolution of a Man by Dr. Muhammad Noah Al-Quda, The Best Women on Earth by Dr. Abla Al-Kahlawi, Islam
Shanzay , lahore Thursday, October 20 2016

This is the very nice page who show the new TV channels who don’t know about the anything we are and usually I visited of this page for knowing the latest TV channels
hafsa, lahore Tuesday, October 11 2016

Iqraa TV Live is surely the most watched among religious channels category. You can catch all the Islamic shows here on this channel on live streaming. This is certainly one of the best religious channels to watch.
Kamran, Lahore Friday, August 26 2016

One of the finest religious channel Iqra TV live is available on live streaming. You can now watch your favorite Iqraa TV shows online live here on this link if you cant watch television.
Rehan, Karachi Thursday, August 18 2016

The viewers of Iqraa TV can now access buffer free live streaming online on this page without any sort of an issue. This website is offering this unique service free of cost for all viewers in Pakistan only.
Tahir, Karachi Wednesday, August 17 2016

Watch the live streaming of this religious channel Iqra TV Live for watching the latest religious informative shows that are telecast on this channel.
Kamran, Karachi Thursday, August 11 2016

Unfortunately, the live streaming of IQRAA TV is not shown here. I am really disappointed to witness this vacant page with no live TV streaming option valid anymore. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Thanks
Umar, Karachi Thursday, July 28 2016

I am currently watching two dramas from this channel Iqraa TV and my experience is outstanding. I would like to recommend this channel to true drama fans. You can watch Iqraa TV live streaming anytime you want.
Anusha, multan Thursday, July 21 2016

Iqraa TV

Watch Iqraa TV live streaming today Friday, June 21 2024 online at hamariweb, enjoy all of the latest programs through Iqraa TV live TV channel online live streaming. Watch your favorite programs on Iqraa TV live TV online without any hassle. Along with Iqraa TV, you can also watch Pakistan live TV streaming of other channels on their respective pages.

Iqraa TV live - The popularity of online television is on rise since the advent of Iqraa TV. It is a satellite and internet based Pakistani television channel operational since 1998 and owned by Saleh Abdullah Kamel of Arab Radio and Television Network. Iqraa TV is telecast from Saudi Arabia. Iqraa TV serves as a hub of Muslims telecasting various religious programs and shows. The vision of Iqraa TV is to meet the viewers’ requirements through broadcasting various topic oriented programs. The content of the Iqraa TV programs is based on daily problems, serving their spiritual, cultural, social and economic interests, from the perspective of Islam with a modern vision. Iqraa TV channel demonstrates the true and moderate face of Islam for the people in the West to get inspiration where media does not portray an objective view on the Islamic Law. The popular Iqraa TV shows are The Straight Path hosted by Daud R. Matthew, Revolution of a Man by Dr. Muhammad Noah Al-Quda, The Best Women on Earth by Dr. Abla Al-Kahlawi, Islam The Way of Life by Jamil Rashid and many others that are guiding and glowing the light of Islam in the hearts of people all around the world. Another Iqraa TV program The Reason by Prof. Zaghloul An-Najjar are popular among the people, in this program Prof. Zaghloul discusses and exhibits the main and scientific facts embedded in Holy Quran and the Quranic Verses lines. This page is dedicated to cover the live streaming of Iqraa TV live for the dedicated online users. Since 2012, Iqra TV channel is available for foreign viewers in North and South America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The viewers of UK, USA, America, India, Saudi Arabia and Canada can stay connected to their homeland by accessing Iqraa TV Live Streaming available on HamariWeb. You can catch your favorite Iqraa TV shows without any sort of hurdle.

Iqraa TV Live - One of the prominent internet based satellite television, Iqraa TV is founded in 1998. The ownership of the channel belongs to Arab Media Corporation. The motto of Iqraa TV Live is “Muslim family’s safe heaven. Iqraa TV aims to portray soft and moderate image of Islam to the Western world. The channel telecast number of serious programs based on daily life, social and religious shows. Educating Non- Arab Muslims is another task of Iqraa TV Live that reveals misconceptions about Islam. Some of these programs include "Muslim Minority", "Muslims living in the West" and "The Role of the Masjid in the West."

Some of the popular shows of Iqraa TV are:

The Deen ShowThe Deen Show on airs on Iqraa TV aims to provide the accurate information about Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims. The content of the show is taken from trust worthy sources which include Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Stairway to ParadiseHosted by Youngman Moez Masoud, Stairway to Paradise draws a simple road towards Jannah. He gives you lessons, and information about the good deeds that can lead you towards forgiveness and head you towards Jannah.

Islam IsThe show Islam Is of Iqraa TV gives you basic information about Islam. There are series of basic questions regarding various teachings of Holy Quran that can be helpful in understanding the true essence of Islam.

The Role of the Masjid in the WestThe show “The Role of Masjid in the West” is hosted by Yusuf Chambers and Jamshed Javed discuss in a series of episodes on how to make the Masjid an inspirational place in the West. What tasks and duties a Masjid can do to make a respectable name in West.