Iqraa TV is classified as a satellite and internet television channel of Pakistan. It is owned by Arab media Corporation’s Saleh Abdullah Kamel. It was official in 1998. The channel depicts itself as a Muslim’s safe shelter broadcasting religious and social programs and shows. The vision of Iqra TV channel seeks to meet the viewers’ requirements through broadcasting various topic oriented programs based on the viewers’ everyday problems, serving their spiritual, cultural, social and economic interests, from the perspective of Islam with a modern vision. Iqra TV demonstrates the true moderate face of Islam to people in the West where media does not portray an objective view on the Islamic Law.

The popular Iqraa TV shows are The Straight Path hosted by Daud R. Matthew, Revolution of a Man by Dr. Muhammad Noah Al-Quda, The Best Women on Earth by Dr. Abla Al-Kahlawi, Islam The Way of Life by Jamil Rashid and many others that are guiding and glowing the light of Islam in the hearts of people all around the world you can also Watch Ramadan 2016 Live Transmission. Another Iqraa TV program The Reason by Prof. Zaghloul An-Najjar are popular among the people, in this program Prof. Zaghloul discusses and exhibits the main and scientific facts embedded in Holy Quran and the Quranic Verses lines. This page is dedicated to covers all the live updates about Iqraa TV. The viewers of UK, USA, America, India, Saudi Arabia and Canada can stay connected to their homeland by accessing Iqraa TV Live Streaming available on HamariWeb. Watch live streaming of Iqra TV is available online on HamariWeb.

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I have been watching Iqraa TV live online from this page. Loved this page and want to ensure that the live streaming of Iqraa TV works perfectly in HD quality. I want to continue watching for the whole Ramadan.
Waqar, Hyderabad Tuesday, June 14 2016

Usually I browse the page of Iqra Tv at 9 P.M but I noted that the streaming of this channel is not working at properly at that time, kindly resolve this matter.
yasir, khi Tuesday, June 14 2016

Watching Iqra TV Live streaming is surely the best thing you can witness. I love it to the core and want to make sure that the page is available 24/7 during Ramadan Kareem. Subhan Allah such a great effort.
WaqarS, Karachi Friday, June 03 2016

Iqraa Tv live streaming is only available in HamariWeb. I also watch this Islamic channel many times in my smart phone.
tahoor, khi Friday, May 27 2016

"Women Duties & Rights" are the best show in Iqra Tv channel. For the muslim girls and women this channel is a great source to get religious information, I like it.
yasir, lhr Thursday, May 26 2016

Iqraa TV is not a Pakistani channel? I want to watch live streaming of Islamic TV channels as most of them are not accessible on satellite in my area! I hope this one is buffer free. :)
Parvez, Islamabad Thursday, May 19 2016

Iqraa TV Live broadcasts Taraveeh live during Ramadan? Please let me know if this page is available online on live streaming or not?
Laiba, Lahore Friday, May 06 2016

Iqraa TV Live is surely be available on live streaming here. I want to continue watching this channel in Ramadan and would like to recommend it to my family and friends also.
Nadeem, Karachi Tuesday, April 26 2016

I don't know what to do! I love watching the lovely Iqra Tv channel but whenever i load up Iqra channel it says that it couldn't load up plug in please help me
Wahab, karachi Monday, April 25 2016

I love Iqra TV channel, I specially tuned this channel to make an islamic atmosphere in my home. Some times my children is also watch this Channel.
danish, khi Thursday, April 21 2016

Asalamualikum. I want to learn more abt islam me n follow the way I choose. Thanks
iffat, lahore Saturday, March 05 2016

Iqraa TV is a channel when ever you will watch it you will learn from it.
jameel, karachi Tuesday, September 22 2015

Iqra is a great channel. I keep watch this channel and I have gained so much knowledge about Islam through this channel.
Zain, Karachi Wednesday, September 09 2015

Iqra Tv channel is the most informatic channel to get knowledge about islam, some times I also watch the programs in this channel under the guidence of islamic scholars, I like this channel.
Anwar Ali, Karachi Wednesday, August 19 2015

it is very nice channal of us we can teach very much from it
zeekhan 03419811544, kotmomin sargodha Sunday, August 09 2015

this chennal are not opened
numan, Gujrat Saturday, August 01 2015

Fantasticchannel to watch.
shakil Ahmad, Dobian(Swabi) Wednesday, March 18 2015

North Karachi may coverige nahen daikhy abhi tak
umar sultan, karachi Sunday, November 30 2014

Iqra TV is very good Islamic channel we all family members watch this channel very offen..
baber, karchi Saturday, May 24 2014

Iqra TV is very good Islamic channel i watch that Chanel for the very first time..and its very good channel for Muslims...
Shanay Xehra, karachi Monday, March 10 2014

assalam o alaikum . very usefull
cheshti, karachi Wednesday, January 08 2014

Asalama-Alikum. My all news media person and owners, and all vievers, show anchors. time cam for us to think for our Pakistan stability as one nation, the way we can do it by not sponsoring the indian ads on or tv cahhels, no indian songs in background music during news, dramas and especially in morning shows. I request strongly on our music channels please please don,t give so much priority and importance to their music, songs, and actor/actreess on your shows please give respect to are folk songs, and are actors/actresses. Please we have to defeat are enemies hammering indian mind set to follow our young generation and are parents and public and are politicians. Pakistan Zindabad. Farooq
Farooq, Chicago Wednesday, November 06 2013

alif se alla
safik, zurich swiss Sunday, November 03 2013

Please fix the buffering prob i lov this channe
sad, k p Thursday, July 25 2013