Peace TV is one of the well known Islamic channels around the world. This channel telecasts wide range of top rated Islamic religious programs watch by millions of viewers every day around the world. Peace TV is a non for profit satellite television network broadcasting globally 24/7 from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Peace TV telecast all the programs in English language. The founder and president of Peace TV is Zakir Naik who is an Islamic preacher from Mumbai, India.

Peace TV channel has been telecast to more than 200 countries around the world, includes in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. In 2009, its sister channel Peace TV Urdu was launched that is dedicated especially to the Urdu-speaking viewers around the world and on 22 April 2011, Peace TV Bangla was launched that is dedicated especially to the Bengali-speaking viewers around the world. The TV programmes features international famous scholars and orators. The main goal of the Peace TV is promote the teaching of Islam all over the world and to provide solutions of quires of Muslim Ummah in accordance of Islam.

You can watch Peace TV channel online available on HamariWeb. This page is dedicated to live streaming of Peace TV Urdu live. Feel free to post your comment about the programs of channel on this page.

Peace TV

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Reviews & Comments on Peace TV

Vijayawad may peace tv atha nai hy 6th monthsay plz jaldi hamaku live ay naad diko hamay both miss karth hyhy plzzzzz jaldi deuo
sk irfan, vijayawada Tuesday, September 01 2015

Nice channel.i like it.plz tell me the timing of dr zakir Nike in urdu
Madiha, Lahore Tuesday, September 01 2015


Very nice channel
Kaleemuddin, Hyderabad Thursday, August 20 2015

I love hamariweb
ali, haripur Wednesday, August 19 2015

Allah Karim PT V ko behtareen sela naseeb famaye.K ess nay Hazrat Allama Sahib k zariye Islami pardey k baray main masael byan farmaye. Ess ka sela hukoomat ko b jata hay k oon kee sarparastee main azeemushaan masalay ko ojagar kiya.Islam kee nesaf Emarat tu hya par khari hay.Koi b qoum jes nay bay hayaye main mubtala ho kar bay pardagee ka rastaa ehtiar kiya.Tou oos nay Islam kee nesaf emarat ko munhadem kar diya.Ahadees kee tashreeh buhat khoobsoorat hay.Allah aour badoun k darmian koyee fasela nahee.Laikan b hayaye ka anjam halakat haiz hay.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, August 18 2015

Really the Peace Live TV is busy to spread the light of Islam which owe the other name Peace in most beautiful tone of Urdu.The huge congregation is seen in front of the most aged Scholar of Islam.Whose face is seem most lovely.His enthusiastic manner is most praiseworthy.They intellects may give attention to this fact.The Religion Islam don't compel the people to change their choice of their way of life.The intellects may think which is false and which is true.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, August 16 2015

We all love him and respect him Allah give him a great aajer aameen
Tabasum, Islamad Thursday, August 13 2015

May Allah bless the Peace TV and the Scholars of Islam related to it.They have the original purity.And may Allah bless all those who are in the search of Peace which owe the other name Islam.It is reminded to the human being that having exemption of most little numbers of the people generally the people are week to know their own way of life.Therefore the intellects are required to decide that which is true and which is false.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabii pakistan Tuesday, August 11 2015

On Peace TV Sura Maryam is recited in most lovely tone. I am sure that this Peaceful recitation is sufficient for the spreading of the Peace all over the world.I do like to send commentary on this. * Men of God show their qualities *In their private relationship is much * as their public ministry.Zakariya *Was anxious,in the world of righteousness, *Errand.He was given a son,Yahya, *Who heralded Jesus, and lived a life *Of wisdom,gentle love,and purity.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, August 05 2015

zakir nzik are not o good person. i hate zakir nalaeq
numan , gujrat pakistan Saturday, August 01 2015

May Allah Bless the Peace TV team Which is active to teach the way of Peace to the global world.The conversation of the Scholars exist most lovely.I do not hate any religion followers.There is great philosophy hidden in this vision.The Muhammad (s.a.w).said,"The creatures are the offspring of Allah."How ever i would like to say that the human brain is the Miracle of Allah.Specially the fore brain in the human body is the master mind. Therefore it is necessary for every one to use his common sense that which thing is true and which is false.The heart and fore brain are inter related. The meditation and Yoga is also confirmed. By Yoga one can fulfill his desire.Suppose a man is focusing his vision on the large stone considering it the Godhead his desire will be fulfilled by Al Mighty God.But his belief is made on the stone. I have read much about those who would fly without any instrument.Furthermore i would like to say that the present mystical technology is the copy of human fore brain.But the belief in the Oneness of Allah is the Super hit power.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Saturday, August 01 2015

Ifeel Peace TV N Dr;Zakir Nayak are the God gift for the ummah.
Mohammed Umair, Hyderabad.India Thursday, July 23 2015

best way of preaching islam
abbas, pakistan. battagram Thursday, July 23 2015

I really love this channel it has played a big role to change my life.jazakAllahu khair
Aafreen seraj, kolkata Tuesday, July 21 2015

Cordially congratulation of Eid to Peace TV team Who has the great zeal to see the Peace in the World and is most active in this regard.
Abdullah, kalabat Swabi Pakistan Saturday, July 18 2015

waqas, barcelona Friday, July 17 2015

peace tv for scholar's is the best.
israr ahmad, peshawar Tuesday, July 14 2015

Doctor Zakir is imparting the valuable teachings of Islam not only in the listeners but in the huge congregation setting in front of doctor sahib.The congregation is felt as they are sitting in paradise.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi Pakistan Tuesday, July 14 2015

I am listening the speech of well versed Scholar initially about the famous book "Riazus Saleheen) and onward the interpretation of the different Ahadees related to the moral conduct of the Muslims.The Peace TV Team may be considered as they are working the work of those who deserve the life of Paradise.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabu Pakistan Monday, July 13 2015

zakir naik ap ki kia baat hai
saad, layyah Monday, July 13 2015

Asslamu alaykum.... l,m happy. l look shabelle madia msha allah
faisa, nyköping Monday, July 13 2015

Sir your views are loveable. May all the Muslims follow it.
Abdul Shakoor SHah Shakir
Makhdoom HOuse Mills Officer's Colony Mandi Town Bhakkar Pakistan
Abdul Shakoor SHah Shakir, Bhakkar Sunday, July 12 2015

I love this channel. Can any one tell me about the Timing of Dr Ziker Nike program?
Fazal Haq, Nowshera, Pakistan Thursday, July 09 2015

At the moment i am listening the speech of Doctor Zakir sahib about the Zakat and to provide charity to those who are needy people.So many things came in my mind.That there are three kinds of Muslims.!.The Muslims by chance.As those Muslims whose parents were Muslims so they are Muslims but unaware from the most simple principles of Islam.2.The Muslims by choice.These are the Muslims who cordially accept the Islam and strictly follow the way of Islam.3.The Muslims dwelling among the pagans.The Umar (r.a)said those who have not seen the way of life of the pagans they do not regard the value of Islam.And i have seen the affection of the Muslims at serial 3.on the eve of the Hajj.The other event came in my mind.When the Muhammad (s.a.w) was transferred from the world to Eternity Hazrat Ayesha (r.a.) demanded the financial Heritage of Mohammad (S.A.W) from Abubakar (r.a).On this Hazrat Abubakar(r.a) replied that the financial heritage can not be divided in His kith and kin but it will be divided in the poor and needy people. Aah Aah Aah!
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, July 07 2015

I am watching the prayer said in the Haram on Peace TV along with translation of verses recited in prayer.The Peace TV is really active to send the Message of Peace in the whole world.The inhabitants of the World are required to learn the lesson from the Peace TV's teachings.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, July 02 2015

Asslamu 'alaykum wa rahmatul-Lah,i am highly impressed by the way muslims around the glob are responding to the massive and worldwide islamic contributions rendered by Peace TV.Al-hamdu lil-lah,lets keep in touch and intensify in devotional act of worship more especially in this great month of ramadan.And by so doing peace will over shadow the hypocrecies of the infedels.Wasslamu 'alaykum warahmatul-Lah.
Shamsudddeen haruna Abdallah ADZ-DZAHABY., Zaria,Nigeria,Africa. Tuesday, June 30 2015

The most brilliant, genius, knowledgeable person of the centuries on earth is Dr Zakir Naik who represent and convince Islam to the world in compariosn with non critical debate of religions, ism, and the way of life. Throughout the time history from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Feurbach, Hegel to Karl Marx, Gandhi and Mao none of them we find capability of convincing thoughts in non critical way. I am impressed.
ATHAR ALI, Hoschton,Georgia,U.S.A Monday, June 29 2015

May God give rewards to Dr Zaker Naik for serving Islam in a right way . He is true Muslim Hero . God give him good health and high courage in this regard.
Ihsan ul haq, Abu dhabi Friday, June 26 2015

I like the Peace TV. I would see the books of doctor Zakir in the library of the Masque of Muhammad (s.a.w). I do not know why my comments are being ignored.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi pakistan Monday, June 22 2015