Abb Takk TV started its working in April 2013 and got it’s licensed by Apna network. Channel situated in Karachi. The main mission of Abb Takk TV is to play a vital role in broadcasting current affairs and news bulletin through electronic media. The channel owner is Fahad Hussain Shah who also holds Apna Entertainment and Kook Television. Abb Takk was basically a renowned paper organization that later moved into the domain of TV media.

It is renowned as the best new entrant in news channel category. Abb Takk caters latest news from Pakistan, international forum, sports, business, entertainment, and Abb Takk Special categories for targeted viewers. Abb Takk News Live has gained the status of acclaimed channel by broadcasting TV shows based on politics, current affairs, live news, News Alerts, cultural News, Sports News, Entertainment, Showbiz, Fashion and much more.

Abb Takk TV is a hub of political shows which is comprised of face to face dialogue between politicians and journalist on many ongoing topics. Its popular shows are Tonight with Fareeha, Benaqaab, Clean Chit, Ab Sab Dekhan Gay, Khufia, Hazraat and News Cafe. The team of Abb Takk TV is consist of Pakistan’s top journalists from the respective backgrounds include Nasir Baig Chughtai, Jasmeen Manzoor, Quatrina Hosain, Sajid Hassan, Paras Masroor, Masoom Rizvi, Shahab Mahmood, Adil Abbasi, Farah Yousuf and many others.

You can catch the latest developments and Abb Takk TV Live Streaming only on HamariWeb. This page is dedicated to provide the Live TV Streaming of Abb Takk.

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abbtakk tv the best channel of our country.a lot of people like this news channel in charsadda
javedmehmood, charsadda Monday, August 22 2016

اب تک پر اپنے مرزی کے وقت کا پروگرام دیکھنے کا آپشن کیوں نہیں ہے ؟
Syed Kamran, Karachi Saturday, August 20 2016

Very nice chanal
malik Faisal , lahore Saturday, August 20 2016

Abb talk news TV chanle best is Pakistan. True news. And imidieatly breaking news is all pakistan cities. Provicesnal news breaking is very best. Abb news readings stlye is bbc news chanle. With all pakistan and world news . with back film reporters talkings and news interviews in news every news. Thanks
murtaza, hyderabad sindh Monday, August 15 2016

شیف محبوب
کچے گوشت کی بریانی ریپیٹ کردیجئے ریسیپی پلیز
بیگم ناہید پروفیسرمجیب ظفرحمیدی
Mrs Naheed Mujeeb Hameedi , Canada Friday, August 12 2016

one of the best news channel.i appreciate
abid khan wazir, wana waziristan kk Thursday, August 11 2016

Mera naam Amanullah may abtak reporter banna chahta ho
Amanullah brohi, bhiria road dst.N.F Tuesday, August 02 2016

kiya chahty hu Qandeel se ...... Choriye in ko
Taj Afridi, Peshawer Saturday, July 16 2016

aap Ka Tando Adam Me Reporter Mamtaz Haidri Na Ahal Hai Esay Farigh Karen Taa K Tando Adsam Ko abb Takk Par Coverage Mil sakay
Ali Thahim, Tando Adam Saturday, July 16 2016

میرا نام محمد امجد فاروق ہے میں آپ کے چینل میں نمائندہ رپورٹر کا کام کرنا چاہتا ہو
محمد امجد فاروق , Malakwal Friday, July 15 2016

Nazeha Mahmood (I do't know what is correct name) is best newscaster of Aabtak news channel
Hassan Khan, Karachi Tuesday, July 12 2016

Ab tak is my favorite news channel I love it.
Habib ullah khan, Mardan Monday, July 04 2016

Ab tak news is the best news channel
Seyyar ali, Mardan Tuesday, June 28 2016

App k newscasters ki awaaz WAH GEE WAH.
Like Zara abaas and talha jathoi mureed abaas etc...
sohail khan , Mardan Monday, June 27 2016

Ap ka news sab sa agy ha
Waqas, Hadrabad Friday, June 24 2016

Catch the live streaming of Abb Tak TV from this page. I have saved the link on my office laptop and I frequently watch it to see the news headlines etc. This is truly an incredible service guys. Thank you
Tahir, Lahore Friday, June 24 2016

AMNA JAWED , hyd Monday, June 13 2016

Sir i want make my brother register here for naat competition. He is 14years old and he performs naat in milads. Kindly prefer him. I will wait favourable response towards you.
Sabir iqbal, karachi Friday, June 10 2016

AssalamoAlaikum Sir ,please can I register my son for naat competetion sir I belong to a remote area of punjab my son very nice naat khawan only 12 years old but can surprise audions believe me 3 saal sey bache ka talent dekhane der der phr raha hun ap initiative le kr dekhen InshALLAH ap ko mayusi nhi ho gi
Muhammad Khalid Khalid, Shorkot cantt` Sunday, June 05 2016

Just now there was a news about a brave Pak army's soldiers daughters(Gil afshan) was on air. Abb yak stopped it and started adds. So shameful.
Viewer, Toronto Saturday, June 04 2016

sindh Me sarkari departments me lotmar jari ha, nab or anti construction khamoosh han, kia hoga????
faqeer sikandar, karachi Tuesday, May 31 2016

Is there any naat audition this year if there is any please let me know
Syeda Layloma Kamran , Karachi Tuesday, May 31 2016

Abb talk say pubilc and positions opinion and interviews voice taasuraat zaroor dein daily regular trammitions mein honest true news chanle of Pakistan and world chanle.
Mubashira, Hyderabad sindh Friday, May 20 2016

Pathetic programs and pathetic outlook of the channel makes it the most awkward news channel in Pakistan. I think this channel needs to come up with some fresh content. Live streaming option is a good one.
Mehwish, Karachi Monday, May 16 2016

Abb talk news is very best in Pakistani news and current affair programmes sindh.Punjab.kpk.Baluchistan. news puray Pakistan ki regional news villeges news Pakistan Kay tamam masaloon say swam ko baa khaber rakhnay say logon ko pata chaltaa hay puray Pakistan ki abb talk news say. Abb takk news adevertisedments. And public service massages awareness programmes zaroor dein.thanks
murtaza, Karachi sindh. Friday, May 13 2016

hassan, saudi arabia - Respond

Kia app ko pata Quida-e-azam ko be divorce dani pari thi, kia who be nakam siasatdan thay, bhai mary famility matters ko dosri cheasoo key saith mat jaro. IK kee commitment dhako, dhako k who boll kia rahha, dhako k hokia rahha, kesi ko to bolna pary ga.
Zulfiqar, Karachi Thursday, May 12 2016

hussain , rawalpindi - respond
Dear hussain i understand ur likeness of Nawaz Sharif, you are correct both parties PPP & PTI have a lot of difference, Imran khan lot of alligation on PPP regarding corruption, this is also true pressure of medias are on N-leg, and now please understand the situation, unity of opposition most important, diff. between parties keep the side for timebing, responsibilities of Prime Minister is more important then other, he shlould prove the money is in legal, how can teenage boys buy the propeties and companies, he has to respond, rolling party want to stand other issue for divert the panama issue. i thing media and opp parties is going correct way, we have fight against corruption, billions of rupees and founding in houses a lot minister have same money in houses but agencies are not indepent to do same.

zulfiqr, Karachi Wednesday, May 11 2016

Just now I was watching nadeem malik program on samaa and kashif abbasi program on ary . they both nadeem malik and abbasi were looking like villain (shaitan) on tv screen . they were very smilingly supporting the representatives of ppp qamar zaman kaira asad umer of pti and similarly shah mehmood qureshi and said ghani. nadeem malik and abbasi both are known very well that ppp is the mother of corruption during their government from 2008 to 2013 its previous governments of benazir bhutto but today ppp is very dear to nadeem malik and abbasi of samaa and ary because they speak against the present government otherwise ppp and pti both are of same lines as other parties in pakistan. so I thing tv channels should not be so biased to forget corruption of ppp in pakistan and pti in kpk. but now a days both channels are representing biased opinion which every one in pakistan knows because people of pakistan is not so ignorant, they know the record of ppp since zulfiqar ali bhutto and pti leader cm pervez khattak who is basically a pwd contractor where he has looted kpk and stories of his corruption in kpk are still going on. shame on both channels and their both anchorperson particularly and other anchors of samaa and ary in general.
hussain , rawalpindi Monday, May 09 2016

what is the name of live streaming ancher name of abb takk news I love her very much plz
qazi nusrat , bannu Saturday, May 07 2016

Abb talk news programmes.khufia. parda faash and others programmes is very best and true honest programmes. Parda faash programes Pakistan kay tamam citys mein kia jai.karachi. interior sindh.punjab.kpk. and balochistatan Quetta. Mein programes kerien news mein voice comments zaroor dein daily news mein. Thanks
murtaza, hyderabad sindh Friday, May 06 2016

Abb Takk TV is an Urdu language channel official since April 2013. It is licensed by Apna network with headquarters located in Karachi. The business philosophy of this channel is to play its part in broadcasting the current affairs and news bulletin by the conversion of print media into electronic media. It was previously renowned as a newspaper organization by the name of "Abb takk" which later entered in the domain of electronic media. It is renowned as the best new entrant in news channel category. Abb Takk News Live has gained the status of acclaimed channel by broadcasting TV shows based on politics, current affairs, live news, News Alerts, cultural News, Sports News, Entertainment, Showbiz, Fashion and much more. The specialty of Abb Takk News Live is its political shows that comprises of dialogue between politicians and journalists on hot issues. Some of the popular shows include Tonight with Jasmeen and many others.