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We as nation shall stand up against all country how is terying to terror against Pakistan.

we are not agree with trump what he saying against Pakistan. PAK ARMY ZINDABAD PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.
Syed Amir Hussain Shah, Viborg Tuesday, August 22 2017

Ap ko hum kuch batay to ap aga bata sakta ha hamre awaz
Afridi, Karachi Tuesday, August 22 2017

today UHS MDCAT paper OUT.
Where is justice?
They should take MDCAT paper again..
SARA, DERA GHAZI KHAN Sunday, August 20 2017

Es nay koye bi baat nahain kani ye darama hay buhat hay bara.nawaz shreef ka tattoo hay.
jam khan, saudia Sunday, August 20 2017

Dear sir,

I think Badsha salamat of Pakistan, is in the grip of God AllMighty, he can try whatever he wishes to get out from this mess he put into with the help of his Darbari,now the time has come to pay for looting and currption of nation's wealth. By not appearing and not facing NAB will not do EX PM good , he would be in hellfire.There is an old saying ,as you sow,so shell you reap.
Pray to God All Mighy that these looters of the nation wealth 's days are numbered, and Inshaallah will end up in Adiala Prison along with his all family.

arafat najmi, London Sunday, August 20 2017

92 HD Channel, big problems with video freeze and audio interruptions. Please check and resolve. Thanks.
M Jamaluddin, Doha, Qatar Sunday, August 20 2017

V nice chanil
Ameer ullah khan, Islamabad Sunday, August 20 2017

v nice
abdul shakoor, tibbasul tan pur(vehari) Sunday, August 20 2017

Excellent program with a brilliant presenter, charming, well spoken and structured questioning. Tariq UK
Tariq Mirza, UK Saturday, August 19 2017

I am impressed the true analysis of rauf kalasara and Aamir mateen about the current situation . It's good and positive effort to create awareness about corrupt and corruption , keep it up for better future of Pakistan.
liaquat Ali, Maroville,Karachi west Saturday, August 19 2017

I am impressed the true analysis of rauf kalasara and Aamir mateen about the current situation . It's good and positive effort to create awareness about corrupt and corruption , keep it up for better future of Pakistan.
liaquat Ali, Maroville,Karachi west Saturday, August 19 2017

I am impressed the true analysis of rauf kalasara and Aamir mateen about the current situation . It's good and positive effort to create awareness about corrupt and corruption , keep it up for better future of Pakistan.
Sohail khan
Pennsylvania, USA
M Sohail khan , Allentown Pennsylvania Saturday, August 19 2017

Aj subao ki New 12bake wale
Rana Waseem , Karachi Friday, August 18 2017

no voice on your website
ayesha , USA Friday, August 18 2017

very goood chanal
habibullahwattoo, okara mandi ahmad abad Thursday, August 17 2017

Salute to Rauf Kalasara and Amir Mateen
Rashid chaudhary, Boston,USA Wednesday, August 16 2017

nice channel ,92 keep it up
Rashid chaudhary, Boston,USA Wednesday, August 16 2017

Arif you are Nawaz Lover but even you cannot save him.
SYED Amir H. Shah, viborg Wednesday, August 16 2017

no sound today
Adnan, Lahore Wednesday, August 16 2017

Adil Rizvi says god of honors instead of guard of honors. Tell him to correct himself
Ayesha, USA Wednesday, August 16 2017

No voice on your website
Ayesha, USA Wednesday, August 16 2017

Asslam O Alaikum...
This is Syeda Aamna Batool,Position Holder BS.c Annual Examinations 2017
Kindly tell us when you show my position on your respected channel??We are waiting.......
Syeda Amna Batool, Multan Tuesday, August 15 2017

one of the greatest channel in the Pakistan,,specially morning show
ASIF ABBAS, karachi Tuesday, August 15 2017

I wish to "SALUTE"Mr Arshad,Mr Klasra,Mr A Mateen,Mr Hilali,Mr Ghumman,Mr Maalik for their efforts in educating us.
But I must "Request"you to please kindly look into the matter of disruption and discontinuation of your telecast on internet by some unknown sources in "Karachi" Pakistan.
Ehsan Ahmed, Karachi Pakistan Tuesday, August 15 2017

shoaib naseer, depal pur Monday, August 14 2017

muazzam gill , faisalabad Monday, August 14 2017

very good nice channel i like this
draslamgondalsb, malakwal Sunday, August 13 2017

Abdul Majeed, Missouri Saturday, August 12 2017

I m unable to understand why the media is giving coverage to a person kicked out from the public office on the basis of corruption, concealing sources of income. telling lies in the parliament, fooling masses, and most of all an un honest and thief of national wealth. he should be ignored ad forgotten
let to be rott on the trash of history like abu jehal, abu lahab , hitler misoulini, chiang kai shek and shah iran and pinoche.
Saeed Amin, Karachi Saturday, August 12 2017

Dr sahiba nay jo batain keyn 100% theek.yehi sooch hay in ki.
jam khan, saudia Saturday, August 12 2017

92 News Live – Providing you news and current affairs in HD version, none other than the first Pakistani news channel 92 News. Launched back in 2015, 92 News HD gained nationwide popularity by offering news and current affairs in high resolution and offering perfect HD experience. 92 News Live is surely a treat for the online viewers of Pakistan who can experience HD quality news on their tablet, laptop, or smart phone instantly.

Lahore based 92 News Live TV is owned by M/s Galaxy Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd. The logo of 92 News Live HD is “Ba Khabar, Ba Wasooq”; depicts that the channel is certainly aware of the current happenings in the world and is efficient enough to verify news from authentic sources before making it public. 92 News TV is privileged to have a wide network of news correspondence across the country in more than 300 cities that are involved day and night in delivering news as it happens. Having such a wide network ensures that no news whether minor or major will be ignored from giving coverage by the team of 92 News.

Giving competition to other channels, 92 News HD also has a morning show of their own. The morning show titled Bakhabar Subh is telecasted 7 days a week at 8:30 am on 92 News Live. The popularity and high viewership of 92 News channel comes from its interesting shows including Zair e Behas, Muqabil, Subh e Noor, Jawab Chahye, Hum Dekhainge, NBC at 92, Economy Round up, 92 At 8, Night Edition, Ho Kiya Raha Hai, 92 Special, Follow Up, and Andher Nagri are rich in good content and informative for the viewers. All shows are hosted by credible journalists & anchorpersons. Channel 92 News TV is equipped with the best available professionals, who were self-starters but are now the masters in their respective fields. They work together as an effective, well-rounded, balanced & competent team to achieve the Channel’s objectives. Channel 92 TV has been making waves in the news and current affairs due to effective and honest reporting of all political events happening in Pakistan. 92 TV News encourages and creates innovative ideas in the best interest of the company. 92 News Live is Pakistan’s First News HD Channel that has refined and enhanced the experience of the users to a great extent. The inclusion of state of the art technology through reporting routines adds much potential and also attracted a large number of viewers.

92 TV News Live has a platform towards development that spawns a whole new media revolution in Pakistan. It is classified as the first news channel introducing High Definition picture quality in Pakistan. Some of renowned anchors and newscasters of 92 News Channel are Tariq Mateen, Nasir Baig Chughtai, Rauf Klasra, Ali Mumtaz, Shazia Zeeshan, Asadullah Khan, Adil Abbasi, Saadia Afzal, and Khushnood Ali Khan to name a few. The anchors and news casters of 92 News Channel is talented and dedicated professionals who have devoted their expertise in delivering authentic news and current affairs show.

92 News Live is surely one of the most popularly growing news channels of Pakistan that is known for broadcasting hourly news bulletins, talk shows, political discussion shows, comedy and entertainment shows. Some of the most popular 92 News Live programs with higher TRPs are:

92 Special

This show is broadcast on 92 News from Friday to Sunday at 11:03 pm. The program is known for broadcasting debates on special issues or events happening in the country. The host of the show is Mr. Asadullah Khan.

Night Edition

Night Edition is a debate based talk show, where different guests are invited in every episode to discuss various issues faced. The host of the show is Shazia Zeeshan and the show is telecast from Friday to Sunday at 10:05 pm.

Zair e Behas

The show Zair e Behas is hosted by Aniqa Nasir and Gen. Khalid Maqbool. The show is based on political discussions on various prevailing issues. In every episode panel of 2 or more guests are invited to discuss certain issue. The expert opinion and analysis of Gen. Maqbool makes the show worth watching. The show is telecast every Friday at 7:03 PM Only at 92 News.