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very good channel set a high class standard programs particularly news analysis Rauf Klasra/Aamir Mateen news bulletins is also nice
Naqeebullah, karachi Friday, March 24 2017

It is now very important That 92 News Channel should be transmitting to UK.
Faheem Akhtar, Chelmsford, Essex. CM2 6BN Friday, March 24 2017

Very nice 92 news teem Gud luck keep it up
Haroon, Kassowal Thursday, March 23 2017

paak foaj tu znda baad
abid malik, jhang Thursday, March 23 2017

well done to all present especially jessie great sir
ali, London Thursday, March 23 2017

Assalamalkm. HIGHLY APPRECIATED your coverage of Military prade from Islamabad. You are number 1. among all channels.
Dr Nazir Hussain
Dr Nazir Hussain, Kualalumpur Thursday, March 23 2017

92 news ke Aawaz bil kul nhen hy
Malik saeed, Wah cantt Thursday, March 23 2017

SAIM RAJPUT, HAFIZABAD Wednesday, March 22 2017

Allah pak aap ko din ki further best se best picture paish karne ki taufeeq de aameen. jab aap din ka programe dikhate hain. I realy feel happy.
Muhammad Khalil but, Gujranwala Monday, March 20 2017

92 News Live
92 News Live, 92 News Live Sunday, March 19 2017


Ghazi sab doing superior work for SALAM.
Syed Amir Hussain Shah, VIBORH Sunday, March 19 2017

You bring a person mr sajjad mir who will not let you say a word against govt and their corruption. Highly paid
Mohammad AFZAL , Pakistan Friday, March 17 2017

very good.
Dr Danish Jawab Chahiya.
Nuwaf H, jeddah Thursday, March 16 2017

gulzarinbhatti, sahiwal Wednesday, March 15 2017

To ijaz ul haq... Mr, app apny Baap ko shaheed kis liye keh rahy ho ??? ye mashallah app ke aba Huzur ki boi hui fasel hi hai jo ajj Pakistani Qaom Dhmakon ki shakel main Kaat aur Bhughat rahi hai.. Bandook aur klashnikov app ke abba ji ka hi diya hua culture hai. jo Ameer ul momeneen Bnany ke khab dekhtey rahy..aur unn ki be-ghairti ki iss se gandi misal Kia ho gi keh wo aik jutha insan tha..jo 90 days ka wadha kerke aya aur more than 11 Saal Pakistan ki bairion main wattey dalta raha...
Ahmed Naseer, Frankfurt Tuesday, March 14 2017

Assalam o alikum
92 channel me 9pm me khatoon bismillah sahi nahi parh rahi
Plz unki is galti ko sahi karain
Woh roozana galat bismillah parh rahi hain
saima, Karachi Tuesday, March 14 2017

Karachi Metro city & It's Garbage (Kuchra): Why no body took a notice of (Kuchra)?
There is no country in the world holds Local bodies elections on the partizen system, Local body's elections must be FREE from political parties. It is very important. Cities in pakistan must be empowered to impose TAX on the properties to manage cities safety, security, cleaniness & construct roads, drains.
Provincial Govt. impose Insurance laws & collect insurance funds.
Auto Accidents & FIRES in the city: City have to provide fire fighters to estanguish the fire.
Every day there are auto accidents & fires buring national wealth & valuable lives.
Noor. M. Chaudhry
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Noor. M . Chaudhry, Edmonton,AB, Canada Tuesday, March 14 2017

IFTIKHAR, calgary alberta CANADA Tuesday, March 14 2017

92 is a good channel but why all the channels just alive on politics? is there is nothing else apart from politics?

shahzad, London Monday, March 13 2017

good Job 92 Hd News
Khalid Sheikh, Karachi Monday, March 13 2017

Justice and more severe punishment for the Corrupt people that are sinking our beloved country Pakistan, Zindabaad Pakistan
Zahid, Ashburn Saturday, March 11 2017

Justice and More Severe Pinishments for the People that are Sinkins our beloved country Pakistan, NO exception what's so ever , hang them shoot those bloody Terrerest's on first site . Pakistan Zindabad. 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
RMZ, USA Saturday, March 11 2017

I totally agree with thoughts of Arjumand we just need justice and people who say that parliament is above law is rubbish if the people sitting in parliament are corrupt both morally and physically. just agree they are traitors but wpold like to add that we the people are also resposible cause we elect this kind of stuff
nafees abbas, lahore Saturday, March 11 2017

Some people think that there is a need of adopting the Qanoon (Law) of Mulla Jut ... Phalli golli es liay maran ga k tu na mere bahan k sir tu duppata laya see... Pakistani are not worried about corruption but very sensitive about their mothers, sisters and daughters
Arjumand, Burke, Virginia Saturday, March 11 2017

Military Courts: It's strange that fake oppisition Party is draging it's feet, unwilling to support military courts, why? Is AA Zardari looking for a real bargains, or he is wating the coutcome of Panama case against Sharif Brothers??
Why "N" leage is not utilizing it's majority when all the political parties are on the same page to support for the military courts to put the end of terrist from the country.
Noor. M. Chaudhry, Edmonton, AB, Canada Saturday, March 11 2017

Get Lost 92 news you are wasting my time after one week on net i face some problem to see 92 news i am going tO ARY
Arsala Khan, MISSISSAUGA CANADA Friday, March 10 2017

People don't need constitution and Laws, we just need justice
Arjumand, Burke, Virginia Thursday, March 09 2017

Attention: Dr. Danish, Corruption is Terrorism ... Statements are not enough ... Terrorists are shot on sight on the borders .... so why not the corrupt (terrorist) disguised in different form and faces ... no courts and due process should be considered when dealing with terrorist and corrupt ... even there children should not be spared ... not LAW but JUSTICE is required and needed ... that Courts cannot provide and implement ... Awaam have no control ... democracy has been hijacked by terrorists.
Arjumand, Burke, Virginia Wednesday, March 08 2017

People of Pakistan think that Parliament is not above law, and almost all the members of Parliament are corrupt and should be hanged along with these jurist who favor them.... because these people are traitors.
Arjumand, Burke, Virginia Tuesday, March 07 2017

I am permanent viewer of 92 News. I would like to know, where is Ayyaz Aamir. He is absent from the screen for the last few days. Though he is not available on Jang Column also but this is not your headache. Kindly let us know where is he? This is not fair to remove such important anchor from the screen without showing reason. Please convey our feelings to Ayaz Amir also.
Sardar Ali, Islamabad Tuesday, March 07 2017

92 News Live – Experience news in HD only on 92 News HD, Pakistan’s first HD news channel. Launched back in 2015, 92 News HD gained nationwide popularity due to picture perfect quality. 92 News Live is surely a treat for the online viewers of Pakistan who can experience HD quality news on their tablet, laptop, or smart phone. 92 News Live TV is based in Lahore and is owned by M/s Galaxy Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd. The logo of 92 News Live HD is “Ba Khabar, Ba Wasooq”; depicts that the channel is certainly aware of the current happenings in the world and is efficient enough to verify news from authentic sources before making it public. 92 News TV is privileged to have a wide network of news correspondence across the country in more than 300 cities that are involved day and night in delivering news as it happens. Having such a wide network ensures that no news whether minor or major will be given coverage by the team of 92 News.

Most popular shows that telecasts on 92 News include Zair e Behas, Subh e Noor, Jawab Chahye, Muqabil, Hum Dekhainge, NBC at 92, 92 At 8, Economy Round up, Night Edition, Ho Kiya Raha Hai, 92 Special, Follow Up, and Andher Nagri are quiet interesting and informative for the viewers. The morning show titled Bakhabar Subh is telecasted 7 days a week at 8:30 am on 92 News Live. All shows are hosted by credible journalists & anchorpersons. Channel 92 News TV is equipped with the best available professionals, who were self-starters but are now the masters in their respective fields. They work together as an effective, well-rounded, balanced & competent team to achieve the Channel’s objectives. Channel 92 TV has been making waves in the news and current affairs due to effective and honest reporting of all political events happening in Pakistan. 92 TV News encourages and creates innovative ideas in the best interest of the company. 92 News Live is Pakistan’s First News HD Channel that has refined and enhanced the experience of the users to a great extent. The inclusion of state of the art technology through reporting routines adds much potential and also attracted a large number of viewers.

92 TV News Live has a platform towards development that spawns a whole new media revolution in Pakistan. It is classified as the first news channel introducing High Definition picture quality in Pakistan. Some of renowned anchors and newscasters of 92 News Channel are Tariq Mateen, Nasir Baig Chughtai, Rauf Klasra, Ali Mumtaz, Shazia Zeeshan, Asadullah Khan, Adil Abbasi, Saadia Afzal, and Khushnood Ali Khan to name a few. The anchors and news casters of 92 News Channel is talented and dedicated professionals who have devoted their expertise in delivering authentic news and current affairs show. Accessing 92 News live streaming is no more an issue. Technology gadgets have rightfully facilitated the online users in Pakistan who can now enjoy 92 News TV live streaming available online on HamariWeb.

92 News Live is surely one of the most popularly growing news channels of Pakistan that is known for broadcasting hourly news bulletins, talk shows, political discussion shows, comedy and entertainment shows. Some of the most popular 92 News Live programs with higher TRPs are:

92 Special

This show is broadcast on 92 News from Friday to Sunday at 11:03 pm. The program is known for broadcasting debates on special issues or events happening in the country. The host of the show is Mr. Asadullah Khan.

Night Edition

Night Edition is a debate based talk show, where different guests are invited in every episode to discuss various issues faced. The host of the show is Shazia Zeeshan and the show is telecast from Friday to Sunday at 10:05 pm.

Zair e Behas

The show Zair e Behas is hosted by Aniqa Nasir and Gen. Khalid Maqbool. The show is based on political discussions on various prevailing issues. In every episode panel of 2 or more guests are invited to discuss certain issue. The expert opinion and analysis of Gen. Maqbool makes the show worth watching. The show is telecast every Friday at 7:03 PM Only at 92 News.