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Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe by Zubaida Tariq
aleena - khi 25 Aug, 2015
In which size we have to choped the onions for the preparing of chicken jalfrezi? In this image it look larger than normal size, just like we use in the shashilk. I will definitely try this recipe.

naila - khi 25 Aug, 2015
The murgh cholay is the most delicious dish which I like, specially in the Sunday breakfast usually I prefer murgh cholay with paratha. My wife also learn how to make with this recipe.

Nargisi koftay
Deena - Karachi 25 Aug, 2015
My Nargisi Koftas do not cook according to the recipe I follow. They mostly get fragile and I don’t know which ingredient I should use to make them hard and soft both at a time.

Hyderabadi Tala Hua Gosht
Asim - Lahore 25 Aug, 2015
I would recommend people not to eat fried dishes because it causes many harmful diseases especially diseases like hear problems and cancers.

Saima - Karachi 25 Aug, 2015
My children like to eat Shami Kabab sandwiches and I make Sahmi Kababs every day on the request my little sweet Childs.

Anum - Karachi 25 Aug, 2015
Behari Boti are full of spices that why I do not like to eat them without any sweet chutney.

Hyderabadi Kachay Ghost ki Biryani, Andarsy, Chicken Katakatt By
Sadaf - Karachi 25 Aug, 2015
Hyderabadi dishes are so healthy and rich in high nutrients. I must say include one dish of Hyderabadi in regular meals.

Mutton Korma & Paneer Chat Pata by Chef Zakir
Saifa - Lahore 25 Aug, 2015
Korma dish has been so common, I would suggest people to try some new continental dishes.

Keema Kaleji
Sama - Karachi 25 Aug, 2015
Keema Kaleji is the only that cook fast after qurbani, therefore this is the only dish which mostly moms make firstly after when qurbani meat arrives.

Mutton Biryani
Hamza - Karachi 25 Aug, 2015
Mutton Biryani is love. I like this dish so much. Even my mom made dishes with full spices and I don’t like to eat spices a lot but still this dish is great.

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