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Reviews & Comments on Bol News Live

Exactly .I'm also agree and emphasize on this issues. Mam fiza you are great and brave.
Yasir rehman , Mianwali Wednesday, May 22 2019

now a days on bolt tv I watch Danish taimor show which is my favorite show because Danish is my favorite actor.
jannat, gujrat Wednesday, May 22 2019

mujay bol show ka hisa bannna ha gar bathay tarika sara bata day
Ch Maira Ahsan, toba tek singh Thursday, May 16 2019

very nice bol is very nice tc chainil i like it
Shoaib Ahmed, Karachi Monday, May 13 2019

bol tv is my love I attend a live show in bolt v . and I was so happy to see my favorite actors live.
lateef, faislabad Saturday, April 27 2019

From this online way many peoples watch the news of bol TV that having here with the every current news about every thing
uzma, islamabad Saturday, April 27 2019

I love this channel and especially game show is my favorite show because on this show my favorite actor is host.
awais, tehran Friday, April 26 2019

Here we have the bolt TV channel every updates that we watch that to get any news about anything from here authentically
mansha, panjab Thursday, April 25 2019

bol channel is the only channel which I really hate just because on this tv channel all news are totally fake specially dr. amir liaqat is a fake person.
sadia, sahiwal Wednesday, April 24 2019

From this bolt v live channel I can watch the many dramas and show very eagerly with mine family because here comes many interesting dramas
RAZA, MULTAN Monday, April 22 2019

Whenever I see sheikh rasheed there is a question that pop in my mind that why he did not get married, he have everything now but still he is not getting married
shehzad, multan Saturday, April 20 2019

Your Analyst - in fact the entire lot of channels invite their so called analyst are the ones who repeat an event instead of subjecting it ti a strong scrutiny and suggestion for overcoming the problem. This is the only thing that is wholly missing
a m malik, karachi Thursday, April 18 2019

Bol news live news
imran ali , hyd Thursday, April 18 2019

Quetta me milk ke qemat 110/dahe 120
Arbab Abdul Karim, Quetta Wednesday, April 10 2019

The great Dr,Fiza Akbar khan ,Alissa nahi chaley ga?this is very good programs ,this is very important and interested. We like Bol TV.
Shaikh shafqat ali , Edmonton, Alberta ,Canada. . (Rahim yar khan Pakistan ) Thursday, March 28 2019

Saw gestivities of 23rd March and would like to commean all channels Mubarak Zindabad
RASHAD, pittsburgh USA Sunday, March 24 2019

amir, l b a , pak . Tuesday, March 19 2019


bole tv europ say strat kreean

This bol tv live channel I can watch that usually that gives me the every authentic news easily related to everything that happens in the whole world
bisma, faislabad Thursday, March 07 2019

This bol tv live channel I can watch that usually that gives me the every authentic news easily related to everything that happens in the whole world
aleena, karachi Thursday, March 07 2019

Here having the bol TV live news every update provide abut bol TV live news channel so we easily get watch any repeat news from here
QAMAR, islamabad Wednesday, March 06 2019

Why bol channel is not live streaming on YouTube any page of net any issues we like bol channel appreciate ur all channel members to bring us such a exclusie programs we get information about pakistan all over the world
Khalfan , Rawalpindi Wednesday, March 06 2019

anum, karachi Saturday, March 02 2019

!!!VOTERS CORNOR???My touch with new government is dead fish in the water.?? @ PRESENT Government opening NEW page on ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY , is spreading REAL perfume of ISLAM , well received around GLOBE of the world.MY visitor(Ethiopians CHRISTAIN orientalist) asked me the news of NO WAR BETWEEN PAKISTAN AND INDIA. My visitor appreciated GOOD SPREADS OF PAKISTAN,erecting new pillars to prop up Islamic FLAG on new HIGHTS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IFTIKHAR, calgary,ALBERTA,CANADA Saturday, March 02 2019

USA ky sath agar India nai ye sab Kiya hota tu USA Kya jawa deta????????
Ghous ali, Mardan Friday, March 01 2019

Kya PM ko maqbool Hussain yaad nahe hai?
Ghous ali, Mardan Thursday, February 28 2019

why we continue trying to pees talk.if India don't like we spouse to not try to pees talk. Now we spouse to attack not talk
manzoor, faisalabad Wednesday, February 27 2019

PM did not appreciate the moral and unity of peopleor congratulations to PAF and defense forces. Pervaiz Mushraf replies on this channel were more encouraging and covering various aspects. However Imran has given very nice message to the world.
Ansari, Canada Wednesday, February 27 2019

Allah Subhanou Taala Tamam Muslim Ummah ko Ghzwa E Hind Larnay ki himmat or Istiqamat Aata Karray or kufar ko Tabah O Barbad Karay Hum Sub Pak Fauj K /Sath Hain Pakistan Zinda Baad PPak Fauj Zinda Baad.Allah hamara Hami O Nasir Ho NASRUMM MUNALLAHAY WAA FATHUNN QAREEB.
ATHER AHMED, kARACHI Wednesday, February 27 2019

Bol News Live

Bol News Live TV– Regarded as Pakistan’s largest and revolutionary media house, Bol News claims to broadcast their transmission in 4K Ultra HD. With amazing picture quality and interesting program content, Bol News is making its waves higher in the electronic media industry of Pakistan. The channel is owned by Chairman and CEO Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh.

Bol TV News is a complete media structure that comprise of television, digital media, print media, cinemas & movies, radio & theatre. Bol News TV aims to transform the outlook of Pakistani media by providing authentic coverage of news and top events in the most professional manner. Bol News TV wing has raised the bar high for other channels with some impressive unique shows. Viewers are completely hooked with Bol TV News shows like Pakistan News Room, Bol Pakistan, and Top Five Breaking on Bol TV. Many popular media figures like Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, Mubashir Luqman, Dr. Shahid Masood, Mushtaq Minhas, Javed Iqbal, and Hamza Ali Abbasi has joined the Bol News. Some of the popular Bol News channel shows that are getting the fame are Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga, Live with Dr. Shahid Masood, Bol News Head quarters, Ab Mein Bolun Ke Na Bolun, Meri Jung with Mubashir Luqman, and Bol Pakistan.

Bol TV Live show Aise Nahi Chalay Ga by Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain is creating lot of buzz in the media due to his impressive and pinching style of anchoring. The show is telecast live daily at 10:30pm. Similarly, Bol News Head quarters hosted by Hamza Ali Abbasi is getting huge popularity and viewership.

BOL News Urdu has been the talk of the town since the time it made it to your screens. Bol News Live has also modernized news coverage to a huge extent. 3 Main 15 News Bulletin is one such example that shows top news of the world in just 15 minutes. Bol TV aims to generate more than 50% of the revenues and profits by entering global media market. The company aims to deploy the core competencies towards the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Bol TV launched with various categories and facilities including Bol Entertainment, Bol Sports, Bol Theatre, Bol Movies, Bol Radio, Bol Publications, and Bol Education. Bol News Live aims to give you latest breaking news as it happens. Those who are looking for a change in regular news channel can switch to Bol News TV on TV screens and online users can watch Bol TV Live Streaming here on this page.