Capital TV Live – Presenting an exclusive current affairs channel that can be suitable for all sort of audience across Pakistan, Capital TV. In this fast changing world, there is a dire need of appropriate news channel that can keep the viewers updated with the latest happenings. Capital TV Live offers wide range of latest news content with an aim to replace the relevance of newspaper. Based in Lahore, it commenced its transmission nationwide with the aim to facilitate the audience with authentic, reliable and timely delivery of news. Capital News TV Live is a Pakistani current affairs and infotainment channel, led by the Dr. Basit Sheikh, PhD from Cornell University, United States. The main office is located in Islamabad.

The management of Capital TV Pakistan has faith in the professional workforce that comprises of some of the renowned journalists and news anchors including Fahad Hussain, Asma Chaudhry, Javed Iqbal, Rabi Pirzada, and Nasim Zehra are among few. The latest Capital TV talk shows comprises of Awam, Bay Laag, Bay Baak, Friendly Opposition on Capital TV, Seedhi Baat, Hum Sab, News plus, Capital Live etc. The talk shows of Capital TV are based on essential issues associated with political and democratic structure of Pakistan. Capital TV News Bulletin is on air after every hour featuring the latest updates across the country. Team Capital News is engaged in broadcasting live programs and current affairs shows in order to facilitate the viewers on its official website You can catch your favorite Capital TV shows live on web live steaming online on the platform of HamariWeb. This page can be searched with the Capital TV live streaming, Capital TV News Bulletin, Capital News live, and Capital TV Live on HamariWeb.

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We live in lalazar rwp. Our cable net work isnot showing capital tv.we don,t know the reason.i amfedup with such silent corruption.plz do some thing.
Naheed rehman, rawalpindi Friday, September 16 2016

Capital news live
machar tahir, eslamabad Wednesday, September 07 2016

Mujje monday 29-08-2016 rat 11 pm ki headlines chaye
Adil, wah cantt Thursday, September 01 2016

Pakistan corruption ka ghar ban chuka he. her roz corruption k nay case aaty han to log purany Miyan Mansha, Toqeer Sadiq, Farzana Raja or degar beshamar case bool jaty han, is k ilawa loan defaulter kitny han. kash koi aay or hisab ly........
Bashirs, RWP Thursday, August 18 2016

Samaj nhi aati corruption k khilaf supream court, NAP or Election commission khud action kun nhi leity. in ko nazer nhi aata Pakistan me kia ho raha he. Ager ye adary jan buj ker action nhi leity to Pakistan se ghadari ker rahy han. kash koi in se ye b puchy k tum ne action kun nhi liya. action nhi leity to in adaron ka faida hi kia he ???
Bashir, RWP Wednesday, August 17 2016

I want the headlines of sunday 14 august 2016 9:00 pm headlines plzz
Afaf, Islamabad Monday, August 15 2016

Kashmir me Indian forces ne zulm ki intha ker di. Pakistani hukumat or media sirf rozana ka bataty han k aaj itny Kashmiri Shaheed ho gy han, is k siwa kuch b nhi kiya ja raha. Kashmir me hamary Musalman bhaiyon k sath zulm ki inteha ho rhi he or Pakistan khamosh he. Pakistan ko chahiye jald az jald salamti koncil me jay or OIC ka ijlas bulay or zulm band karway.
Bashir, RWP Saturday, August 06 2016

MNA Mahmood Khan Achakzai ne Aelaniya kaha k KPK Afghanistan ka hisa he, is per na Government ne koi action liya na Establishment ne or na hi kisi or adary ne koi action liya. Kal koi or mulk dushman uthy ga , wo kahy ga Punjab b Pakistan ka hisa nhi. afsos hota he ye mulk dushman kia kia hamary piyary mulk Pakistan k khilaf kahty rahty hn or koi puchta tak nhi. Ye mulk dushman Pakistan k dushmanon se heavy funding lety han or zaher ugalty han. kach koi in se puchy ???
Bashir, RWP Friday, August 05 2016

Rangers are there in Karachi since 1990s and the situation deteriorated day by day due to insincerity of such forces & political parties. Speaking straight forwardly, the army dictators are the real culprits of Pakistan's bad name among the community of nations. Army dictators, power-greedy PPP, pro-dictator Muslim Leagues are responsible for the Karachi situations. Insincere agencies, dictators, petty-politicians brought up by agencies will never let Pakistan become a real independent, progressing peaceful state due their vested interests. Since the early years of Pakistan such ill-wishers plot, organize, supervise anti-state activities. Parties like PPP, PNA, PML(N), MQM, IJI, PTI, MMA etc. are the siblings of anti-Muslim anti-state agencies fed by the Jews, Hindus, Christians & hypocrites.
Ya Allah! Protect, help, save and guards us from being strayed away off the right Islamic path, Aameen.
NAEEM, FAISALABAD. Thursday, August 04 2016

Pakistani Media, Government, Judiciary and Police totaly out of balance & out of focus, they dont know what the hell each sector is doing. And all the politicians doing their best to destroy Pakistan,
criminals are more up to date and well organized then Pakistani system, no one in Pakistan interested in cleaning up the country. We have created Pakistan to ripappart.
Pakistani are not patriotic do not love their culture, language, religion not even proud to be a Pakisani. Every second they use Qurani verse Alhamdolillah, Inshallah, Mashaallah and they go against it, no respect for God and no respect for Quran. Can anybody explain that?.
Anjum, Toronto Wednesday, July 27 2016

khushnood ali khan i am addressing you saadi shirazi in one of his hiqayats said ta mard sakhoun nah gufta bashid aieb o hunrash nahufta bashid alamma iqbal said aaien e jawan mardaan haq goeye o bebaki allah ke sheron ko aati naheen roo bahi i saw mr nizami and sajjad mir sitting on left andright of pervez rashid pmln inf minister mr nizami is ancker of dna on 24 channel mr nizami is a n imran basher now there is one more super imran basher i had heard of lifafa journalists now a new generation of thaila journalists ha emerged an anchor of capital tv who claims to be sahib e sot o kalamis coming out of shell and shows his real face mr khushnood in in your bebak of 17 july you have advised your pearls of wisdom to imran as if khn is ce of poor pakistan you could have forwarded your suggestions to the ruling elite and awaited their reaction perhaps half of the most exalted cabinet would be out of pakistan very gladly as they would earn ta da and free foreing tour i suggest you should try your luck but as you a few days said merey par jaltey hain you have yet not attained such high position in heiarckey may i ask why you did not attend funerals of qandeel baloch apart from some minister preferably bhanja sahib from faisalabad or sialkoti pehalwan i hope you wont mind what i have blogged and give serios thought to a very sonior patriotic pakistanis feelings by the way you looked very handsome with red waistcoat and jet black hair and moushtacs hope to adress you again pleas keep it up paiwasta reh shajar sey umeed e bahar rakh adieu and good luck
daara daara virginia usa , va usa Monday, July 18 2016

Tahra Abdullah sab se bari beghairat to tum ho. tumari beiti aesy tum ko badnam kary to tum ko pata chaly.
Bashir, RWP Saturday, July 16 2016

Ghazal jatoi you are such an idiot,,!!!!
Sharif, Karachi Sunday, July 03 2016

I want to work with your prcitigous team as a program manager.
I have vast experience in related field.
I will arrange politics debates according to rules.
I will manage musical nights with a unique Artist of Pakistan. etc
Abdul Ghaffar Jatoi, Karachi Tuesday, June 28 2016

Since when khushnood sb has turned against PPP. Saluting to Army is 'majboori' in Pak. but Shabaz Shreef has become your favorite too ........
Tariq, Lahore Sunday, June 26 2016

Capital TV live streaming is available for all the major and minor cities of Pakistan. I want to ask if this page is accessible to oversees Pakistanis as well? I mean can this channel be watched in Dubai or UAE?
Madiha, Islamabad Friday, June 24 2016

Ap ka koi nominda muzaffar garh min kam ni kar raha ha na ap ka channel cable pey deykha jata ha ap k channel se muzaffar garh ki swam aur intizamia muzaffar garh waqif nahi plz min ap k channel min reporting karna chahta hon mujhe royal news min kam kartey hoay 5 sal se ziada ho gia ha agar ap moqa dain mujh se ap k channel ko muzaffar garh min faida ho ga insha Allah khabar koi khabar mis na ho gi aur shakayat ka moqa no mily ga
amirismail khan chandia, muzaffar garh Thursday, June 23 2016

Ap ka koi nominda muzaffar garh min kam ni kar raha ha na ap ka channel cable pey deykha jata ha ap k channel se muzaffar garh ki swam aur intizamia muzaffar garh waqif nahi plz min ap k channel min reporting karna chahta hon mujhe royal news min kam kartey hoay 5 sal se ziada ho gia ha agar ap moqa dain mujh se ap k channel ko muzaffar garh min faida ho ga insha Allah khabar koi khabar mis na ho gi aur shakayat ka moqa no mily ga
amirismail khan chandia, muzaffar garh Thursday, June 23 2016

Capital TV please accept appreciations of my family and myself for providing us the opportunity to watch such good programmes on your channel that may be viewed with the entire family.

Considering the present scenerio of the country, the religious issues are rather discussed or listened to with caution. Being a family of doctors we are especially critical of facts and figures with authentic references.

Your programme featuring the prominent scholar of our country madam Tayba Bokhri has been the hallmark of your presentations. The superb oration and uncanny ability of the madam to put across her viewpoint with such finesse and ease speaks volumes of her extraordinary knowledge and grasp of the subject. She undoubtedly is the most vital asset of our society.

Madam Tayba is presently the most popular religious leader in the community of the doctors. She is looked up to with administration and reverence particularly in context of women empowerment. She has an overwhelming aura surrounding her to inspire with awe the young ladies of our nation.

All of us wish you all the best of authentic news.
Brig Dr Prof Asad , Lahore Monday, June 20 2016

Big TV channel capital doing gud work
Adnan, Rawalpindi Tuesday, June 07 2016

Capital TV has stepped the ladder of success withing a short span of time. I simply love the fact that we can now watch the live streaming online on this page. Thanks a lot guys for making it accessible to us.
Yasir, Lahore Monday, May 16 2016

After the Panama Leaks, every anchor person and every channel forget all the other issues. Yesterday I also watch the bried debates on this topic in Capital TV.
emaan, quetta Tuesday, May 10 2016

Capital TV is a good channel i enjoying it always out of Pak.. I Love Pak I Love Capital Tv.. missing you pakistan... Abdul Razaque Korai
Razzaq korai, South africa Tuesday, May 10 2016

I have been watching Capital TV on live streaming in good quality. Loved the display, graphics, sound quality everything. I watch their evening show. Thanks guys.
Raheel, Hyderabad Tuesday, May 10 2016

I dont know why Capital Tv channel is not available in the list of News channels which our Cable operator is broadcast but I just watch the streaming on this page.
nasir, khi Monday, May 09 2016

I watch almost all the shows of Capital TV and loved it totally. It is my all time favorite channel. Live streaming is perfect for me to catch up with the channel even when I am at office.
Hanif, Karachi Monday, May 09 2016

The F-16 syndrome clears the difference between Pakistan-a slave-like state due to the vested interests of a group of forceful ones faithful to the USA but insincere to the motherland & the nation alike, and an independent strong committed state of India whom the USA, EU, Russia, China, Iran, & even Saudi Arabia prefer.
May Almighty Allah bless us real Islam refining us true practicing Muslims, Aameen. Ya Allah! Protect&guard us safely against traitors & each and every evil, Aameen. Ya Allah! Help us become a strong powerful progressing independent true Islamic state, Aameen.
NAEEM, FAISALABAD. Thursday, May 05 2016

i watching regular proghram khousnood ali khan saib
very nice proghram but after panama paper paper mr khoushnood ali khan proghram become favour of mian saib why later all the proghram cda mr zardari mr tariq fazal choudery and fia every pakistan currption againt talking but now hw is not speeking tru panama paper mr khousnood ali khan panama paper is no leakeing oppsiton party pti ppp and jip this is leacked by panama off shoure company so lz full taliking ang protest agaist mian saib plz he declaur all the ahsets and property in uk i have a very little busnes in chakwal i pay one lac income tax yearly i qustion for mr pm plz show what is your assists in uk and plz what is your child assists in pakistan and uk i am not belong any party but i am pakistani tax payer national
syed tanveer, chakwal Saturday, April 30 2016

Gov't saintannis school main aiou ki jnb sy b .ed k exams ho rhy , un lye jo teachers duty klye hire ki gai wo students ko tourchr kr k pason ki demand kr rhi hn , orbechon mobile phones b apni security main phly submit krti ad main paso kbegair ni dti , kindly take action against them
farwa, lahore Saturday, April 30 2016

capital t v news channel is the best.i am seeing 3 show capital t v.1 is quom mulk sultant with Khusnood ali khan ,2 Sedhe bat with Benish and 3d is Hum Sub with Mah Rukh.these are very excellent communication and create the very strong question for our guests.But Mr.Khusnood Ali Khan is very great analyse in every kind of topic.his analyse close to natural.i hello to mr.Khusnooa Ali khan.
Muhammad Naeem, Kot Addu Wednesday, April 27 2016