Capital TV Live - Everyone wants to get hold of latest news as it breaks. Pakistan is truly news stricken nation that believes in catching up the news headlines before leaving for office. The current affairs channels have replaced the relevance of news paper. This philosophy is applied to the Urdu News Channel Capital News TV. Based in Lahore, it commenced its transmission nationwide with the aim to facilitate the audience with authentic, reliable and timely delivery of news. Capital News TV Live is a Pakistani current affairs and infotainment channel, led by the Dr. Basit Sheikh, PhD from Cornell University, United States. The main office is located in Islamabad.

The management of Capital TV Pakistan has faith in the professional workforce that comprises of some of the renowned journalists and news anchors including Fahad Hussain, Asma Chaudhry, Javed Iqbal, and Nasim Zehra are among few. The Capital TV talk shows comprises of Fahad Hussain Show, Aao Baat Karain, Bay lag, Capital Special to name a few. The talk shows of Capital TV are based on essential issues associated with political and democratic structure of Pakistan. Capital News Live offers you exclusive Ramadan transmission titled “Sheher e Ramzan” hosted by Madiha Iftikhar. Capital TV News Bulletin is on air after every hour featuring the latest updates across the country. Team Capital News is engaged in broadcasting live programs in order to facilitate the viewers on its official website You can catch your favorite Capital TV shows live on web live steaming online on the platform of HamariWeb. This page can be searched with the Capital TV live streaming, Capital TV News Bulletin, Capital News live, and Capital TV Live on HamariWeb.

Capital TV Live

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Reviews & Comments on Capital TV Live

There is no one to blame but people of Pakistan. Pakistan is still in dark ages because majority of people are illiterate, they even don't have a basic education and they cannot even tell right from wrong.
They will vote again for zardari, again for Sharif, on and on and life in hell goes on as usual. People make mistake once or twice, here they are making same mistakes over and over. Shame on you all.
Angel, Haven Sunday, July 05 2015

Psychopath in London has been digging up a hole for himself, for last thirty two years and he is about to vanish in that hole.
Angel, Haven Tuesday, June 30 2015

Kisi k aqeday py bat krny sy pehlay sochna chaheay...
Shahzad, Sargodha Sunday, June 28 2015

ye Ramzan transmission han ya aurtoon ki numaish
shahnaz, karachi Saturday, June 27 2015

Agree with the last comment..
Suleman a, Islamabad Wednesday, June 24 2015

It is Haram in Islam any kind of singing(including Naat or Quwali) with or without music and it is specially worse in wholly month of Ramadan( not Ramazan). I don't see this anywhere else in the world but Pakistan.
Angel, Haven Friday, June 19 2015

Pti zinda bad..........imran khan zinda bad.........khan sb ny baldiyati election krwa kr apna wada sch kr diya..........ab baki parties ko bhi baldiyati elections krwany chahiya ta k awam apny faisly khud kr sakain.
Ali, karachi Tuesday, June 02 2015

Mostly people left to see Capital TV channel, When it started it was seen it gives free and fair news. I was surprised why people left to see this channel, today I noticed that Capital TV is trying to oppose PTI, and try to give all unverified wrong news against PTI. This is no fair. I advise Capital management to give true and fair news, it would be in your faver. Up to you if you want people should see your channel.
Bashir, RWP Saturday, May 30 2015

Kal ejaz ahmed k program may Asif iftikhaar r mufti naeem sharik the lekin ejaz jahilo k trah mufti naeem s behes kar raha tha wo pervez rashid k wakalat kar raha tha ye saray paiso k bhokay anchor hai jo kch paiso k khatir apna emaan b bech dete han
Media ko chaye h k wo azadi s apna kaam kare kisi ki sarparsti ya wakalat nhi kare
M.khan, karachi Sunday, May 24 2015

MANNY MANNY CONGRATULATIONS.Pakistan vs Zimbabwe injoy the match
Vijay Sharma, Germany Friday, May 22 2015

bri hairut ki baat hay kay jahaa capital vvvv news m aagay ja rahaa hay wahaaa sindh karachi ki elawaa covrage bhut kum hoti hay;;;

aaj 15 may morning news main dist jamshoro ki news talka bhan saeed abad police aur daako muqablaaaaa.....
ya news 3 din phlay ki hay........
jisay pata chalaa kay news director ko koi knlowledge naheeeee....???
paras riaz, hyderabad sindh Friday, May 15 2015

since long we have been told that terrorists from all over the world have taken refuge in karachi it means that karachi is safe haven for international terrorists thes are given refuge by locals resident of a house knows wholives in his neighbourhood left rightand front but do not report to the authorities some time back police had informers who kept watchon the activities of residents if suspected of any anti social activity cid policewould then intervene cid police was most dreaded where is that establishment or they have been compromised police had informers henceless crime rate i suggest revival of old system only station house officer should know identity of the informers to avoid leakages this might work when we know that at least one million foreighners who are illegaly residing in not only in karachi but allover pakistan at least two million afghanis in the guise of refugees are spread allover they should be weeded out of our big cities and sent back to their native land or restricted to camps as iranian govt has done we should refuse united nations aidfor afghanis inone of the jirga prgramme by saleem safi in jang news an afghan was guest saleemput question about return of afghan refugees the guest said un gives millions of dollars for reugees out of which pakistani officialsembazel at le

sheikhue, allexandria virginia usa Thursday, May 14 2015

nice tv
Rizwan ullah khan, Abbottabad Tuesday, May 12 2015

"SUCH" tv is missing from the liwt. Any specific reason?
elya, hertford Sunday, May 10 2015

ppp peoples party is the most corrupt party in the history of Pakistan politics.
Raghib, Karachi Saturday, May 09 2015

SAK, KARACHI Wednesday, May 06 2015

Hearing the news, watching talk shows, even our advertisements is like everyone in Pakistan is aspiring to be like India. Our actresses have forgotten that they are muslims and our dancing like Indian actresses. Is that what Pakistan was made for?Our politicians have no concience and are investing in India and providing employment opportunites to India. When are you all going to realize that India has conquered us culturally?
Hijab, Hollister Wednesday, May 06 2015

in pakistani muslim houshold when a child is born azaan is reciterd in both years of the new born but in muhajir family perhaps first words are whipered YOU ARE BORN MUHAJIR AND WILLALWAYS REMAIN A MUHAJIR AND AZAAN IS RECITED AFTERWARDS
sheikhu, allexandria virginia usa Wednesday, May 06 2015

Every time Altaf Hussain speaks its party damages the credibility of the MQM, I am a urdu speaking but I find it painfull to listen to him, half of the speech hard to understand. The best speaker in their party Haider Abbas
Rizvi let him have a chance to speak address the party instead of Altaf Hussain which I find waste of time.
AhmadKhan, Canada Monday, May 04 2015

Imran khan has a long history of taking U-Turns. There is a big list of his U-turns.....(1) to block NATO supplies, (2) advocating the opening of taliban's office on Pakistani soil, (3) justifying and supporting the negotiation with taliban, (4) to raise the cheap and ridiculous slogan that the war with taliban is American war, (5) supported and joined Gen. Musharraf hoping to become prime minister but failed. These are just few U-turns from a long list of his senseless and idiotic actions without achieving any positive results. He is one of the biggest hypocrite, opportunist, mean, disgraceful, selfish and dictatorial minded person. He has been deceiving his supporters, right from the beginning and particularly during the INFAMOUS DHARNA. Now majority of his sensible supporters and YOUTH have started to understand his shady personality and withdrawing their support which is evident in the recently concluded Cantonment Board elections PML-N – 68, IND – 55, PTI – 42. Election results again deny the imran khan's claim that pti is the most popular party and pml-n is in power due to the rigged elections. even in KPK IND – 15 and PTI – 10 reflects the declining popularity of pti.
Danish, Kansas City Monday, May 04 2015

Imran khan has lost his position.Go Imran Go.
Ranger ko Nutral ho na chahie.Urdu speaking is also lover of Pakistan.
rehana, kuwait Tuesday, April 28 2015

Capital TV channel is very good the talk shows is very decent even they dont do favers.
mani, karachi Tuesday, April 28 2015

rangers ko B party of PTI nahi bana chahiyeh is se in ka waqar or izat me kami aen hai loog pasand nahi kertay
raza, pakistan Thursday, April 23 2015

media se guzarish hai ke kanwar naveed ko bhi coverage de imran ismael ko khuda na samjhen apna itna tasub ap log kertay hai .. imran ismael kaha jatay hai waha media unka guards ka kam kerta hai wo kuch bhi kahay wo haqeeqat media karar deta hai kanwar naveed kuch kahay to wo ilzam hota hai yaha saaf zahir hai media party hai
raza, nawabshah Thursday, April 23 2015

Nadeem Malik of Samma TV, you just don't Interview Zardari, there is a lot more just waiting for your attention . If you are a true journalist and have a courage, then it is your biggest obligation to find out how Zardari won 2013 Election in Sind. Let me give you few clues, he bought all the teachers in schools and used them on election day to do his dirty work to win him 2013 Election.

I would recommend, you take a facts finding trip to rural sind and talk to those teachers and get the facts and disclose them to Pakistani Nation, who are anxiously waiting for the outcome of your investigation. I am pretty sure your investigation will keep this from happening again and again. After all that's exactly what journalists do best, find facts.
Angel, Haven Thursday, April 23 2015

NA-246 election is contested between MQM vs United Front (PTI plus JI plus a large number of Media’s bias anchors plus Establishment plus? plus? plus?????) Well-done........ Despite involvement of chodhry nisar (with the blessing of nawaz sharif), Media Trial, Rangers extra ordinary measures, CCTV CAMERAS, Influence of outsiders and all negative actions and propaganda, the writing is on the wall...... the end result will bring humiliation to all the players involved in this dirty game. Instead of feeling shame, sorry and disgrace on the election result, they will come up with new excuses and allegations to justify their humiliating defeat.
Danish, Kansas City Tuesday, April 21 2015

sabot mangne per mohlat mangtayy hai
phir se u turn leader ne u turn lehiliya
tabdili agaen hai
raza, nawabshah Friday, April 17 2015

aur hairat ki bat yeh hai ke jo target killer pakrahay hai rangers ki tehwel me direct 90 days ke liyeh phr bs video aurdio banaen aur new inkashafat ka silsala shuru kerdeten hai urdu bolnay walay sab samajh rahay hai yrh sazish
raza, nawabshah Thursday, April 16 2015

uzair baloch ko pakar nahi parahi agencies ya kanoon nafiz kernay walay idaray us ki bari me saboot kam hai na kafi hai sb samjh rahay hai urdu bolnay walay jo tasub kiya jaraha hai aur mara jaraha hai nahak mazlumo ko urdu bolnay walo ko.... yaha media awaz kyu nahi utharaha ..
raza, nawabshah Thursday, April 16 2015

imran khan ke kehnay pe hi chalna tha to aik hi bar sb ko mardalo zinda lashen to kehchukay hai imran khan urdu bolnay walo ko
raza, nawabshah Wednesday, April 15 2015