Health TV Live main motto is to make healthy Pakistan. Pakistan’s premier health and lifestyle channel functioning 24/7 that exclusively focuses on both health and lifestyle of people. Channel offers such specialized programs that aspire to target the audience who seek guidance and help from professional doctors and experts for related health diseases. Technology has shortened the gap, as now you can simply approach your doctor on television and can inquire about any issue via phone call in a live show. The Health TV is a project of Ziauddin Enterprises along with the notorious Ziauddin Hospital and Ziauddin Medical University. Launched in 2010 in Karachi, the channel gained unusual popularity with the passage of time. The initiator of the Health TV channel is Faizan S Syed whose vision is to offer such unique platform encircled into two properties, entertainment and education.

Health TV broadcasts live transmission that covers all the significant health related shows. The hallmark of the channel is the interaction of the audience with the doctor. Health TV guides the viewers and audience towards healthy life style, health tips and many other features that are quiet beneficial. The Diet Show programs serves to the audiences’ vast knowledge and tips related to balanced diet or daily exercises. People are looking for authentic options to shift towards healthy eating habits and they can access that from Health TV. The ethical medical practices are being showcased in some shows of Health TV. Some of the famous shows of the channel are Healthy Cooking, Sehat Agenda, Roohani Illaj, Phobia, Subah Kay 10, Dar Haqeeqat, Tib-E-Nabvi, and much more. Health TV started new program Common Sense where host Azhar Ali roam around the town in an effort to showcase Pakistani people common sense in his own funny and sarcastic way of talking. You can watch the Health TV Live streaming on HamariWeb’s online TV section.

Health TV Live Online

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"Htv bahot hi nice channel hai. Doctor sana and Amina such a nice personalities .Bharpoor Ramazan bhi bahot acha program hai or Ramazan ki baqi transmission say change hai such a nice idea aisay hi achi achi information fram kartay rahay ."
Shagufta, Rawalpindi Tuesday, June 30 2015

qasim, thul Monday, June 29 2015

Beware! O brothers and sisters in Islam.The fasting exist as a treatment of the serious diseases.This a time of the appearance of Dsjjal.For his appearance all administrative measures have been accomplished.The herbs is now felt the history of past.The natural food stuffs are replaced by hybridization.Yesterday the hawker was crying.Come...come buy the natural melons.I rushed toward him and purchased the 5 kg melons.At evening when we opened the fasting and took some peaces of melons we found not only having bad smell but also bad taste and were omitting.On every thing is labelled with the date of manufacturing and date of expiry and three decade ago we would use the water from lacks having the water of rainfall.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi pakistan Sunday, June 28 2015

Mare pas 15 days se health tv nhe chal rha hai,
Is ka koi hal batao friend......
Altaf Jamali, Nawabshah Thursday, June 25 2015

This time i am listening the admirable HEALTH TV.The very nice debate is administered relate to the spiritual way of Islam.Beware! O brothers and sisters in Islam, this the real way of Health.This my thoughts. May be these wrong.But every herb and shrubs and crops from which we get the food stuff are made hybridized which is the other name of poison. The water is too hy hybridized. Every thing is affixed by the writings,the date of manufacturing and date of expiry.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Monday, June 22 2015

The great service of Islam is being done by Health TV.I am listening the recitation of Glorious Quran.The events of the life of Moses.Let me go to somewhere to weep loudly.The Muhammad (s.a.w) is the Noblest of all after Allah.Allah revealed on Him mostly the life time activities of Moses,the most lovely,most precious.The history of the Moses specially attractive for Muslims.But what happen to those who are the two major religions followers.Approaching to this brilliant teachings is the way to ever blossoming life.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi Pakistan Monday, June 15 2015

I opened the net and inserted in box the health TV. I am listening the history of Moses and His friend who was endowed by the special knowledge by Allah.Commentary on this as under:- Impatience inconsistent with their true Understanding.The highest knowledge Comes not exept by divine gift. And a constant,patient striving, With Faith, to apprehend something Of the purpose of the All-wise GOD* Dear brothers and sisters in Islam sura Al Kahaf is the remedial of the all grievances occurring intensively in the modern era.Further more it exist most valuable for the body fitness.Furthermore it is also remedial against the cunning activities of Dajjal which are too observed now a days.This verse is the strong castle for all those who are facing to the grievances.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Sunday, June 14 2015

Salam, I'm trying to contact with Dr Nazir Sahib and when programmes starts I've to et ready for work and I'm in UK not in Pakistan
I got few health Issuess and as u know Ramdhan is approaching soon but I'm not well plz I'll be greatful if can help me to contact coz I'm not well and I'm Imaam Masjid and Quraan Teacher so plz help me may ALLAH reward you
Muhammad , Birmingham Tuesday, June 09 2015

I tried to call live programme with Dr Nazir sahib but numbers are so busy n I couldn't speak but sir be honest I'm not well and Ramdhan is Approaching and due to health problem I need Dr sahib help so I am keep fast n I don't live in Pakistan I'm in UK And when programme starts its my time to get ready for my work so plz tell me a way I can speak to MR NAZIR may ALLAH reward you , and I'm Hafiz and Imaam masjid but I got few problem so plz help me may ALLAH reward you I'm waiting
Muhammad , Birmingham Tuesday, June 09 2015

Allah Karim aap sab ko behtareen sela dain k aap subah subah Quran Majeed kee telwat telecast kartay hain.Jo Haqeeqi Tebbi nabavee hay.Agar main es bat par kitab likhoon k buhat sat muhlik beemarrion ka sabab taleemat e Nabavi Say roogardani aour baham aadam rawadaree hay. TU HAZAROUN SAFHAY BAR JAYE.
aBDULLAH, kALABAT sWABI pAKISTAN Tuesday, June 09 2015

Today i am seeing the verses of Glorious Quran on Health TV but The sound is not appeared. Perhaps there may be error some where.But today i want to some thing share. The present month has the great benediction.The Ramadan is coming near.The month of Ramazan is most fair.The month of the growth of health.By fasting even fatal diseases will disappear.The Prophet hood of the Apostles would appear in the manner of fastening all these are clear.The Universe is overcrowded by the Angels.Responsible in God,s Kingdom to do their work fair.
abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Saturday, June 06 2015

*The commentary on the Sura Anbiya(prophets) verses 94 -97* May Allah bless the Health TV team and the Muslims all over the world who do believe in the Oneness of Allah and believe all Apostles of Allah and do love the Mohammad(s.a.w) and His all companions.indeed the Heath TV is this time spreading the light of Quran all over the world. *The Righteous will have no fear;for them *The angelic greetings will truly open *A new world,which they will inherit. *This was God's Message of old,and the same Is God,s message renewed:for God *is one, and so His Message, proclaimed For all, freely and loving Truth
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Friday, June 05 2015

*The commentary on Sura A,raf(The Height). Revelation should ease the difficulties Of heart and,mind for it tells The story of man's spiritual past, And teach the good of end of good and evil. Iblix fell from jealousy ang arrogance,And Adam fell because he listened To his deceit.But God did grant In His Mercy gifts and guidance To men, warned them against excess, And taught them moderation and justice.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, June 03 2015

If no one will send comments to this noble TV i shall alone send the comments to this TV.That is why that this is leading the nation toward the real Health.And all those TV s are also praise worthy who do arrange to spread the original purity which is called Islam.I am above sixty and know the original purity.Some one has told me that on line teachings are also valid.But i am sustain eyes trouble.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi Pakistan Saturday, May 30 2015

nice chanall
sakhawatAli, muzaffarabad Saturday, May 23 2015

May Allah bless the Health live team and the Muslims all over the world.The Health TV arrange the real way of health every day particularly at the morning by the very nice recitation of Glorious Quran.A brother put up a question"what is the meaning of"Qiste Sherine."I am above sixty.For a long time i had been in Kashmir. I would not only enjoy the wild life as abundantly to see the bears, monkeys,wolves, many kinds of birds and the herbs and shrubs but also would use the herbs of different kinds.Of which we did not know the names.We would use a plant having the small leaves.This was most tasty than the leaves of tea.We would use the white mushroom which had nice taste.The herb and shrubs were also found in the farming area of the rural populations.We would use the water of ditches naturally situated in the farming area.We would eat the uncooked onions lady fingers. We would chewed the sugarcane which taste would be felt alike honey.We would eat the uncooked gram grain and we would not become ailing.Now due to the growth of population every food stuff is hybridized.Every thing even water are packed and dateof manufacturing and expiry has labelled on these.So we should strive to adopt the way of life of Muhammad(s.a.w) Who would pray"O Allah we seek thy aid against grievances and anxieties.
abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, May 20 2015

high blood pressure ko control karne ke liya kya karna chahiya? doosra sawwwaal .ghoorate agar neendh me zayda ho to control karne kya karna hoga?
abood bin salam , hyd,india. Wednesday, May 20 2015

What is the name of herb Qist shireen in english
Farooq Islam, Mississauga Monday, May 18 2015

Praise be to Allah Praise be to Allah the Health TV is administering the real and original way of health.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi pakistan Monday, May 11 2015

Wow, it is such a lovely news that we can watch health tv also the portal of, I will definitely visit in this site.
Noman, Karachi Sunday, May 10 2015

Praise be to Allah,Praise be to Allah.The Health TV is active early in the morning in spreading of the light of Islam all over the world. May Allah bless the Health TV team.It exposed the Holy Mosque(Haram Pak).Now the Emami Kaaba is reciting the Glorious Quran. The translation in pure Urdu is arranged.I think this is sufficient for the devolopment of Health TV,Pakistan and those Muslims who do love Muhammad (s.a.w) and His all companions and do respect all.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Friday, May 08 2015

The Health TV is calling the people toward the real Health.I listened the recitation of SURA ZUMAR(crowed).The commentary on this exist thus:To God is due sincere devotion,and Him Alone: there is none like unto Him. All nature obey His laws,and our own Growth and life proclaim Him Lord And Cherisher.How can we blaspheme? We must serve Him,The One, The True, With sincere devotion, and follow His Law In its highest meaning: or else the loss Is our own.All nature proclaims Aloud His Grace and Loving-Kindness. I do request to Muslims bruthers and sisters in ISLAM to do watch the Health tv particularly early in the morning.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, May 07 2015

Asalamu alaikum.
Sir nazir I want heba life course for liver cirrhosis.. Apk numbers off hen dono..plz I want it as soon as possible. Kindly tell me ye kahan se ml jayngy..
Regards; Zia qasim Hussain;
javeria akhtar, Karachi Monday, May 04 2015

I am listening the Sura Nur this time on the Health TV. The way of real health.The Commentary on Sura is as under:- Chastity is a virtue, for men and women,Whether joined in marriage,or single,Or widowed.The punishment for offences In such matters should be public.No less Grave is the launching of false charges Or rumours against the fair reputation Of women,of the spreading of such Slanders,or the facile belief in them.them. Evil is ever spreading its net.Good men and women should ever be On their guard, and pray for God's grace and mercy.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, April 28 2015

The Muslims brothers are required to recite the Sura Kahaf regularly which i am listening through Health TV. This the strong castle for all and remove the all grievances as well.
Abdullah, Kalabat swabi Pakistan Thursday, April 23 2015

Praise be to Allah The Cherisher and Sustainer of the World.May Allah bless the Health TV team who is arranging the real way of health this time, the teaching Of Glorious Quran. I am listening the recitation of Sura Taaha.Let me go to the desert where i may weep loudly as emotions are uncontrollable.Moses (A.S) biography represent the most lovely panorama.We ,the believe in all Apostles.The sweet panorama is ahead.The most easiest way of life. And i am weeping. That is why that why pagans are rejecting the the real way of peace. The may be technically advanced and have zeal to surrender the world. but it is impossible that Allah is identified by His Wondrous signs.The Allah is not only the Creator of the man but also the conduct of the man.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, April 23 2015

Assalam_o_Alaikum!Well done Health TV you are standing firm in the way of Islam and thinking for mass benefit.pray for you up to my last breath.
Abdullah , kalabat swabi pakistan Tuesday, April 14 2015

Commentry on the Sura Mudasser recited early in the mornimg on Health TV. The devotion and contemplation. Prepare himself for the duties of Guide And leader to mankind:but when there come The clear Call,he must stand forth And proclaim the Message.- in purity. Unselfish devotion,and patience long suffering ;_ To save the men from Distress of the Final Day For many there be who glory in a life Of ease and plenty,arrogant splendor, And the applause of men,who scorn God's Truth And reject the divine.How they will fare When the judgment come, and the penalty? Evert fact in life's grand pageant Is but a Protent for the future. Every soul is in pledge and must Redeem itself by Faith and Prayer. By charity an earnest care for the Realities Of life.Bring but the will,and God Will guide,_the Lord of Righteousness, The Lord of Mercy and Forgiveness!
abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Friday, April 10 2015

I often watch the HEALTH TV after morning prayer and watch the most useful healthy activity....the recitation and learning of Glorious Quran.But today i am listening the news on HEALTH TV.I am listening the noble tone of the noble newscasters. Comparatively This is a good TV.I do pray for all of you.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, April 09 2015

Htv Sohbatpur ki khabreen bahut he ache tarah sy ap pash karty haen or sohbatpur ky reporter ko maen salam pesh karta hon jo apny ilaqy ky masael ko ujagar karta hy
khawand bux gola, dirgi Wednesday, April 08 2015