Watch Makkah Live TV - The spirit of Ramadan is revived with an exclusive live channel broadcast from Saudi Arabia, Makkah TV Live. The channel gained immense popularity and fame in Pakistan and around the Muslim world. Makkah TV Live is known for telecasting direct taraweeh during the Holy month of Ramzan from Makkah city. The channel has the privilege to broadcast coverage of Hajj directly from Holy Khana e Kaaba. Makkah TV Live broadcast five times prayers and Azaan. You can live stream for Namaz e Taraweeh during the month of Ramadan as the Imam e Kaaba recites the Holy Quran every night after Isha prayers. You can watch Namaz e Taraweeh live streaming from Makkah Live TV in HD version. The official streaming is provided by Ministry of Saudi Arabia throughout the globe. Watch Makkah TV Live 2015 Online Streaming at Welcome to the exclusive page of Makkah TV Live.

Makkah Live

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Reviews & Comments on Makkah Live

He allam mere gharke hard bala har pareshanico dur karo. Rikski. Tangible dur karo. Aur muslmako abad rake. Aur be rojee see rojee atta farmao Muje makka shreef twaf Aur roze rasoolz
ZeratZarath kar neki twhfic famrmahe. AMeeAMeen
mohammad faheem. pasha , hydrabad Thursday, May 21 2015

Allah Akbar
Zubair Ahmed, Karachi Wednesday, May 20 2015

I salute to all those brothers and sisters of Islam who do watch this noblest TV of the world. That is why that it is not only show the Haram(Holy Mosque) but also the activities of brothers and sisters in Islam who do perform the Umra and Hajj.And i am also sure that all those Muslims who have no the facilities of net and others electronic facilities will have most affection and devotion to this Holy place.
Abdullah, kalabat swabi Pakistan Wednesday, May 20 2015

ya allah hum sb muslmano ko is ghar ki or roza e rasoolallah ki ziyrat naseeb frma ameen suma ameen
m yousuf ismail, mansehra chum bkki Monday, May 18 2015

i love makkah
abdul azeez, doha Monday, May 18 2015

ya alla ham sub log namajdar bana
riyaz, hyd Sunday, May 17 2015

Very very nice i love it ye buht hi piara channal hai
Noman Attari, Lalamusa Sunday, May 17 2015

Mecca & Madina, the sacred earth: Ya Allah, be kind and bless me with another chance to be there in any sphere. I am too anxious.
Ahmed Sultan, Chakwal Sunday, May 17 2015

I love Makkah and i love Makkah TV
Zahida Latif, Faisalabad Saturday, May 16 2015

i love Makkah channel
UROOSA, THUL Saturday, May 16 2015

Ya Allha muje or mere ghar walo ko & saare muslman ko makka,
madina ke ziyarat naseeb firma(Ameen)(Summa Ameen)
Insha Allha
(Muhammed (SEWS) Wasilye se)

Regrads & Thanks
Sayyed Mehmood
Sayyed mehood, India Saturday, May 16 2015

The Quran was revealed on Muhammad (s.a.w) in the most simple way and in the tongue of the most alliterated people.The Allah Almighty regarded the the the level of intellect of the people. I do not know the reason why most of the people are ignorant from the simple code of Islam.
abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Saturday, May 16 2015

Meri dua hai allah pak sub ko haj ki sadad naseeb farmaye
irtiza, hyderabad Saturday, May 16 2015

The commentary on Sura Zumar which i am listening now:- To God is due sincere devotion,and to Him. Alone:there is non like unto Him. All nature obeys His law,and our own Growth and life proclaim Him Lord And Cherisher.How can we blaspheme? We must serve Him,the One,the True, With sincere devotion,and follow His law In its highest meaning :or else the loss In our own,all nature proclaims Aloud His Grace and Loving-Kindness.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Thursday, May 14 2015

i love makkah.and i pray for makkens for thheir kindness
MUHAMMAD ZEESHAN, faisalabad Wednesday, May 13 2015

Allah pak har muslman KO apny ghar ki zyarat karai ameen
umama, haripur Wednesday, May 13 2015

Allah pak sab ke dua kabul Farmaye Ameen
kashif bhatti , jeddah Tuesday, May 12 2015

Allah pak sab ke dua kabul Farmaye Ameen
kashif bhatti , siālkot Tuesday, May 12 2015

I wish k me b makah hti
zaira, mirpur AK Sunday, May 10 2015

In my previous message, I accept you to solve my problem very soon.

Anwar-ul-Haquea, LAHORE Friday, May 08 2015

With regret, Makkah live channel has not been working properly since a long time. I will request you to please give personal attention to this issue. Also please Madinah Channel is not working. I will be thankful to you.
Anwar-ul-Haque, LAHORE Friday, May 08 2015

It is true that Almighty Allah is accepting all wishes of Muslims who he wanted by raising their both Hands by Praying Namaz & during Tilawat-i-Quran Shareef for performing of his Umrah/Hajj if is praying by the depth of his/her own Heart to Almighty Allah, So that Pray must be accepted by the Allah indeed as thanked to Allah that he has accepted such of my Pray previously So I have performed my Umrah by 2ndly also in one Trip as for Barra Umrah by getting my 2nd Ahram as I went to Masjid-i-Johrana by living at Makka Mukarma for 11 Days & then I went to Madina Minawarah for Masjid-i-Nabvi where I have visited to ly for Ziarah of all others Holly Masques & other places located as constructed there. But by Inspiring as visited all of Holy Places situated there I have seen there at Khana Kabba as gifted there by the Almighty Allah as we watching Live from Makka TV are located exact at the Middle of this World/Earth for all of the Muslims by reaching there by easy traveling. Now my Aim is perming Hajj also as I have applied for in this Month may Allah accept my such Application given to Govt of Pakistan for my 1st Hajj. But as per my previous requested as I am giving daily direct my Allah by all of my praying direct to Almighty Allah is the aim of my Life as I have mentioned here also on Monday dated 4th May 2015
Nurul Islam Arif, Islamabad Friday, May 08 2015

Ya ALLAH mujha bar bar apna ghar ka twaf aur roza e rasool ki zyarat naseeb farma ( ameen )
Sana, ISB Thursday, May 07 2015

Praying from ALLAH PAK once in a life please visit to me and my parents to visit and perform Hajj , Umrah ...
Muhammad Nawaz, Karachi Thursday, May 07 2015

The Haram and its limits are the center of the Earth from where earth was spread. It is clearly be proved from the Glorious Quran.Geographically it also be proved. Allah Almighty made this place the center of Peace and Islam.The Noblest(s.a.w) of all after Allah Was born here.May Allah Bless the Kingdom and Muslim brothers.Allah is Great and Super power.
abdullah, Kalabat Sawbi Pakistan Wednesday, May 06 2015

Allah subhanahu wataala har musalman ko apnay aorapnay Habib pak k ghar ki ziarat naseeb karay.
Altaf Hussain Bhatti, Quetta Wednesday, May 06 2015

Allah ! Make my Living & Die Places just nearest to Hajr-i-Aswad to see, touch & Kiss that Holly Stone of Jannah daily early Morning & Evening during Praying all of Salah/Tawaaf of Khana Kabba at Makka Shareef & Praying n Riazul Jannah/Living at Masjid-i-Nabavi with also buried there in the Holly Janatul Baqee at Madina Minawara till the Day of Qayyamat for next living there also. Ameen Summa Ameen
Nurul Islam Arif , Islamabad Monday, May 04 2015

muje duaw me yaad rakay sub doostoo se pl hy
amjid yar, peshawar pakistan Sunday, May 03 2015

allahtallah bar bar nai balkay hamasha k lya mujha aor mere family ko apny

ghar ya madina sharif soudia bolay aamin summah mine
saqib raja , jhelum pakistan Friday, May 01 2015

Praise be to Allah the Cherisher and and Sustainer of the Worlds.I am listening the recitation of Sura Rad(Thunder). The commentary on verses 19 -31:- The seeing and the blind are not alike:
Nor are those blessed with Faith and those without.
The farmer seek God, and attain
Peace and blessedness in their hearts,
And a final Home of rest:the latter
Are in a state of Curse, and there End
Is terrible.If God in His wisdom
Postpones retribution ,it is for a time.
His promise never fails:it will come
To pass in His own good time.
In all hings it is for Him to command.
Abdullah , kalabat swabi pakistan Friday, May 01 2015