Watch Makkah Live TV - The spirit of Ramadan is revived with an exclusive live channel broadcast from Saudi Arabia, Makkah TV Live. The channel gained immense popularity and fame in Pakistan and around the Muslim world. Makkah TV Live is known for telecasting direct Taraweeh during the Holy month of Ramzan from Makkah city. The channel has the privilege to broadcast coverage of Hajj directly from Holy Khana e Kaaba. Makkah TV Live broadcast five times prayers and Azaan.

Makkah TV Live Streaming for Taraweeh is available during the month of Ramadan where the Shaikh of Holy Kaaba will recite the Holy Quran during Namaz e Taraweeh every night with live feed that you can watch in HD, an official stream provided by the Ministry of Saudi Arabia for Muslims all over the world. The soothing voice of Imam E Kaaba creates a deep impact on the minds of viewers that you feel like you are already there at Makkah. You can watch Namaz e Taraweeh live streaming from Makkah Live TV in HD version on this website. Watch Makkah TV Live 2015 Online Streaming at Welcome to the exclusive page of Makkah TV Live.

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About the 1st Islamic Flag as known, What ever I have written or typed my comments here at the end of paragraph in this column at last Night of 29/07/2015, I beg pardon for that because have picked recently that information from the Source of Internet only & before confirmation against any of my Islamic Book about which I had never read or listen before, So Almighty Allah knows better if it was really true & truth written about that sources of Internet.

So because of religious matter & point of views forgive me please & publishing Controller of HAMARI WEB.Com is requested strongly to kindly do not published if I have written wrong indeed. I beg pardon again & again & really sorry if I have written wrong about that. Thanks.
Nurul Islam Arif, Islamabad Thursday, July 30 2015

I am listening the recitation of the Sura Najam this time.The recitation of Holy Quran is felt so impressive that as felt that it is revealing now. The teachings of Sura is most impressive.I think that those who have true Faith, they may not control their tears falling from their eyes.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, July 29 2015

Almighty Allah ! We "MUSLIMS" have accepted with the deeps of our Hearts that you are present with us every where from we calling you
at whole Universe of World which has been made by you own only indeed within 4-6 Days surely without any of your companion as we knows that no one can do such as you have done alone indeed as by looking all over the such Views with our own Eyes physically & also practically at the whole of World where we have been carried by your own method of facilitating us to see so much kinds of amazing beautiful Views of Places under the blue Sky snow whitely Cloudy Views & the earth as the plain Grounds covered with green Gross, The smalls & larges types green Jungles with having every sizes of Trees & Bushes with the thousands kinds of Colorful Flowers with every color & taste of Fruits, similarly sizes as Jungles there are most of Mountains covered with Snow white Ices indeed from which the blue Views of running water small & large Rivers,

Uf my Allah there are how amazing of so many kinds of beautiful Birds & every kinds of Butterflies flying hither & thither at Trees of Jungles & Bushes which can not be created all as amazingly as you have created all such as created here also the thousands of Humanities, Animals & others all kinds of alive at the whole of this Earth.

That is indeed you only Almighty Allah as no one can do such as you only can do yourself alone indeed & according to such true & truth you have sent "SOORAH-E-REHMAN" included in our holy Book of Islam that is our "QURAN-E-KAREEM" as we are studying reciting daily at our Homes or as all such truth & True of reciting 24 hrs telecasting, Broadcasting live from MAKKAH & MADINA both of Live TVs direct from saudi Arabia kingdom Subhanallah.

Almighty Allah ! As you have created all such as above similarly facilitate to every of true Muslims to Visit there for performing all such of Tawaf & Prayers of our Umrahs & Haj as completely with physically performing & hearing all such of reciting our "QURAN" during our 5th timing of daily Salah Namazes at our holy places at KHANA-E-CABBA of Makka & MASJID-E-NABWI at MADINA City of Saudin Arabia.

Almighty Allah ! as we knows that is you only who can facilitate all of us Muslims of World for all such of truly performing so requested to your honor only that kindly provide us much more of easy method as you like suitable for all of us to reach there for our joining also the Circle of TAWAF & others Prayers as watching direct live from both of amazing & Beautiful holy Masques both at MAKKA & MADINA from where spread our holy & best Arabic Word
as most essential acceptance & believing our "Kalmah" related to every of true Muslims to read with his own tongue & lips of mouth with believing our deeps of our hearty & Mental indeed That is :-

S,A,W,Salem & P,B,U, Him. indeed Ameen summa Ameen
Nurul Islam Arif, Islamabad Pakistan Tuesday, July 28 2015

Are you Muslim & have think about your good name (as by birth) ?

If you have born at Muslim's Family then your name must be having according to your Religion. So against such kind of benefaction you must be regarded your Muslim's name indeed with the best of your white & clean even smiling behaviors according to best Morals & best kinds of having all Virtues & best conducts as per your all abilities as gifted you from our Almighty Allah against you have reached to the age as becoming to best of Religious & non Religious early to Universities Technical & non Technical Student.

Even your becoming to reach as best Teacher, MBBS Doctor, PhD Doctor, Scholar, Engineer, Scientific Officer, Armed Forces or Civil Officer, Lawyer, Former, Helpers, Driver, Shopkeeper etc

I meant every of above mentioned persons with best of his own Justice & behaving to all of humanities related to their best Economical Beneficial for not only his own but also for his Parents & Family including others also as his poor Villagers & Neighbour etc about which he must asked by Almighty Allah after once demolishing & perishing all of the present Universe of this World at "QAYAMAT" The Day of Results after our 2ndly creating by the special truly & truth Method of his own as he has promised as narrated often by Almighty Allah in Muslim's holy Book "QURAN-E-KAREEM" as Reciting 24 hrs a Day from "MAKKA & MADINA Live Both of TVs & also our own study & reciting of Tilawat-e-Quran daily at our all of Homes as we all Muslims of World are believing by deeps of our hearts that "QAYAMAT" must be held indeed so it is requested to all of Muslims of the World that try to understand all of my previous briefly trying to learning poetry kinds written by different timings & also according to above mentioned written for your good name Refers.

Nurul Islam Arif, Islamabad Monday, July 27 2015

waheed, bangalore Friday, July 24 2015

I was listening the recitation of Sura Anfal on Makkha Live TV and was watching the Tawaf around the Kaaba Mukarrama. This was the panorama of strong Faith(EEMAN).I was willing to write long commentary on Sura Anfal but to some reason i can not did so.As i am ailing to some extent. Insha Allah i will be recovered soon as the listening and recitation of the Glorious Quran is the remedy of all grievances.Beware! O Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam that the defense of Islam exist the essential of Islam.Century to century the Land of Saudi Arabia has becoming most peaceful.But now a days i am listening the wonderful news about the land of Saudi Arab.Perhaps the enemies of Islam are revising their ancient enmity against the center of Islam.May be they imposing the proxy war against the Holy Land. But they will be never succeeded in their mission.Allah has to overthrow the devices of satanic nations.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi pakistan Tuesday, July 21 2015

Assalam-o-Alaikum & Eid Mubarik to all of Muslim World

Forgive others, so that ALLAH will forgive you indeed. I am so proud to be a Muslim & as a true Muslim, I wish to visit & Ziyarah of our holy places like"Tawaaf-e-Khana-e-Kaba" at Makkah and Madina for all of my prayers there at MASJID-E-NABWI and to perform our Umrah & Hajj along with my parents.
May ALLAH accept our prayers."AMEEEN SUMMA AMEEN"

Long Live & to perform such of best services who are related to Makkah Live & Madina Live both of TVs at such holy places
Bilawal Azhar, Islamabad Tuesday, July 21 2015

At the moment i am listening the Recitation of Sura Anfal from Masjedel Haram.Beware!O brothers and sisters in Islam that the defense of Islam is compulsory on all those Muslims who love the Allah and Muhammad(s.a.w).And love His all Early followers. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been remained most peaceful. Now the proxy war is being imposed on the Kingdom by hidden enemies in order to destabilize the Kingdom which is standing firm in the service of Islam.I have to write the long commentary on this but i think this may be sufficient to some extent.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, July 21 2015

I love to Globally Creations, because created them Almighty Allah
but I hat to harmful, to whom hats, Global humanities of that Allah

True the Globally Buildings small even talking to Sky are beautiful
must be demolished even perished truly one Day by Almighty Allah

Being Muslims we believed all about "QAYAMAT"promised by Allah Human being once lived here, true must be created 2ndly by Allah

If you have acted here as best or bad, Result must given by Allah
Its up to you, wished to permanently living there Hell or Heavenly

Truly truth narrated as we hearing & reciting in our holly"QURAN" Gifted us all such indeed by our last Prophet"Muhammad" & Allah

Although there had been gifted three to previous Prophets by Allah
Being Muslim we believed as original, sent them by Almighty Allah

Being, human being we should love each others as told us by Allah
Alas! no one run to act as written in such Books as holly to Islam

If Almighty Allah have given to you, should be distributed for Allah
You must be found Fruit in Return mathematically 1X100 by Allah

Love each others all humanities, because you related to one Allah
You should thanked always to your creator, that is Almighty Allah

If you are Muslim or not, try to perform Prayers Almighty Allah
as all Muslims reaching to Makka & Madina related to one Allah

All Muslims are not bad, as wrongs related to every humanities
Truly Muslim believes all about results, will found from his Allah

Because there must be held, Day of "QAYAMAT"Result found after We believe,lsuch learned according holly Book QURAN of Allah
Nurul Islam Arif, Islamabd Monday, July 20 2015

ALLAHU-AKBAR There is One & only Greatest Owner of both Worlds
SUBHAN ALLAH There is One & only Creator of Universe's & Worlds
ALLAHUAKBAR there must be demolished, ended by Owner of World
ALLAHU AKBAR As he is & will be present always even at 2nd World
ALLAHU AKBAR As we ca'nt see him but believe he present with us
ALLAHU AKBAR As we are not hearing him, but is hearing all of us
ALLAHU AKBAR as we are not able to give, but he is to give all of us
ALLAHU AKBAR make me able to give for u as we believe you Allah
ALLAHU AKBAR As he has no companion, managing Worlds by Allah
SUBHAN ALLAH We hv'nt nothing such he has favorite friends Allah
ALHAMDU LILLAH So nearest to Allah as Muhammad & Kaleemullah
ALLAHU AKBAR as no having any Residence at height as have Allah
SUBHAN ALLAH no one is familiar as he familiar about us our Allah
ALHAMDU LILLAH being Muslim we have proud for r Almighty Allah

Bundles of thanks for our last prophet & Almighty Allah
There is & will be the greatest at here & there one Allah
Prophet indeed Muhammad Sallilahu Alaih-e-Wasallim & P,B,U,Him

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah & bundle of Eidulfitar Greeting
for all of Muslim's World especially all related to Macca,Madina TVs
Nurul Islam Arif, Islamabad Saturday, July 18 2015

May ALLAH bless the Kingdom who is active in the service of Islam.Congratulation of the Eid to Kingdom and the Muslims all over the world.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Saturday, July 18 2015

Aqsa, United kingdom Friday, July 17 2015

Ya ALLAH mujhabar bar apna ghar ka twaf naseeb farma mujha roza e rasool ke zyarat naseb farma (ameen)
sana, mianwali Friday, July 17 2015

MOHAMMAD AKRAM, jhang Friday, July 17 2015

Mashallah tremendous work I can say
saad, hyderabad Friday, July 17 2015

allah o akbar kia suhana mnzar ha allah taala har 1 ko apny ghar bhula ly. aameen ya rabbul almeen
abdullah azzam, lahore Thursday, July 16 2015

As-salaamu-alaikum.I would like to know if tomorrow is idd or not.I am really confused.Jazakallah.
abdirizak Ali, Sandviken Thursday, July 16 2015

assalamu alaikum.masyaAllah I like this Station ,I can hear and see recited Qur an from masjidil haram, I come from USA
nadjib djafar, Los Angeles Thursday, July 16 2015

I have typed here often times regarding reciting of Ayahs of our holly Book of ISLAM "QURAN-E-E-KAREEM" & all of Prayers as performing all of Muslims Performers at our "KHANA CABBA" exact Live Telecasting & Broadcasting both of TVs from"MAKKA & MADINA" & according all such of reciting as daily reading the such holly Book "QURAN" by my own with its Urdu translation & Explanation for all of understanding & information all such happened previously & must be faces all of Facts regarding the End of presently World r even the next or 2ndly after the Day of "QAYAMAT" as being a Muslims we are believing about such of True & Truth but unfortunately my such Comments are not being publishing here aginst which I am I am not understanding about my mistakes or written some wrong. Except some of my lengthy Comments because of my such bad habits for all overs of my life indeed, I accept all such of my mistake.
Nurul Islam Arif, Islamabad Thursday, July 16 2015

I Request you all to Please Pray for me and my Family, JazakAllah
Taimoo, Kuala Lumpur Thursday, July 16 2015

Asslamoalaikum mene 20 sal makkah me guzary sha allah phir ja raha hn ramadan main haram bht yad ata hy.aj khatamul quran ki dua hy.ya allah hm sb ko sidha rasta dikha jo musalman bhatky hoy hain unko hidayat ata farma.aqeeda durust krny ki tofeq ata farma.pakistan me log shirk bht krty hain.jahliyat bht hy.dil se in sb k liye dua krta hn.
Sheikh afzaal, Faisalabad Wednesday, July 15 2015

Barbie, Islamabad Wednesday, July 15 2015

A few years ago i was present in Holy Mosque of Makkha on the eve of hajj. Spiritual feelings can not be explained in words.However my eyes remain wet. The renaissance of Islam is due in all respect from here.
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Wednesday, July 15 2015

masha allah
sayeed, bangalore Wednesday, July 15 2015

* The commentary on the Verses 61-82 of Sura Anaam( The cattle ). *GOD'S loving care doth encompass*Us round throughout life,*And deliver us from dangers* By land and sea.He is the only* Protector: how we can then*
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Tuesday, July 14 2015

Mashallah. Subhanallah. Very beatiful Qirat on Namaz Taraveeh.
May allah give us and all muslims an opportunity to attend the same prayer in HOLY KAABA. Aameen
Obaid Mehmood, Karachi Tuesday, July 14 2015

AsSalaamu Alaykum

The First 15 years of my Reversion, my city San Diego, California did not have a Masjid and We were Not able to Organize SalatulTaraaweeya til 1987.

Jazakullaah Khayrun--- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for giving this gift of Makkah Live to me in my older years

May Allaah Reward the Doers of Good with Paradise
A. Muaath Muqtasid, Rochester, Minnesota Monday, July 13 2015

I am listening the lovely recitation of Sura Saffat(Those Ranged in Ranks). *God is One. the Source and Cent re * Of all affair, and we must work * In discipline,harmony,and unity *To put down Evils. The Hereafter * Is sure, when personal responsibility *Will be enforced. For the true *And sincere servants of God, * There will be the highest Bliss, *Unmixed and everlasting: * For those who defy God's Law * There will be the deepest enduring * Misery. Which will men choose?
Abdullah, Kalabat Swabi Pakistan Monday, July 13 2015

alah akber khush naseeb hen wo jo wahan quran prrh rhe hen or sun rhe hen ALLAH TAALA hm sub ko b harmain shrifain ki hazri naseeb frmaa a.
sarfraz saif malik, mithyan nushehro feroze Monday, July 13 2015

afeefa & areeba, hyderabad , india Sunday, July 12 2015