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Reviews & Comments on Mashriq TV

Ye search may nahi ata, mery pas 5 feet ki dish hay aik bi signal nahi ata kia waja hy
Jawad, Malakand, mardan Tuesday, April 16 2019

all pakistan ka number 1 pashto channel Mashriq News Tv
Muhammad Abbas, swat Saturday, October 20 2018

Problem hai yar sarch mai nahi aati yar ? Mashriq tv jab do dosto
Ashraf, Mardan Monday, May 28 2018

i lik this tv
ayub , mardan Friday, March 30 2018

I love this Pashto channel especially Har Sahar Nawi Sahar and Music Masti.
Sam Khan, London Wednesday, January 10 2018

Mashriq TV is really an awesome and amazing TV channel that provides informative and
qualitative programs to its audience. I am proud that there exists this much high-class
channels in Pakistan.
Fatima, Lalamusa Thursday, December 21 2017

Who is the owner of mashriq tv
mubashir saeed, karak Tuesday, November 21 2017

Dyer zabardast awo zamong da kwake chinal dy.
Nasar.khan, Ksa riyadh Wednesday, August 23 2017

Pakistan zindabad zindabad
Muhammad Inam ullah, Peshawar Monday, August 07 2017

Sir muje apke Mobil number send karu
Suhbat khan, Alqasem Saudi Arabia Saturday, June 03 2017

I'm in Australia..I want to call you but how ? How should I contact you ? Your number or something please
Akbar, Rak Sunday, May 14 2017

Very weak signle
Sets faisal, Quetta Saturday, May 13 2017

Wached Drund Korba Azim Khan Saib. We are thankful to Mashriiq tv who has represented such a nice program .No doubt Azam Khan Saib has a great contribution in the development of this province. He is a great legendry Pukhtoon and deserve to be awarded with Civil Award Pride of Performance Tamgha-e-Imtiaz etc in recognition of his great services for the welfare of KPK.
Shaheen akhtar, Peshawar Sunday, May 07 2017

i love your programme
akhter, abbottabad Thursday, April 06 2017

Your Channel Streaming Very bad and Poor Signal
shakee, Peshawar Monday, March 27 2017

where are our videos????from dera ismail khan
Hikmatullah Adil, Dera Ismail Khan Sunday, March 26 2017

Salam Sir G mujy Board of intermediate and secondary education k chairman sab k interview Video k c miligi ( March 2017 ka)
Isa Khan, Charsadda Thursday, March 16 2017

I think this is the new TV channel and mine grandfather watch that sometimes in the TV because it show every latest news
azeem, Lahore Wednesday, February 22 2017

On this tv channel comes many interesting dramas daily which mine sister and mother watch that and some I watch too
suman, lahore Tuesday, February 21 2017

السلام علیکم
سر جی اگر ھمیں مشرق ٹی وی کی کسی پروگرام کی ویڈیو کو ڈاون لوڈ کرنا ھو تو کیا کرنا چاھئیں۔اور کہا سے لوڈ کریں۔
Faiz, riyadh ksa Saturday, February 18 2017

You Are great #teammashriqtv I like so much (y) :)
SalmAn ShAh, Bajaur Agency Sunday, January 22 2017

اسلام علیکم ۔۔
سید نقیب اللہ
پنوعاقل ضلع سکھر سندھ سے تعلق رکھتا ہوں۔
مادری زبان پشتو ۔
تعلیم ایم اے دئ پہ سندھ اور اُردو میں صحافت سے بہت شوق ھے بھائی کیا آپ کے چینل پر یہاں پنوعاقل ضلع سکھر سے رپورٹنگ کر سکتا ھوں
syed naqeebullah , pano akil. sukkre. sindh Tuesday, January 03 2017

i love ur programme
akhter hussain, abbottabad Sunday, December 11 2016

i love ur programme
akhter hussain, abbottabad Sunday, December 11 2016

i like u r programme and i love ur channal
akhter hussain, abbottabad Sunday, December 11 2016

ماشاء اللہ مشرق ٹی وی جنوبی عزیرستان میں روزبہ روز مقبول ہوتا جارہا ہے کافی لوگ یہ کہنا ہے کہ اسکے خبرے اور ٹاک شو پروگرام بہت اچھے ہیں ،کافی دوسست یہ کہتا ہے کہ اگر قبائلی خبروں پر مذید ترجیح دینے کی کوشش کیں تو مذید بھی فاٹا کے علاقے میں مقبول ہوگی

مجھے امید ہے کے مشرق ٹی وی ملک بھر کیطرح فاٹا میں بھی ایک خاص مقام حاسل کریگی
Noor ali khan, south waziristan wana Tuesday, November 29 2016

I live in Uk where Mashriq Tv is the only Asian Tv channel which I watch. This channel is also good for the entertainment and the best source to promote asian culture.
hira, khi Monday, November 28 2016

Mashriq TV should focus on the Rural Areas of the region,so that real backwardness should be highlighted.The concerned local/authorities/Governments attention should also be diverted towards their responsibilities.
Senator/Ex Fed Minister Rahmat Ullah Kakar, Quetta Thursday, November 24 2016

Es channel par Rj Amna Sherzaman aur Rj Shehla b hoti hy k nhi??
Waheed Ullah Desirous, Bannu Saturday, August 27 2016

I m also eagerly want to work with u people
sabir zaman, gurguri Wednesday, August 24 2016

Mashriq TV

Watch Mashriq TV live streaming today Sunday, May 26 2024 online at hamariweb, enjoy all of the latest programs through Mashriq TV live TV channel online live streaming. Watch your favorite programs on Mashriq TV live TV online without any hassle. Along with Mashriq TV, you can also watch Pakistan live TV streaming of other channels on their respective pages.

Mashriq TV Live - In order to cater the Asian viewers, there is a genuine need of an Urdu language channel that can act as a bridge between various communities. Mashriq Television is one such channel based in Pakistan and the United Kingdom, that is preferably watched by oversees Pakistanis living in UK. The channel was launched on 14th August 2005. The content for Mashriq TV is based on current affairs, news and entertainment. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day.

Mashriq TV is also associated with a radio station called Club Asia in the UK. The channel also intends to establish another radio station which will be a true representative of Pakistan under the rules, regulations and policies of the UK Government. Mashriq TV aims to highlight and endorse the eastern cultural heritage and social values of the Asian community in Europe and across the world. You can now watch the live streaming of Mashriq TV on HamariWeb. Catch all the latest updates of Mashriq TV on HamariWeb.