Ary News - The urge of an active current affairs channel in Pakistan is the need of time. ARY News Live, the news and current affairs wing of ARY Digital Network is performing the responsibilities perfectly well since 2004. Dubai based Pakistani news channel, ARY News live has broken the records of popularity during 2014 when the channel broadcast some eye opening shows based on reality, discussing the political turmoil and criticizing the government.

The ideology of the channel is to keep their viewers “Har Lamha Ba-Khabar”. The main cause behind the glory of notable ARY News Live is their vast range of significant insights on affairs varying from current Business, Politics, Fashion and Weather revise, and people most likely to watch ARY News instead of watching other news channels because ARY News tries to provide their viewers each aspect of present affairs with cloaked facts. Catch the comprehensive news coverage, hourly bulletin, hot political debates, and exclusive live updates every hour only on ARY News Live. The channel offers you wide range of news coverage and top stories trending from politics, business, culture, terrorism, world politics, finance, money and stock market to fashion entertainment and weather updates.

ARY News anchors broadcasts shows based on hot topics, and realities of the society that are harsh yet important to discuss. Some of the prominent names are Iqrar-ul Hassan, Waseem Badami, Fizza Saleem, Kashif Abbasi, Sadaf Abdul Jabbar, Dr. Danish, and Amir Ghauri to name a few. The professionalism of these anchors in presenting the programs has given the prior lead to the channel. You can watch ARY News live streaming on We serve you news as it happens. Valid, authentic, and focused news coverage is forte of ARY News. You can rely on this channel blindly. ARY News Live always comes to first position especially for breaking news which matter most to their audience. Several kinds of program related to politics, business or entertainment telecast on ARY News includes Sar-e-Aam Off the Record, Jurm Bolta Hai, Off the Record, The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch, Sawal Yeh Hai, 11th Hour, Criminals Most Wanted, Power Play and many more. HamariWeb gives you the opportunity to catch live streaming and updates of local and international current affairs on ARY News. Checkout the latest developments live only on

11th Hour- It is a comeback show of one of the renowned anchor in Pakistan, Waseem Badami. He is back with a bang to host and present a unique show titled “11th Hour”. The aim of the show is to conduct more in depth analysis on current affairs of Pakistan. The show is broadcast LIVE in the weekdays from Monday to Thursday at 11:05PM. The show features hot debates, and grilling questions of the host with the guests etc. Catch the live streaming of ARY News Live on to watch your favorite shows online.

ARY News Live

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aimal, fsd Wednesday, August 26 2015

ARY best Chanel when Haji sb Alive ..After him salman Iqbal policy not good he support to PTI above The Law..biased Policy taking by ARY ..SALMAN IQBAL
salman, Karachi Wednesday, August 26 2015

very good channel keep it up very nice
draslamgondalsb, malakwal Wednesday, August 26 2015

I think decent thing is for ARY TV to let its audience know why they are unable to watch their favourite channel . Is it BOL TV LAUNCH causing the problem . I look forward patiently to watch OF THE RECORD hosted by KASHAF ABBASI and KHABAR SAY KHABAR TAK hosted by ROUF CLASRA AND AAMAR MATEEN . These are the highly skilled in their field in bringing out the truth and letting the public know the ills of our society. Lets hope ARY MANAGEMENT will restore transmission soon. Whatever is the problem please keep us informed. thank you.
mohammed nazir, luton england Wednesday, August 26 2015

Ary news is best channel and they say always truth what they have to more that if any polication of pakistan came to channel they have to question to them are they belive allah kiya unhone allah ko jawab nahi dena jhoot pe jhoot bol kar awam ko dohka derahe hen Nawazsharif aur un ki party to he hi Pakistan ki dushman he pak army ki dushman he aur pakistan ke childern ji dushman he simpel he jo Pakistani children ki dusman he wo pakistan ki hamayiti kese hosakti he so plz question them all pr sawal karne ka faida nahi he kiyon un ka jawab sb ko pata jo bhi all others parites ka to shai nahi pata pr Pmln pakistan muslim Nawaz pakistan ki dushman he
ahmadrashid, Bad kreuznach , Germany Wednesday, August 26 2015

We miss the Mubasshir Luqman Bhai and we love the Iqrar Bhai agar sach daikhna ha tu sirf or sirf ARY NEWS.
M. Noman Rao, Okara Wednesday, August 26 2015

mubashar luqman plz come back
tahir bhatti, sialkot Wednesday, August 26 2015

Haq aur sach ke awaz ARY News
Zafar Iqbal, Islamabad Wednesday, August 26 2015

Nawaz govt is influencing the courts to write decisions in their favour at any cost,they are threatening Judges secrectly and try to defame them by hook and crook,this is the alarming for Nawaz govt in the long run.
Farman Ullah khan, dikhan Wednesday, August 26 2015

Mubashir luqman SB ni Han maza he ni ata ha ary co dakh kar
azeem, manrshra Tuesday, August 25 2015

we are going to miss ALL ARY PROGRAMMES on Satellite and internet as you may have changed the frequency. Is that what you want?
mohammed nazir, luton england Tuesday, August 25 2015

Dear Dr Danish and all those who raise their voice aginst evil elements in our socity. Govt. Pakistan has agian imposed high aipport tax ( 950 to 3000 rupees per passenger) exiting on international routes, this is simply another brutal tectics of Nawaz's govt. on citizen mostly consist of labor long this culture will dominate on us and who will raise their voice againts this. Request all the Pakistni to stand against this tax and demand immedeite withdraw .
Babar Masood, Dubai Tuesday, August 25 2015

Live streaming absnt why from last few days in uk
Rana , Msnchester Tuesday, August 25 2015

The repolling of NA122 showed that there is something wrong in the bottom ,and IKhan was justified in conducting dharna at ISD ,Our govt has failed totally to deliver to the people and busy to increase their foreign accounts by looting the national Exchequer in the name of development projects I mean the current Pak China corridor that is totally given to pro Nawaz people or his former close friends. we hope IKhan to come and kick these corrupt and family limited politicians and give the real freedom to the nation.
Farman Ullah Khan, DIKhan Tuesday, August 25 2015

ARY news's live stream absent today....
Asif Rafique Ahmad, Takht Bhai Sunday, August 23 2015

I have seen a video during the flood of a river bank of clay being dissolved in river and disappearing in the river as there was no protection provided . Soil needs thick vegetation cover with deepest roots to protect it from erosion . there is a VETIVER GRASS with more than 12 feet deep roots which is used in Australia on either side of a bridge to protect it . As long as its crown is not frozen it grows back every spring . It is a good investment for the protection of river banks in Pakistan. we must learn to solve our problems through knowledge and avoid our yearly loss. our politicians must work to solve our problems instead of bickering among parties and try to put down opposition members.
mohammed nazir, luton england Sunday, August 23 2015

Dear friends i want to say some thing About new taxes which are now a day's this tax is 1500 but after one year it will be increased to 5000 this tax will be guving our brother,sister,mother,father etc whos come from foriegn countory to here in pakistan please combine your hands and. Awake from sleep and do some thing aginst the this policy please because our father s and brother go to foriegn country for our future not for the giving taxes to our ganja
Bilal ahmad , Mardan Saturday, August 22 2015

ARY your streaming is offline fix the problem ASAP watching Sawal Ye hay
viewer, Toronto Saturday, August 22 2015

Dr. Danish I like your so soft words and your such a nice tone criticized
speaker National Assembly this shows that you are real Ahal-e-Zabaan and well educated person Karachiat. Apart of this can you tell me these present rulers of our country from top to bottom all are super corrupt. I feel Dr. Danish our only hope with the Pakistani STUDENTS as we heard from our childhood that the reign of our country in the hand of our growing children. My request to the Pakistani STUDENTS come out from your School Colleges Universities and shoval all corrupt Rulers, Politicians into the Kuchra Kundi and do cleaning work in our country and bring REAL CHANGE in our country.
Mohamad, Karachait Saturday, August 22 2015

Many many congratulations Mr Imran khan you are great , we always knew you are great person and great leader.may God bless you
Qamar Hussain kk, manchester Saturday, August 22 2015

mujhe dukh is baat ka hota he k bhati foj ki aye din firing or jojani naqsaan hota he us p humre jawan koi action nhi lete hein ?
MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM NIZAMANI, hyderabad sindh Saturday, August 22 2015

JHONI JOY, ARGENTINE Saturday, August 22 2015

i love mubashir luqman plz come back he is a brave and good person always he is talking with proof
faiz choudhry, dubai Saturday, August 22 2015

There ist only Pak Army and all armed Forces that Pakistan Saved all polictaican of Pakistan is hate Pakistan.
Ahmadrashid, Bad Kreuznach. Germany Saturday, August 22 2015

ARY is best channel in pakistan
syed Abbas Hussain, Karachi Saturday, August 22 2015

They try to forget that what their real responsibility why they talk every time reconciliation are they able to do this act or to clean all the corrupt and unpatriotic elements from Pakistan and why they talk about our blood Pakistani Army we don't accept any word about Army that is clear even single word all politician should behave their language against Pak Army
khalid khan, Peshawar Saturday, August 22 2015

Karachi k khaerkhowah Jaweed Latif sahab mufahmat k naam par jo kuch ho rhaha ha wo sab theek ha aap logon ka kuch samajh nahi atta.
ismaeel, karachi Saturday, August 22 2015

How you are showing Iyan Ali . you are showing her like a hero of the pakistan . She is criminal . you know what is the meaning of crimimal .
Please chang your diration in good way
Ameen ud din khusan, Spain Friday, August 21 2015

hats off to Salman Iqbal for his patriotism ...jub hur tarf zulm aur naainsaafi hai u gave support to BOLtv and BOLwalaas
Naeem khan, karachi Thursday, August 20 2015

we r proud of u SALMAN IQBAL ...your descision of helping BOLWALAAS z the proof of ur patriotism...may Allah reward you aameen
saeed Akbar ali, lahore Thursday, August 20 2015

ARY News - We reside in the world where people are looking for Breaking News or hourly news bulletin every time and everywhere. ARY News formerly known as ARY One World is a subsidiary of ARY Digital Network is officially fulfilling this purpose since September 2004.

ARY News is a prominent name in the spectrum of news and current affairs channels. It is devoted to make their subscribers "Har Lamha Bakhabar". ARY News operates with exclusive network of over 700 journalists and other correspondents across the globe. The channel is treasured with rich archive library with exclusive recording. ARY News Bulletin is telecast on hourly basis and is followed by millions of people.

It is renowned for its hot and exclusive current affair shows presented by some of the prominent Pakistani journalists. The variety of show mix makes it a strong arm of ARY News Live. The genre of shows features news, current affairs, and infotainment. The strength of ARY News Live includes top rated anchors hosts for instance, P.J. Mir, Javed Malik, Ayaz Amir, Faeza Dawood, Sadaf Jabbar, Kashif Abbasi and Aasma Shirazi. Famous shows of ARY News includes Off Record, Criminals Most Wanted, Pakistan Tonight, Sawal Yeh Hai, Khara Sach to name a few.

Get informed and updated with ARY News live streaming here. You can watch ARY News Live coverage of Peshawar School Incident, petrol crisis online. The exclusive coverage of popular top stories, breaking news and much more is available on HamariWeb.Popular Shows

Khara Sach

The most popular show of ARY News that is responsible to drag in audience from its abrupt and to the point authentic content. The show is hosted by Mubashir Lucman, a well known host, and analyst who is popular for critically analyzing government. Recently, Mubashir Lucman conducted the interview of Imran Khan and Reham Khan after their marriage. You can watch Khara Sach online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

Sar e Aaam

Another popular show of ARY News is Sar e Aaam hosed by Iqrar ul Hassan. The show is based on the concept of identifying the social evils that are hidden from the eyes of law and justice and damages the social structure of the country. The show has successfully telecasts the on spot evidence of several crimes in the show. You can watch Sar e Aaam online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.

The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch

Unlike other morning shows, this one is unique, interesting and entertaining. Hosted by chulbully and talented actress Sanam Baloch, she adds flavors of life to the show. It contains gossips, celebrity guests, discussion, and loads of laughter. You can watch The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch online and live on with latest videos and episodes of the talk show.