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Reviews & Comments on Hadi TV Channel

Hadi TV is great to listen to Religious programs, it kind of soothes the heart and provides knowledge that we don't bother to gain otherwise.
Murtaza, Islamabad Monday, April 12 2021

all programms telecast by the Hadj TV are worth appreciation
Sultan Mohammad Khan Bangash, islamabad Saturday, January 23 2021

Hadi channel is now not coming on our tv we live in islamabad
Sayed kazim , Shah ALLAHDETA ISLAMABAD Thursday, January 21 2021

Salaam subh k waqat talawat quran majeed k duran awa or picture clear nahi hoti please isko theek kardy
Ashfaq, Faisalabad Monday, July 22 2019

i must want to say that don’t forget to watch dramas on this channel because all
dramas are amazing.
tayyba, punjab Wednesday, May 29 2019

This is the way for watching hadi TV channel every updates with the help of this way that having the whole information as we want to watch
warda, panjab Wednesday, May 22 2019

like it doing good job
syed jamil hassanrizvi, karachi Wednesday, May 01 2019

This is an amazing website on which you can see your favorite channel whatever you want and especially this website is very easy to use
fariha, khanpur Tuesday, April 30 2019

It feels good to be updates on every matter and this websites provide all the TV channels so that we can get the updated information that we want
silah, karachi Saturday, April 27 2019

This is the helpful way to get watch the any news authentically any time about what happen in our country and the everything about politics
tooba, muree Saturday, April 27 2019

on hadi tv one day I watch cartoon and first time I watch that programme . and now I daily watch those cartoon.
ESHA, ISLAMBAD Friday, April 26 2019

I can watch this hadi TV usually from this online way who gives me the every live update as I need to watch that at a time from here
aroosh, MULTAN Thursday, April 25 2019

I don’t know this website first time I saw this hadi tv channel and I also a drama on this website which I really like.
kashaf, karachi Wednesday, April 24 2019

This Hadi TV channel is very nice TV channel that give us the authentic news that’s why many peoples watch that from that here of this news channel
ZAHAM, HADRABAD Monday, April 22 2019

One day IN SHAA ALLAH Pakistan would be developed country instead of a developing country .everything would be fine here too just like in any other country
raheel, turkish Saturday, April 20 2019

why am i unable to watch this channel online? Please guide
Waqar Hussain, Sialkot Tuesday, January 01 2019

labika yaa hussain
baqar, kharian Saturday, September 29 2018

By this hadi TV channel I can watch many cooking shows that helps me to get makes many dishes at t time by the easy ways
areeba, islamabad Friday, July 13 2018

Hadi tv channel live is always watched by my family. We started watching it during Ramadan and it became an addiction. Now we always gather and watch it together.
Mir, Lahore Thursday, June 28 2018

Get every TV Channel without any cost from here because here we got the TV Channels which is not available on the Cable TV we just want to watch
Atiq, Karachi Thursday, May 03 2018

We get the whole correct details and updated about the hadi tv channel easily with the every correct information and also watch the shows of their
hania, panjab Thursday, May 03 2018

The streaming of Hadi Tv is not available all the time, kindly on this Ramadan open the live streaming of this channel because it is not available in cable.
LAIBA, khi Saturday, April 28 2018

Hadi is the good channel which has the really good streaming in the Ramadan and has the really good streaming where you can easily get the good information
Qasim, Karachi Tuesday, April 24 2018

My cable tv provider OPTIX suddenly discontinued Hadi transmission. They are saying that PEMRA has prohibited its transmision. Is this True?
Rana Muzaffar, Karachi Friday, January 19 2018

I love listening to recitation of the Holy Qur’an in the morning after the fajar prayer.
There is a peace in the air and the sound of Qur’an sounds so lovely and sweet.
Bilaal, Lahore Thursday, December 21 2017

Why this HadiTV channel is not on air on common cable tv channel while ethically worst channels are running? Where is humanity, oneness and nationalism.
Zeeshan Haider , Rawalpindi Sunday, October 22 2017

Add "share" bottom like other app to share this spritual HadiTV channel.
Raja Muhammad Zamir , Islamabad Sunday, October 22 2017

not playing why?
Alyas Shah, karachi Wednesday, September 27 2017

hadi tv iz not live streaming
Advocate Ghulam Hussain MirJat, Tando Allahyar Sindh Thursday, September 21 2017

why it is not playing? please fix it soon......
zainab, islamabad Thursday, September 21 2017

Hadi TV Channel

Watch Hadi TV Channel live streaming today Saturday, September 23 2023 online at hamariweb, enjoy all of the latest programs through Hadi TV Channel live TV channel online live streaming. Watch your favorite programs on Hadi TV Channel live TV online without any hassle. Along with Hadi TV Channel, you can also watch Pakistan live TV streaming of other channels on their respective pages.

Hadi TV – Hadi TV is categorized as an international religious channel. The channel is based on Fiqah e Jafariya school of thought. The programs broadcast from Hadi TV are based on largest branch of Shiaism, Twelver school of thought. The channel belongs to Hadi TV network. The name of Hadi TV is influenced by the 10th Imam Ali Al Hadi. Being the first multilingual channel, Hadi TV has the privilege to broadcast the programs in more than 15 languages. Viewers can access programs in English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, French, Pashto, Thai, Kurdi, Russian, Turkish, Thai, and Malay languages. This made Hadi TV highly accessible in masses.

The Hadi TV channel is broadcasting shows based on edutainment and infotainment for the world community. In April 2017 telecasting of Hadi TV channel was banned in Jammu and Kashmir by the Central Government of India. Hadi TV televises programs from Pakistan, India, Iran, UK, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Iraq, America, India, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Hadi TV gained influence in a short span of time and has added six new TV channels to its network on satellite frequencies that are telecasted in 13 languages. Those who want to want to watch Hadi TV live streaming online can access it.