Aaj TV Live – AAJ News was initially started on March 23, 2005 by one of the most dominant media in Pakistan. Aaj News a popular oldest among private Urdu news channel in Pakistan with over thousand employees and has fully equipped with all modern equipments in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad bureaus. AAJ News gives round the clock news coverage from Pakistan and around the world with superior news reporting with in depth analytical from famous news anchor with their team. Aaj TV not only has with the waste experience of immaculate news reporting of Business Recorder but also the only digital satellite channel to have an Earth Station in Pakistan that broadcasts directly to the Asia Sat satellite with a footprint of over 60 countries and has collaboration with partner news sources in more than 100 countries. The social media platforms of Aaj TV provide the news in both English and Urdu to cater mass audience. Some of the popular Aaj TV shows are Islamabad Tonight, Face 2 Face, Sairbeen, Aaj with Sadia Afzal, Sawal hai Pakistan ka, Aaj Subh, Haadsa, Cricket ka Badshah Miandad, Kahani Pakistan to name a few. Watch Aaj TV Live Streaming for online live news, talk show like Bolta Pakistan, Islamabad Tonight, and current affairs program. Sports with analysis by top sport personal and others programs!

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A win by MQM is a real blow to agencies, dictators along-with their allies&supporters such as Z A Bhutto & his PPP in 1971, Jatoies Gujratis Lahoris Kasuris PNA in 1977, all Lotaas & fake judges in 1999 & 2007. The real threat to an independent strong welfare Islamic State are these USA-backed Jews-fed dictators, agents & agencies snatching 60%(more than 70%both directly & indirectly) of heard earned public earning in the shape of a number of taxes.
Jamaat-e-Islami is a party that ruined the lives of patriot East Pakistanis who were left to be hanged in Bangladesh_ a real shame for Pakistani Rulers who repatriated the historic ever disgracefully surrendering forces but left unsafe a number of patriot nationals.
Naeem, Faisalabad. Saturday, December 05 2015

I congratulate PIA administration and the staff for the courage whereby the Pilots and othertaff staff members were seen dancing on their favourite songs inside the cockpit of PIA flight before fore take-off. The reputation of the PIA, (Once motto: “Ba Kamal Log, La Jawab Parwaz”) is, since long,, is on the decline. The revenue, the service rating and punctuality record all are showing horrible downward trend. And none is serious to show improvement. May be the ove above event has the blessing of the Top Man to open new horizon of increasing revenue, ing, rating and showing efficiency in service!! After all there is no end to ingenuity!! All are Freeree Lancers with no fear of rules, regulations, punishment, accountability, self respect and conscience. Media deserves appreciation for exposing those bent upon violation of rules/regulation and bringing shame to the organization they are serving!!
sarwars, ls Thursday, November 26 2015

I am a Pakistani. I know that the MUMLAKAT - I - KHUDA DAD PAKISTAN, which later termed as ISLAMI JAMHURIA PAKISTAN, was bestowed to the Muslims of the Sub Continent after lot of sacrifices (the biggest migration in history - 2,00,00, 000 human being to leave their homes, 50,00,000 Muslims gave their lives, 63,000 Muslim women / young girls snatched by non Muslims and the others suffered a lot). Very soon we forgot our commitment to Allah about running the country/system according to the Dictates of Islam. we all are responsible for the same. But the irony is that we do not admit our fault.
You open any Channel on Humari Web, you see ads full of nudity, vulgar dances, shameless dialogues, Fashion shows in Schools/ Colleges, Anti Ideology of Pakistan thoughts being promoted by teachers / professors etc. The Judiciary, the Government Functionaries, the PEMRA, the Ministry dealing with Education, Media, the Religious Stalwarts, the Politicians, the Law Givers, the Conscientious Muslims, all are sleeping, The nation, on the whole has been awakened many a time through Natural calamities, at times in quick succession. But we do not open our eyes and even then we claim that "HUM ZINDA QAUM HAIN." Where are we heading for and why? Can the Patriot Media discuss this issue on their Channels? Waiting for favours!!
sarwar, lahore Saturday, November 21 2015

I always like ajj tv news.
Jamshed, Peshawar Saturday, November 14 2015

hassan, saudi arabia Wednesday, October 21 2015

PTI doing well in peshawer ,well done imran khan you did your best,especially today you embark the newe history Governor House ,Peshawer change into Guest House,Well done Khan Sab.
wasim kamran
wasim Kamran, Sheikhupura Saturday, October 17 2015

AAJ news hamara faverate news chanle hay hyderabad samait puray sindh ki news ziada dia kerien Punjab kpk ki terhan honest news chanle aaj news thanks mustafa hyderabad sindh.
Mustafa, Hyderabad sindh Monday, October 12 2015

hassan, saudi arabia Monday, September 21 2015

my favourite chanel
mukhtar ahmad, chitral Monday, July 27 2015

Ap Ki transmission ka hissa banna chahtay hain please invite my family 2pass chahiye [email protected]
Faisal Haroon , Karachi Tuesday, July 14 2015

sir please aaj 07-07-2015 ko ja barish howi hai os mea Rahat Colony kamalabad Rawalpindi mea 10 fot say ziyada paani aaya hai saray grahro ka samaan doob giya hai koi imdadi kaarwaee nahi ho rahi please breaking news chala dai
Muhammad Amjad, islamabad Tuesday, July 07 2015

i am winner of the 24hours in ticket of karachi
tariq lucky, minchinabad Friday, July 03 2015

Aaj news is striving for the best prosperity of Pakistan and staff is taking all risks for pure reporting. Aaj team is performing a super job for the safety and security of nation. Aaj is covering all areas to disclose the corruption of government employees. In addition to let the viewers watch the impure food business in Pakistan. They are feeding toxic and impure food to kids of each other. All will be weak and sick in future. No one is caring?
KHALID SOHAIL SHAIKH, Al Khobar, Saudi Arab Wednesday, May 27 2015

ap sab logon ko bohat bohat mubarik ho#NA246 kunwar naved jamil bhae bhari aksariyat say jeet gay hn un ho ne 95644 vote liye hn ab sab kay muh band ho gay hn jo humy zinda laashen khaty thay dekho zinda laashon ne kamiyab kara diya wasy ary walon ko tu snap soung gaya kamiyabi ki woh covreg nhe day rahy jaysy geo waly or degr channal day rahy hn kiya yeh khula tazad nhe hum kaly hn tu kiya howa dil waly hn hum altaf altaf altaf kay chahne waly hn mubashri luqman murd ka bachcha hy tu samne awo or mqm ko altaf hussain ko mubarik baad du ab apna muh chupaty phir rahy hn mqm aik haqeqt hay mqm ka vote bank koi nhe tour sakta mqm or altaf hussain say nafrat may itna agy na niklo kay wapsi ka rasta na rahy mubashshir luqman altaf hussain or mqm say itni nafrat rakhta hay may tu souch bhi nhe sakte urdu bolne karachi kay logon ko dewar say na lagawo kun k sab say tex karachi hi dayta hay har tarhan ki pabandi karachi walon kay liye hn kiya punjab may kuch nhe hota asa lag raha tha kay hum maqboza kashmir may vote daal rahy hn polingejnd kay say saron par rengars khary thy asy asy islaha ki numaish ho rahi thi khuda ki panah mqm ne na pahly dhandle ki or na ab awam kay hi voton say number 1 tanzem hay chahy koi kitni bhi sazish kar kar lay jeeye mqm jeeye altaf hussain jeeye mahajir .altaf zinda baad he is the right man brave man or or or or or or or altaf hussain great leader in the world .
hina siddiqui , khi aziza baad Friday, April 24 2015

mqm sucess inshaallah ameen loogo ko vote nahi dalna da rahe kabhi kahta ha yaha list ma name nahi hai kabhi kehta ha id yaha name nahi ha let see
arbab , karachi Thursday, April 23 2015

hina siddiqui , khi aziza bad Wednesday, April 22 2015

Announcement NA-246 election is contested between MQM vs United Front (JI plus PTI plus Media plus Establishment plus? plus? plus?????) Well-done........ Despite involvement of chodhry nisar (with the blessing of nawaz sharif), Rangers extra ordinary measures, CCTV CAMERAS, Influence of outsiders and all negative actions and propaganda the writing is on the wall...... the end result will bring humiliation to all the players involved in this dirty game. So instead of feeling shame, sorry and disgrace since these words are not in their dictionary, they will come up with new excuses and allegations to justify their humiliating defeat.
Danish, Kansas City Monday, April 20 2015

On election day for NA-246, we need to do a justice to ourselves. We need to Vote for better future for us and our children, and Vote for our own prosperity and peace or else it will be repeat of total destruction to the city, what we have been seeing for last 32 years. It is about time we need to wise up and wise up fast and look out for ourselves and nothing else.
Angel, Haven Friday, April 17 2015

MQM may win, upcoming election but what does it really mean? It means only one thing, death to Mahajirs. Word Mahajir does not mean much to MQM, all it means, just having a license to extort, murder, rob and kidnap. MQM did not deliver anything in last 35 years to the city and its people. It hardly made anyone's life better but caused so much destruction to the city.

People of Karachi need to wise up and wise up fast or else be ready to have their future and their children's future destroyed by this MQM again. MQM Sympathizers are mostly criminals and they make their living from crimes. You may have noticed these people in MQM gathering or live overnight speeches from London. They listen to these speeches throughout the night since they don't have a day job. One may wonder, why these people are up so late, don't they have a job to go to in the morning. Answer is quite simple, they don't have any job, they are living on money they make from extortion. How long someone continue to support these criminals. Some time, we may need to say, enough is enough.
Angel, Haven Sunday, April 12 2015

Aaj T.v news is very popular channel he is represented to medal class people.God bless Aaj T,v
M A FAZAL, karachi Thursday, April 09 2015

I love nawaz Sharif and shahbaz Sharif love pmln Mian sahab Adam brhao ham ham tmharay sath hain. shahbaz teri parvaz say jalta hai zamana
usman ghani, karachi Tuesday, March 03 2015

go pakistani team goooooooooooooo
mohammad yaqoob luni, duki Saturday, February 21 2015

nawaz shareef sahab ab waqt agiya hai aap apni khamoshi choor k bahdri se kaam lo oor baldiya town ke waqiye p apni awaz boland karo warna imran khan bazi le jay ga imraan khan ki age p mat jao wo fast mind or fast working bi kr raha hai aap bare magar machh p hath kiyoo nahi dalte aap qadam barahaoo hum aap k saath hain me ye mnti hoo ke imraan khan ek bahdor admi hain nawz shareef aap ne humein kiyo mayos kiya hwa hai
nargis, bawalpor Tuesday, February 10 2015

ALI, KARACHI Tuesday, February 03 2015

Aaj News live streaming is not available, why???????????? Please take necessary action.
Noor ul Hassan, MIANWALI Sunday, February 01 2015

i really like 4 man show of this Aaj News channel. but they change the team even than they are doing so well. i always that that show..
imran, karachi Saturday, January 31 2015

i agree with you masani doha
khan`, hderabad Wednesday, January 28 2015

hamare area kharadar jaffer fuddoo road par rojana subah 7.00 bajte he gas chali jaate he of phir raat to 12.00 baje ke qareeb aati he hum
kaya rozana bahar se khana mangate rahege jab se yeh hakoomat aye he kabhi light nahi hoti kabhi aata ke problem of kabi petrol ka problem lagta he hum jungle me rehte he hukraman sukh ke neend soote rahte he inshallah who waqt door nahi jab inpar bhi azab-e-elahi aane wala he agar eske bare me media me talk show hojae to nawazish hogi ahle muhalla kharadar thakns
dooli maasi , karachi Friday, January 23 2015

Abdul Ghani Shaikh, Karachi Friday, December 12 2014

What happend with amran, why he commeted innocent people to be kill. this is not fair man.please stop it and wait for your Tran,if you are fair u be the next pppp.., thank M javeed michigan U.S.A
mj, mi Monday, December 08 2014