(Ishrat Iqbal Warsi, Mirpurkhas)

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مجھے لوگوں کی روحانی اُلجھنیں سُلجھا کر قَلبی اِطمینان , رُوحانی خُوشی کیساتھ بے حد سکون محسوس ہوتا ہے۔

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Mera Name Hey ZAFAR IQBAL Mery Name key Mutabek Mera Asam-e-Aazam Batai aur isko Din m ketini martaba Zekar Kerain.
By: ZAFAR, faisalabad on Aug, 18 2014
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Can you give me Ism e Azam for following names: -
1) Naveed Dar
2) Afshan Naveed (before marriage Afshan Latif)
3) Hamza Naveed
4) Rafia Naveed
By: Naveed Dar, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Aug, 16 2014
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Mera naam akhtar ali mera ism azam aur zakat bataye
By: Akhtar ali, Gorakhpur on Aug, 15 2014
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my name is junaid husaain what is my ism e azam
By: junaid hussain, haripur pakistan on Aug, 14 2014
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Mera Name Hey Ghulam Sarwar Mery Name key Mutabek Mera Asam-e-Aazam Batai aur isko Din m ketini martaba Zekar Kerain.
By: Ghulam Sarwar, Hyderabad on Aug, 12 2014
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a s a
mera name M nasir khan hai mera ism azam baatain or zakat bhe
By: m.nasir khan, rawalpindi on Aug, 09 2014
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My nmae is Sajid Ali Siddiqui
what is my Ism e Azam
By: Sajid Ali Siddiqui, Hyderabad on Aug, 08 2014
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By: HUMA, DELHI on Aug, 06 2014
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my name is Muhammad irfan tariq,
please tell me mera ism azam
By: muhammad irfan tariq, jeddah on Aug, 01 2014
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PLEASE reply with my isme azam
By: aamir baig, karachi on Jul, 31 2014
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My names are:Shafi Abdallah.what is ma esm-e-azam
By: shafi abdallah, kampala on Jul, 29 2014
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ASA...my name is Fayyaz Bin Zafar..kindly tell me ISM-E-AZAM for me
By: Fayyaz, Karachi on Jul, 26 2014
By: Fayyaz, Karachi on Jul, 26 2014
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my name is Ali Awais Khan tell me ESME AZAN NAME
By: aliawaiskhan, Gujranwala on Jul, 26 2014
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Assalamu Alykum my name is Habib Ahmed Pls tell me my esme azam name
By: habib ahmed, karachi on Jul, 23 2014
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my name is IRSHAD ALI .pls tell me my esme azam name
By: Irshad Ali, Karachi on Jul, 22 2014
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Aoa...my name is Alina yousaf..kindly tell me ism e azam for me
By: alina, jhelum on Jul, 19 2014
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AOA.... my name is Syeda Fatima Jaffery. Plz tell me my Ism e Azam. Jazak Allah
By: syeda Fatima jaffery , rawalpindi on Jul, 17 2014
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I want to ask ism e azam name of (sundas malik)
By: novera, lahore on Jul, 14 2014
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Aoa mera name saiqa hy plz mujy isme azam bta dyn shukria.
By: saiqa, gujrat on Jul, 06 2014
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AOA my name is Uzma Tariq.Can you plz send me my Ism e azam via mail. Thanks
By: uzma tariq, bethlehem pa on Jul, 02 2014
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