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Nowadays, it is believed that teen lives have improved significantly. The standard of living has increased over time as intake of alcohol and drugs have reduced. However,

(October 19, 2017) The final T20I match between the two countries is scheduled to be held on the 29th of October at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. Cricket fans from across the country are thrilled as PCB announced the tickets for the final face off between the two teams, to be sold

Color is one of the most expressive and appealing factors, it is through the perception that people produce a series of physical, psychological and physical effects similar form with rich connotations,

Have a passion and love for pricey cars? You're hardly alone. American actress Alexandra Paul once famously said, "the cars we drive say a lot about us." Snap CEO Evan Spiegel once said,

VIVO V7 + is fueled by Qualcomm entry-level Snapdragon 450 processor, that makes your functionality smoother but hesitates while processing heavier apps

There are various myths and lies that become an absolute truth for many, whether it's because they are passed from generation to generation, because they were believed to be true at one point,

Introducing the next era of mobile: smartphones with the world's first Kirin AI processor deliver a faster, more customized mobile experience

Airplanes have revolutionised transport system with greater capacity to carry passengers and being the fastest mean of transport. Airplanes play a major role in military operations and in airlifting of cargos

Football is very much regarded as the beautiful game because of the intensity, excitement, and thrills that grip it at all levels – amateur or professional.

In recent years there have been numerous scandals involving government agencies, businesses, and cover-ups. Unfortunately, none of this is new. Whether it’s the government or a corporation,

First of all, many people don't believe in ghosts. If you're one of them, then consider this a list of the places that are often reported as haunted by visitors, employees, and/or ghost hunters.

Kuwait- In their red, white and blue uniforms, Kuwait’s first female ice hockey team is training hard in the desert ahead of their debut world tournament later this month.

“China Speed” is the buzzword used by the Western world that looks for or deals with Chinese tech hardware. Chinese tech market is certainly classified as of cut throat nature, particularly due to its smart phone industry.

Turkey has a vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and friendly people. Their landscapes are glorious, making it one of the world’s most enchanting places. The Blue Mosque is popular

A Pakistani high school students’ physics paper has managed to stun an older scientist at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament by replicating a physics visualization.

The internet has opened doors for all of us, to truly explore who we want to be. It’s given us the ability to experiment, explore and access things which weren’t possible before.

Vivo V7+ is the latest selfie-focused smartphone that has stunned the world with its top notch exceptional features and specifications. Among others, VIVO V7+comes with a Full View Display with reduced bezels on the side, bottom, and top.

We hear success stories of various Pakistani celebrities proving their mettle in Bollywood. From Meera to Veena Malik, Fawad Khan to Ali Zafar, Saba Qamar to Mahira Khan; there is a long list of our superstars who made us proud in India.

The liver can regenerate itself like a superhero, but that doesn’t mean it is invincible; it can become damaged just like any other organ. When a liver is working well,

The global smartphone leader, Vivo officially launched its brand and the latest flagship smartphone V7+ in Pakistan today. The glamourous launch event was held at the prestigious Faletti’s Hotel,

Have you ever noticed little features on any of the products you own that don't really seem to have a purpose? We often assume they could be product flaws or just part of the object's look,

Inspired by the “Overview Effect” – a sensation that astronauts experience when given the opportunity to look down and view the Earth from space – the breathtaking,

Imagine if Buckingham Palace or Beijing's Forbidden City were put on the market. How much do you think they would cost? Get ready for your jaw to drop as we reveal the (guesstimated) value of the world's 08 most opulent palaces.

Raisins or Kishmish are teeny tiny little packets of energy. Usually used to garnish sweet dishes and desserts; however, smart people consume them more often and they have good reasons to do so.

These stunning photographs have been compiled by editors at National Geographic magazine for its famous Nature Photographer of the Year competition. The publication is seeking out 'spectacular' pictures showing animals,

Tuberculosis (TB) is an airborne infection that primarily affects the lungs. Tuberculosis usually is spread when an infected adult coughs the bacteria into the air. These germs are inhaled by the child, who then becomes infected.

In the hopes of simulating life on the red planet, Dubai has announced that it is building a £100 million (AED 500 million/$135 million) 'Mars Science City.' The city will cover 1.9 million square feet,

Are you looking to upgrade your entertainment platform? Bored with your old gadgets and looking for some quality upgrades? If yes, then here’s your license to chill! Yayvo presents this year’s biggest discounts

The new software version of Apple iPhone and iPad devices, iOS 11 is making waves globally due to many reasons. Let us discover the salient features of iOS 11 that the world is not aware of yet!

As the famous playwright William Shakespeare noted in his play Hamlet, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”.