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Rosalia Lombardo was only two years old when she died from pneumonia in 1920. Her premature death left her father so heartbroken that he approached the noted embalmer, Alfredo Salafia,

January 10th is the Save The Eagles Day, and we decided to raise awareness of this day and eagles in general by writing a post dedicated to these magnificent birds. The Save The Eagles Day was started as one of the campaigns

Fish is a high-protein, low-fat food that provides a range of health benefits. White-fleshed fish, in particular, is lower in fat than any other source of animal protein, and oily fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids,

Lahori namak has been famous for a lot of things and people opt for it over the normal salt. It is colorless, but may appear blue, red or grey due to the impurities present in it.

Humans love experiencing a major adrenaline rush, which is accompanied by any dangerous feat that leaves them with a sense of empowerment and achievement. Many of us are daredevils who derive pleasure from going after

OPPO won two honors from International Data Group (IDG) at a ceremony hosted on Jan. 6 2017 as part of Las Vegas’ annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In an announcementfrom Patrick Kenealy, Managing Director of IDG Ventures

The internet is one of the most important inventions of the modern era. However, current estimates say that only 40 percent of people around the globe have access. As internet connectivity becomes ever more important,

At just over two square miles and with less than 3,000 inhabitants, the town of Casey in Illinois might be among the smaller towns of the United States, but it's home to some of the biggest things in the world.

The days of lugging around a laptop computer are on the way out, because you may soon be able to fit a portable computer into your wallet. Intel introduced its latest mini-computer

Have you ever wondered if you were an evil super villain in real life, what your secret lair or headquarters would look like? Would it be more on the extravagant side or lowkey? Will it look obviously diabolical or

Winter brings about a world of misery in the form of flu, cough, and dry skin. However, here are some natural treatments to remedy these problems at home.

Nothing fills the heart with warmth like a steaming cup of aromatic tea. Pakistanis loves and survives on tea. You feel it’s the end of the world when you run out of it! Let us explore some significant signs

They are said to be the 'windows to our souls'. Looking your friends and loved ones in the eye, you can gauge their mood and the emotions they are feeling. But taking a more critical look can reveal a host of

Sukkur, the 14th largest city of Pakistan and 3rd largest city of Sindh Province, may not strike you as a place worth visiting when you first hear of it. It is a city we often pass by when going to other areas like Lahore.

Cars, smartphones, jewelry and cash are among the many valuable items most people expect thieves to target. However, would think to lock up their Cheese, Maple syrup or Chicken wings.

2016 is nearing the end, and love is definitely in the air. Let's have a look at these glamorous stars who tied the knot this year breaking social media with their mesmerising wedding pictures.

Your diet plays a big role in whether you have high or normal blood pressure. Dietary recommendations for lowering blood pressure, such as the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, include reducing your intake of fat, sodium, and alcohol.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not all pictures are created equal. Some are inspirational and happy, and some are tragic and terribly graphic. we present the most popular pictures of 2016 on social media:

Year 2016 is significant for all the wrong reasons. Apart from many others, it’s the disastrous aircraft accidents that have stunned the world. This article highlights the significant aircraft accidents of 2016

Doctors have confirmed a diagnosis made more than 200 years ago by one of medicine's most influential surgeons. John Hunter had diagnosed a patient in 1786 with a "tumour as hard as bone".

Following the recent unveilevent of OPPO Classic Black F1s Selfie Expert in collaboration with fashion and media personality:HSY in PC Hotel, Karachi, patronsfinally got the chance to collect the new phone for the first time

OMD Pakistan, a part of the Omnicom Media Group, on 30th November, 2016 won the title of ‘Pakistan Media Agency of the Year’ at the Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year Awards 2016.

Not all mobile phones are equal in terms of performance, hardware, and software features. Some are outstanding and can definitely be your choice when it comes to choosing a new smart phone.

Being rich can be a bit like living in a bubble. You don’t have to interact with any non-rich people at all. Your neighborhood is gated, your kids go to private schools, you play golf at expensive golf courses that are also gated,

Liver is one of the most essential organs of the human body. Liver is responsible for a lot of different functions which keeps the body’s metabolism in balance. With the release of different hormones and chemical mediators the

Pakistanis are ultimate foodies! They love to cook and eat delicious recipes. From Desi cuisine to continental, fast food, and Chinese cuisine, almost all sort of recipes are popular in Pakistan.

We all wish to have superpower of any kind. Although humans can be considered super-intelligent on earth, but most of us would love to have super-strength like Superman, superhealing like deadpool or superspeed like flash.

Three Pakistani photographers are among the 15 international winners of the Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 annual photography competition announced on Thursday. The world's largest photography competition has included Pakistani photographers

Are you expecting a baby birth in next few months? If yes, then plan ahead to welcome the little angel in a style! As the days of birth approaches near, parents involve themselves in shopping, and searching for a suitable meaningful name.

Global No.4smartphone brand OPPO unveiled a limited edition Classic Black F1s Selfie Expert today at the PC hotel, Karachi, priced at Rs. 25,899 only with the brands' partner, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin.