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As the average height for a person falls somewhere between 5′, 7″ and 5′, 11″, giant humans might seem like something that you see only in movies.

Although no smart phone brand claims such things publically but they definitely live by them. Fierce competition exist in the smart phone business where all the technology brands are in a tug of war

Pakistan is home to one of the most beautiful lakes one wishes to see. Deserts, mountains, oceans, Pakistan has got almost all of the natural wonders. If you a thrill seeker,

Cauliflower is an extremely healthy vegetable that’s a significant source of nutrients.It also contains unique plant compounds that may reduce the risk of several diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Considered to be the most economically popular car in Pakistan, Suzuki Cultus has a rich history that draws back to 90’s. Manufactured by Pak Suzuki Motors, the largest car assembler in Pakistan is all set to launch a new model to

One thing is for sure, haunted places exist everywhere in the world; there are places in Karachi too that are believed to be haunted for many years

Camera phones work on the philosophy of “a picture says a thousand words” philosophy and therefore a highly technical camera phone is significant these days than ever before. Built in cameras are now a necessity, rather than a luxury. Photographic capabilities of smart phones have become the

Pakistani currency has a rich timeline and all these years changes have been made for the convenience of public and to strengthen the economy. Until 1971, Pakistani currency was printed in two languages i.e. Bengali and Urdu.

Pakistan is truly a country that has everything, from deep valleys and thick forests to barren deserts and snow-covered mountains. This isn’t all that Pakistan has,

Pakistani transport and public vehicles with funny bumper stickers are a very common sight on the roads. On any random day, you can get amused by paying a little attention on such slogans written on auto rickshaws,

Up on the steep hillside of the Maritime Alps near the Italian Riviera, halfway between Genoa and Nice, lies the ancient medieval village of Colletta di Castelbianco.

There are many health benefits of eating tamarind as you will learn from this article. Before we look at the health benefits of tamarind, it helps to first understand some facts about tamarind.

Yayvo turns ONE this April 15th. Created with the vision to be the ultimate online shopping destination for everyone, Yayvo has achieved some great milestones in the past one year.

Known for their bizarre appearance and unique abilities, chameleons are undoubtedly one of the most interesting creatures in the animal kingdom. You probably know they can change

With the advent of 3G/ 4G spectrums the concept of online buying and selling has been revolutionized. “Bech De” became the most trending line in Pakistan within no time.

If you've ever found yourself standing in the toothpaste aisle weighing the pros and cons of chemical teeth whiteners, then you likely experienced one of the following scenarios.

Few bodies of water hold as much significant historic, geographic, and religious importance as the Dead Sea. Ancient Egyptians and Jewish and Islamic traditions alone have put the Dead Sea on the map.

Pakistan is a natural tourist’s destination, and the beauty is not only bound to the locations in the northern areas of the country. But, it is also home to some unexplored gems like the beautiful,

Epic fails on the grandest of scales, the world's most notorious white elephants should never have left the drawing board. Monstrously expensive to build and maintain yet woefully underused,

Flaxseeds (Alsi) have been used and consumed for more than thousands of years. The herbal benefits of Alsi help our body to stay fit and healthy. From our skin to our organs to even fighting cancer,

Some of the most unbelievable things in the world are discovered each year, ranging greatly from minor to life-changing and from completely accidental to intended.

Here are Most Extreme Towns on the Planet. From cold to hot and high to remote, these are some of the most extreme locations that humans inhabit.

The liver can regenerate itself like a superhero, but that doesn’t mean it is invincible; it can become damaged just like any other organ. When a liver is working well,

Following the grand launch event of OPPO F3 Plus with Dual Selfie Camera in Royal Palm Lahore on 24th March, customers finally got the chance to buy the new phone for the

The world is full of interesting information, some more known than others. But there are numerous facts out there that everyone doesn’t know. Like did you know The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue!?

The first of April the day when everyone can make jokes with everything. They day when you can have a bit more fun than normal with your friends and colleagues. If you are in a look for some inspiration what kind of

Not everything is meant to be reheated and consumed. Here are some of those foods and why you should refrain from giving them a second go in the oven, on the stove or in the microwave.

Egypt has a rich history and its mysterious and exotic locations continue to awe travelers and explorers alike. People flock from all over the world to marvel at the natural beauty and historical

Apple never fails to amuse its beloved customers. In order to show their concern about Aids, Apple launches a Special Edition Red colored iPhone 7&iPhone 7 Plus. The dedicated buyers can now buy iPhone 7

Did you know that after water it is the number one most popular drink in the world? Read on to find out more! These are some crazy things you didn’t know about tea.