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میرے دل کو سکون کچھ تو ملا جنرل حمید گل مرحوم سے ایک دلچسپ مختصر ملاقات
 اونٹ کی دشمنی کموڈ والا واش روم
پاکستان کی آزادی کے بعد۔۔ اس پرچم کے سائے تلے۔۔۔
ہلاکت خیز گرمی یا اللہ کا عذاب نمونہ عبرت

Pyaar Tu Ne Kya Kiya
(Vagrant ,Gujrat)
Zindgi Bohat Khubsurat Hai Ye Ek Larki Ki Sachi Kahani Hai Jab Wo 15 Saal Ki Thii 10th Ki Student Or Apne Class Fellow Ko Pasnd Kerti Wo Bhi Bohat
اداروں کا ٹکراؤ  یا   تہزیبوں  کا ٹکراؤ

She was pretty
(Anum Akram ,faisalabad)
She was pretty !!She spent her life waxing, threading, washing this,cleaning that, fake extensions here,fake eyelashes there,decorating herself with

I Feel Like An Orphan
(ABBIHA ZEHRA ,karachi)
I feel like an orphan even though I have parents that are physically here. I think my parents are messed up and that's why I had a messed up
اغواء کی کہانی  ۔  تعاقب جِنّاَت کا انسانی روپ میں مجھ سے مخاطب ہونا۔آپ بیتی
بھوک کہتے کسے ہیں؟کیا طلب کا دوسرا نام بھوک ہے؟ جہاں مکاں رہے نہ مکیں رہے
فراڈ سیریز کہانی نمبر 4  فراڈ سیریز کہانی نمبر 2
ادھار فراڈ سیریز کہانی نمبر 1
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True Stories / Sachi Kahaniyan in Urdu & English - Hamariweb gives you a platform where you can read stories (Urdu kahani). Reading is good habit but now days this habit is being fade away slowly because of lack of good stuff like True Stories (sachi kahaniyan). Reading sachi kahani (True Stories) effects on one personality and gives a lesson to reader, for considering Urdu language we have put all the Urdu Stuff in stories. So, here we have brought you Urdu story, Urdu stories for kid which are based on true stories including true stories 2015. You will find all the famous and Inspirational old Urdu kahanian as well as recent addition of new Urdu kahaniyan 2015.

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