Science & Technology Articles

How to make gifs from Video
(Adeel Younas ,Islamabad)
Creating GIFs from Youtube or any-other video website has become more easier.imgur, the free image and GIF hosting website released its new awesome

Technical Education And Revolution
(Amna javaid ,lahore, p.u)
Beyond the agricultural and industrial revolutions of the past, a global technology revolution is currently changing the world. The revolution’s

3D character modeling and animation
(Sahar Riaz ,Rawalpindi)
Animation is the procedure of constructing high quality movements of certain objects including 3D modeled characters. Animation is achieved through
مراقبہ آپ کی سوچ سے زیادہ آسان-1

Science-our mother and stepmother
(Ribaha khan ,Lahore)
Science is systematic body of knowledge which has enabled human beings to unearth the mysteries of nature and harness its wonderful powers. Science

Deforestration and its extreme effects
(Asifa Abbas ,Islamabad)
Deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land. Forests still cover about 30

Etymology & History of News
(Amna Sehar ,Wah cent)
The word “NEWS” means North, East, West and South. It tells about its importance that it is coming from ‘everywhere’. The original sense of news was
دوست نہ والدین، کمپیوٹرز اب آپ کو زیادہ جاننے لگے

Social analysists
(Saba Altaf ,Rawalpindi)
There is no conflict in the minds of people about the benefits of social networking. Pakistani youth is aware of the benefits which can only be

(Muhammad Ibrahim ,Faisalabad)
From dreams to soul, from science to faithThere are two questions about dreams1: What is the purpose of dreams?2: How do we dream?Several theories

Brain Computer Interface
(simra ghazzal ,Islamabad)
Executive SummaryBrain computer interface is basically an emerging technology that helps in developing collaboration between a device and brain

Global economic crisis
(nubeed sohail ,Islamabad)
The Global Economic Crisis has proved to be a source of both threats and opportunities for Pakistan for shaping policies on FDI. Among the up-coming

Anthropoecne Epoch: The Man Age Has Begun
Earth's geologic epoch are basically time periods defined by evidence in rock layers and typically last more than three million years.We're barely

Cholesterol and your heart.
(Malaika Mirza ,karachi)
High blood cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for heart disease. Over time, extra cholesterol in the blood sticks to the walls of your

Internet and computer addiction
(fadia asif ,Islamabad)
Many of today’s teens spend much of their time on computer monitor or smart phones. Parents who would prefer that their teen’s faces were buried in

(simra ghazzal ,Islamabad)
We are living in a place which is supposed to be "technologically civilized" society. It is not an overstated articulation these days that

Science: A Boon or Bane
(Mumtaz NASH ,Sukkur)
The phenomenal progress of science has revolutionized every field of life. The influence of science can be seen in every walk of life. Science has

The Big Data
(Sameer Ali Domki ,Karachi)
In the last decades of data management and process it out there is a large number of theories and practical experiments has been done by different

How to start an online business
(Muhammad Waqas ,Lahore)
INTRODUCTION:Online Business is being very popular in these days. But many people make fraud by making a fake website. I want to clarify one thing,
انٹر نیٹ کا بے جا استعمال
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Science & Technology Articles - It goes without saying in today’s world science and technology is on its peak, new wonderful technologies are being introduced daily; you can read Science & Technology Articles here to get up do dated with the world’s newest technologies.

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