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The summer vacation had already started so I with the content of my friends made a program this time to go out Karachi for sight seeing. It was decided among us that we would go to see Moen jo daro one of the most ancient place in the world.

Early in the morning on Saturday I and my four friends went by train upto Dokr,where we purchased some things which we use in the way to Moen jo daro.Then we sat in the bus from Dokri and went to Moen jo daro. After some time may be half to one hour finally we reached our destiny Moen jo daro. We spent couple of hours to see its ruins of the houses and roads of this "City Of Dead". Then we went to see near by museum. It was a place full of interest. It helped us to know that the ruins of Moen jo daro is about 4,500 years old. There were many seals, jewelleries, toys, weapons and a large number of earthen pots. We saw a head of a bull which is used as a seal. There were beautiful statue of dancing girl too. There were agricultural tools in which we take a extraordinary interest. On the seals we saw something written in strange language. The people present in the museum said that it was the language which has not been deciphered so far.

After visiting whole place, in the evening we left Moen jo daro with a memory of interesting things that we saw in the museum.

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I think its a good trip of Moen Jo Daro to get the information about the history and the ancient life of the peoples who lived there, here is also the museum where all the ruins are keeping.
By: umer, khi on Apr, 13 2018
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There were many seals, jewelry, toys, weapons and a large number of earthen pots there when we visited the Moen Jo Daro we saw it.
By: Larib, Peshawar on Feb, 13 2018
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One of the most civillized society of old time, If you have not visited this place you must visit and enjoy the beauty of this histoical place.
By: Laiba, Lahore on Feb, 05 2018
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There are a lot of myths attached to the destruction of this civilization but as Muslim we know everything must end. No matter how great a civilization become it will end one day.
By: Basheer Ahmed, Lahore on Jan, 18 2018
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