Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhe Qadam Qadam Aabaad Tujhe

(Muhammad Usman Ahmad, Lahore)

His Is Also An Eye Opener. Think And Do Some Thing For It.

"Pakistanis Are Poor But Pakistan Is Not A Poor Country", Says One Of The Swiss Bank Directors. He Says That "28 Trillions (28,000,000,000,000) Of Pak Rupees (329 Billion Dollars) Are Deposited In Swiss Banks Which Can Be
Used For:

* "Tax Free" Budgets For 30 Years.
* Can Give 6o Million Jobs To All Pakistan.
* Constructing 4 Lane Roads From Any Village To Islamabad.
* Ensure Forever Free Supply To More Than 500 Social Projects.
* Financial Assistance Of Rs. 20,000 Per Month To Every Citizen For 60 Years.
* Disbanding The Need Of World Bank And Imf Loans.

Think How Our Money Is Stolen And Blocked By Rich Corrupt Politicians And Bureaucrats. We Have Full Right Against These Corrupt Politicians And Bureaucrats. Don't Ignore And Forgive Corruption At Any Level In Our Country.

Iss Message Koe Itna Forward Karo Kay Poora Pakistan Parhay Aur Jaag Utthay, Or In Corrupt Politicians Ko Vote K Bajai Joote Mare.

Please Take It Seriously. If You Can Forward Jokes, Then Why Not This? Be A Responsible Citizen.

Allah (Azawajal) Bless Our Sohni Dharti (Pakistan)

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this is my fav song.
By: laiba khan, d i khan on Aug, 24 2015
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