The future of education in Pakistan

(Nadeem Israr, Karachi)

The education is of great significance. Education is the only thing which maximizes one’s potentials. It seems right to say that a man cannot be considered having proper senses until he gets the education.

There are two reasons for the importance of education. The first it that the training of human mind cannot be completed without education and it makes a man right thinker and guides him about how to think and how to take decision.

The another reason for the significance of education is that only by getting education, one is able to fetch the information from external world; to be cognizant himself with past history and attains all important information regarding present. Without proper education, man seems to be in a closed room having no out way and with education he finds himself in a room having windows open towards outside world.

In future, education is of great significance in Pakistan as the geo-economic aspects are going to be changed in the region and new alliances are coming into being. Pakistan is advancing toward economic progress and one of the main considerable is CPEC. When the CPEC would start to be running in its full then Pakistan will have to fulfill the requirement to run it fully for, a great number of educated people will be required. It looks that it will not be restricted in some sectors such as IT and finance but it is the conjecture that the people of all trades and sectors will be needed highly. So, the government will have to take an appropriate step to bridge the gap which is considered to come when these needs come. And, this is possible in only one situation and that is when education is given due importance. There is no doubt to say that only proper education will be able to move the wheel of progress toward success.

The above-mentioned significance of education in future is possible in only one case when planners of government departments could realize the call of time and take sober step for justifying the importance of education.

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Thanks for your comments. This article is only a humble effort to catch peoples' attention on the topic. I want people should delve upon this matter.
By: Nadeem Israr, Karachi on Oct, 03 2017
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The future of education in Pakistan is in right hands now. Compared to previous issues, there has been a great change in overall education system and we know that in future it will be better.
By: Ehsan Khan, Karachi on Sep, 27 2017
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The future of education in Pakistan still has lots of question mark on it. I guess in order to make it bright, we need to improve it. This article gives us detailed information about the future of education and how we can make it better.
By: Uzma, Karachi on Sep, 25 2017
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