(Mansur Kothia, Karachi)


Founder Member of Su Jok Therapy Center & Acupressure / Acupuncture Research, Treatment & Training Center, Pakistan Mr. Mansur Kothia Explains this Magical Method of treatment Su Jok therapy was introduced by Prof. Park Jae Woo of South Korea. The Korean word ‘SU’ means Hand and ‘JOK’ means Foot Thus Su Jok Therapy is a therapeutic method employing hands and feet. The effective therapeutic effects are obtained by pressing and stimulating selected points or areas corresponding to area or point of body in trouble on hands or feet.

Almost all the diseases like joint pains, Asthma, constipation, high blood pressure, migraine, diabetes, depression, paralysis, insomnia, slip disc, fits, cough and cold, thyroid, stomach and heart problems etc. can be effectively treated by using this method at home regularly by working on points or shown by the therapist.

Dr Mohammad Zikar Authorized Lecturer of Smile Health Sciences Academy added there is a type of Su Jok called Onnuri Su Jok that means hand and foot therapy for the whole world. Su Jok is a self-healing technique. “Prevention is better than cure” goes a saying Treat by yourself minor, simpler disorders and pains in the beginning. Prevents the minor ailments from development into the major diseases

Maintenance: - We do not talk about magic or immortality through Su Jok, but definitely we can master the technique of maintenance of body at any age. Once we passed through the passage of time, all of us need the maintenance. Those who understand importance of maintenance can enjoy the fruit. If one is born, he has to die but it is how one travels through the journey of that makes the difference. Though helpful it is unwise to spend one’s hard earned money through other alternative methods of healing, as they are not affordable for most of the people, so save time, effort and money.

Feel the freedom: - Enjoy the feeling of being able to help yourself. We don’t say that we should discard western medical system. Don’t ever delay to visit to the hospital if it is required. Make your presence felt but creating your own space. Be capable of helping somebody in need and make your presence felt. “If you cannot be a king, be a healer” goes a saying. When you help anybody in pain and distress you do a great deal to humanity. So be a Healer.

Learn one of the most Fundamental needs of living being.
Learn the way to make others healthy & smile. Health has always been a basic necessity in all beings. To be healthy is a sure and only way to be at par in the race of survival for the fittest. “Hand that serves are holier than the lips that pray” goes another saying.

If you think that you have the potential to open your own pain clinic to treat and educate your family members and society at large, our doors are open. All you have to do is attend our free workshops or seminar during any working day from 12.00 pm to 9.00 pm. We even have special arrangement for housewives & Senior Citizen of our Community in the afternoon spread.

Dr Mohammad Zikar further adds, We appeal to like-minded NGO’s to sponsor and train their volunteers to take up this cost effective method of treatment for the people. You are welcome to invite us for Free Demonstration & Treatment workshops or Seminar at your own schools, colleges, societies, kitty parties and clubs. Etc…

Sure cure for your Various Acute and Chronic Health problems… without needles or. Medicines; Su Jok Treatment is done only on the Hands & Foot using natural seeds, colors, moxa, stones, micro magnets, finger pressure , crystals, elastic sujok finger ring massager, hand & foot massagers and vibro-stimulators

Explaining some miraculous results in the past few months…says Founder Member Mr. Kothia, “a lady undergoing Dialysis for Kidney Failure since past 2 years… 3 times a week was able to reduce it to 2 times a week within about One month of Regular Self treatment at home only after properly training……and her Diet intake also Increased…..another Child 6 Years old how was NOT speaking at all has started to Talk without any problem since past 6 months one has to understand that It is not possible to offer Guarantees to any body we just have Full faith in the method of treatment we hope that readers would have Faith In any method that they choose to follow and Results will surely come but treatment has to be continued till we are Better”

Learn Su Jok Therapy & Save LIFE from authorized lecturers of International Su Jok Therapy Association, Moscow Academy teaching you the prescribed syllabus in 2 - 5 days. Both Mr Mansur Kothia & Dr Mohammad Zikar teach the student the genuine therapy and you can also get “genuine” Books and materials as per your requirement in the team is very widely traveled for lectures and camps all over Pakistan and Abroad

You can also use the Self Help Sujok Therapy Kit…at home for your Day to Day Problems... Also various Self Help Sujok Books Authored BY Prof Park……You can get in touch …

It’s all their in your ‘Su’ and ‘Jok’…Keep Smiling - Try Su Jok Therapy only once & it will become part of your life - It Really Makes a BIG Positive Difference in your life ….

You Can Consult Su Jok Consultant & Lecturer Daily at Smile Health Sciences Academy, Askari 1 Shopping Center, Ch Khaliquzaman Rd, Clifton, Karachi between 12.00 pm to 9.00 pm Monday to Saturday with prior appointment for Treatment & Training Materials, Lectures Awareness Camps Demonstrations in Karachi

Smile Health Sciences Academy, Pakistan
Acupressure or Acupuncture Research, Treatment & Training Center, Pakistan

Disclaimer: All information is provided here only for general health education. Please consult your health physician regarding any treatment of health issues.
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24 Oct, 2007
About the Author: Mansur Kothia

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I am Shamshad, some one told me about Su Jok visited centre at tower got treartment for two days unfortunately this is as hashly treated that i am having wound on my hand points where pressure was applied and put the metel for treatment now i am getting treatment no correge to visit the center......if there any other option pls.write sujok i am very much convence to start my own in Malir, if any one available pls.contact me cell no. 030022556050. email [email protected]
By: shamshad, karachi malir on Jun, 20 2015
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i have learned su jok from MR saleem and yes i agree this therapy is realy effective plus a very beneficial way to serve humanity
By: taha , karachi on Sep, 27 2013
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what is your address in karachi
By: GHAYASUDDIN, karachi on Nov, 20 2012
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Sir, How to learn sujok?
By: usuf, peshawar on Mar, 08 2011
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Dear sir,My name is Iqbal i visited ur shop amny times and purchased thumb pads, hand rollers etc. now i have been shiffted to Lahore about 2 years back , i m telling the people ablut sujok and also about acupressure. i need some hand rollers and rings. most of my patients are poor and needy persons. pl send me ur concessional rates for hand rollers and rings. i will send the money to my friend at karachi he will collect the articles after payments to u. pl also let me know if these things are available with somebody in lahore. pl also tell me if u have some charts showing the sujok points.
By: Mohammed Iqbal, Lahore on Aug, 16 2010
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My name is Munib-Ur-Rehman , I read an article about su-jok, therefore,I want to buy a kit for su.jok in this connection please help me, and give me your contact number please and sent on my e.mail address. Thanking you.
By: Munib-Ur-Rehman, Karachi on Nov, 10 2009
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Can you learn sujok via correspendence if so what is the cost?
By: Tina, Sydney on Sep, 20 2009
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