Terrorism in Pakistan----- How to Eradicate it

(Salman Zeb, )

Terrorism is the biggest threat to Pakistan’s progress. It roots can be traced back from 1979, when there was an effort to kick out Russia from Afghanistan. But the problem became severe after 9/11. And now in 2011, it’s become a menace for our motherland. I do not want to go into detail history of terrorism in Pakistan. But the million dollar question is: what are the ways to eradicate or to overcome this most dangerous problem. So that as a result our nation can be brought back to the road of progress in all fields of life.

The first and foremost things are the unity and commitment. These are very important to achieve an objective. All stakeholders of the society must need to unite and become committed to this one agenda…….to eradicate terrorism from every nook and corner of the country. But after a very bloody war, we still see some of the stakeholders of the society who are supporting the extremist designs of the terrorist groups. I do not clearly know what their intensions are. But one thing is very clear: that is they are working against country’s betterment. We need to bring back first these people on the right direction using the process of dialogue.

Parliamentarian can play a very constructive role in this regard. They can use their influence in the right direction to convince the people of their constituencies to say “No to all sort of terrorist activities”. They can easily inculcate in the minds of people the vision of free terrorist society and about progressive and emerging Pakistan. But it is also a fact that we still did not see any useful role from these so-called representatives of the people. It is high time they must come forward to save the future of Pakistan.

Religious leaders in any society can play an effective role in times of crises. But the case of Pakistan is different regarding war on terror. These influential leaders were in some respect close to the terrorist organizations and to their self-professed ideology in the past. But it is the requirement of time that these leaders must come forward to use their influence in the society against all type of terrorism. They can play their effective role using mosques, speeches and writings to guide the ignorant masses of the country. There is still a large section of the society in Pakistan who prefers to listen these religious leaders at any cost. So why we are not utilizing the influence and potentials of these leaders in true sense?

Civil society is another major stakeholder. It is not playing their due role against war on terror. The close observation of this modern world demands that in time of crises civil society must come to the forefront to help the state machinery. But in Pakistan it is still a missing area (war on terror) of civil society. A mass movement is required to defeat the ideologies of terrorist organizations. And civil society can lead this mass movement very effectively. But this should be a collaborative effort from all stakeholders of the society. Because working alone against this big threat….terrorism can’t bring the desired results as required.

Education is another very important way to eradicate the root causes of terrorism. The first step should be to provide uniform system of education to the masses. This system of education must be free from prejudices and sectarian violence. It also includes both religious and modern education at equal ratios. This will help create citizens having a balanced approach towards life. Although it is a very lengthy process but it is very important. Because we need to clear the minds of young generation about the extreme designs of terrorist organizations. (A few days ago a renowned professor has given a lecture on topic related to terrorism in a university. In question-answer session when he was asked about who is responsible for terrorism in Pakistan. He refused to give any comments on this question). So this attitude must be stopped right now.

Good governance is another area which needed more attention in this regard. The important work in this regard which has been done so far is only to equip security personnel’s with latest weapons and to increase their salaries, and compensation in case of casualties. But Policy makers of Pakistan (after entering into the dangerous war on terror) did not create a suitable mechanism through which terrorism can effectively be checked. For example, there is no clear data of people residing in the country. There is no check and balance on foreigner’s activities in the country. There is no effective way to check cross border terrorism from Afghanistan and Indian side. There is not sufficient training mechanism for security personnel’s to counter terrorist organizations plots. There is still time our intelligence and law and order agencies can start door to door campaign for checking and registration, and to monitor it effectively. Also institutional working should be done according to rules and regulations. This will give a sense to the citizens of the country that Pakistan’s future largely depends on good governance, and ultimately they will participate in this process.

Also there is an urgent need for the military to come forward and state explicitly the present situation regarding war on terror to all citizens of the country. This strategy will clear the minds of people. Because Pakistan is the most affected country in the world in war against terrorism.

The role of parents and teachers can’t be denied in times of crises. Because they are the main architects of nations. But we see no efforts from any side (nor from them itself) to utilize their full potentials regarding elimination of terrorism. We are not observing any type of collective efforts within homes, schools, Colleges and universities against terrorism. It is time that these builders of nation must come forward to save the country future. After all, terrorism is our common enemy, and we can’t see a prosperous Pakistan without eradicating it.

All these major efforts must be initiated at the same time and must be communicated to all citizens through electronic and print media. This is also one of the most demanding area for the media to work on. As it is also badly required from the media to channelize their work in a constructive manner to inform people how they can beat terrorist designs. After all, united approach and combined efforts for a good cause can only make a nation stronger and prosperous in all respects.

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Reviews & Comments
Dear spectator, let's portray hereof a glance of it... Hope so, you will like it...
Terrorists don't walk around in Turbans and long beards, but they wear Suits and Ties. Innocents are primarily killed by Foreign Policies which command bombs dropped from Jet planes, Tanks and naval vessels, not from suicide bombings. People who fight against this naked aggression are called terrorist. People who purport this evil upon mankind are called heroes. stop being a victim of your own ignorance.
The violence promoting media nurtures biased and partial broadcastings. The worst catastrophes in human history in the morph of carnage and massacre have been perpetrated by the so-called civilized West.
Alas, the unworthy victims, of course, Muslims, have not been projected by western Media, but the entire world felt the Paris attacks (which was the reaction to French foreign policy towards Islam and Muslims) and termed them attack on humanity. Damn to this selective humanity.
The So-called Global War on Terror has killed more than 4 million Muslims since 1990. To those who consider the Muslims scapegoats of their ill-ambitions, shall learn the bloody history of West...a glance is being portrayed herein...
1) The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was over 38 million: over 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history.
2) World War II was the deadliest military conflict in history in absolute terms of total dead. Over 60 million people were killed, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion).

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) conquered the Makkah by bloodless expedition, which gives the entire world an insight of the fabulous teachings of Islam.

We Love our Deen, We Love Islam, We Love Muslims, keep your Secularism, Liberalism, Communism, Capitalism, Socialism and your bloody and bullshit ideas & systems, don't thrust such "Isms" on us, and for us, certainly, "Islamism" is complete code of materialistic life and hereafter.

By: Noor Ahmed Durrani, Quetta on Feb, 28 2016
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I really agree with what is written and I agree with sarwar also but the thing is independence and own thinking,stance and perceptions . All of the points above are obviously appropriate but the main and obvious point is which is visible and undeniable and that is : CORRUPTION . The root to the terrorism and abasence of peace is Corruption . Unless we don't eradicate corruption it might be or it is DIFFICULT to finish and quell terrorism but not impossible so it is important to get united first and then start taking steps to ERADICATE TERRORISM
By: Sahar Raza, Quetta on Jan, 21 2016
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The Present generation (Old and young) are Terrorists!! We tried to betray ourselves by not honouring our promise of enforcing the Quraanic Code of Life in the country. The present disorder and lack of peace in the country and discontentment among the Pakistanis is mainly because of our deeds. You talk of any field, no body is prepared to work hard, perform one's duty honestly, and with complete dedication. The shortsighted Politicians are damn busy in looting the country and protecting their co-partners in looting. They get full protection through framing rules/regulations. They make fun of the poor masses whose wealth is being devoured by their leaders. If you want to Eradicate CORRUPTION deal with poiticians with heavy hand. This is the only remedy.
By: sarwar, lahore on Dec, 20 2015
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a very good article by salman beg atlaeat for those terrorist who wants to destroy our mother land we have to be unite on one completeplatform and erdicate terrorism and government also wants to be part of it...... thanku
By: quaidjohar, karachi on May, 19 2015
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Dear friends i want research on terrorism in Pakistan what can be the best headline or topic for research
By: shoukat, Islamabad on Apr, 09 2015
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well said ! but in my point of view about terrorism is clearly shows that we are divided in different union and criticize each other and also we create the terrorism by hating each other so how can we fight to terrorism because there is no any kind of love for our country on the other hand we just focus on our seat that how we can get and fulfill our pocket.
By: JAVED PEER MUHAMMAD, Karachi on Apr, 01 2015
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Nicely written, especially vocab. According to my point of view social media should play vital role to eliminate terrorists accomudation. they should not be allowed to take refuge at any part of our country.
By: Sadaqat ali, lahore on Mar, 17 2015
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Terrorism in Pakistan are increasing day by day due to some reasons i.e. unemployment, poverty, also to achievement a specific goal. this article would must be read those terrorist so that they come back in peace or prosperous Pakistan.
By: Muhammad Ilyas Ansari, Faisalabad on Mar, 01 2015
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the Article is greatly written with a great thoughts and well based on researches ,But as to me, the one who can play a vital role on this regard is our social media .unfortunately they do not pay any attention towards this though, they offers seconds on seconds any breaking news,,HOW.
By: hussain, karachi on Feb, 10 2015
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nice artical to eridicate
By: arif lucky, hunza nagar on Jan, 24 2015
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u r right can some body tell me more about that what madrass reform u would recomend to make it helpful in containing terrorism?
By: romisa, mardan on Jan, 15 2015
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the nice is said by you. we all have to unite to eradiate all this from our peaceful society.
By: M A Tahir, Muzafffarabad on Dec, 21 2014
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Your valuable strategies to curb this evil will be helpful for my beloved country,
By: Muhammad Fiaz, all Pakistan on Dec, 19 2014
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COAS can never be free of this blame; his USA visit is party to this; such acts were in his grip whn he followed the HARD LINER Genearls; Who infomed imcompo Nawaz sharif to wait till 7 Hard liner General retire; he loosen his grip over his actions after their retiement; listening to his Master resulting this disgraceful event to PAKISTAN ARMY.He will never able to forgive himself for this, it will hunt him even while sleeping, or till he awakes rom what line he has chosen.
By: kalim, CT on Dec, 17 2014
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I appreciate your thoughts but erradication portion/solution or suggestion is the one I donot agree. We should be now bold and have firm brain and Hart without feeling to go for MASS killing of these Mulas irrespective they are talban, our every day mosque molvis within country, kill all JI, molvi Fazalur rehman and others o get the country out of clanches/grip of molvis; our leaders and policticain are so scard of them that they neve take any right decision as molvidontsupport them; this all befits Isreal, India and captive country USA ( captive in hands of isreal).
We must take step like BANGLADESH PM who is wise enough to hang these mulas so as they le the politicain and leaders take decission and work.
By: hkhan, NEWYORK on Dec, 17 2014
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Bangladesh has killed innocent people. It's not a Role model. We must free Affia Siddique from USA and KILL all the RAYMOND DAVISES. Hell with all those who are at the back of such people.
By: Roohan, Pakistan on Apr, 05 2015
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You got some good points in your article but not totally good ones. I would say we need to go back to al-qur'an to learn what we need to do. The media is too focused and free to make women come out of home without any proper covering and and without mahram; they do show that in tv programs, anchors and dramas. So what has happened is that people think this is the reality, and this isn't.

The reality is that men and women have to live according to al-islaam, and qur'an wa sunnah. If we can't or won't then we wouldn't be able to eradicate the terrorism. Because there are kinds of terrorism which we think isn't but it is. Like if someone takes weapons in hand against innocent civilians or even against the govt then that is regarded as terrorism, of course it is. But if one do not takes weapons in hand but defy and deny the rights of al-qur'an upon us which is to learn and practice and preach, we think it is our right to do or not to do? In reality it is a kind of terrorism or provoking actions towards terrorism, may Allaah azza wa jallah guide us towards qur'an wa sunnah, aameen.

Unless and until we come back to what qur'an says in surah noor chapter 24 and verse 55, and surah ar'ra'd chapter 13 and verse 11 and surah al-anfaal chapter 8 and verse 53 and surah al-jaasiya chapter 45 and verse 23 we wouldn't achieve what we need to achieve..

i have mentioned all these chapters and verses, now whoever read my reply he / she needs to open up their qur'an and read these verses what Allaah azza wajallah is telling us to do.. if you didn't do that Allaah will ask you on day of judgment. Half, of work i did for you, half of work is yours, open your own qur'an to learn, how to bring change in the society..

may Allaah azza wa jallah guide me and others, aameen.
By: manhaj-as-salaf, Peshawar on Sep, 19 2014
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unfortunately nowadays our beloved country is facing the menace of terrorism which badly affect the economy of our country.the only remedial steps should be unity,education,tolerance and sense of responsibilty,untill and unless we as a nation do not adopt these measures we can not defeat terrorism from our country.
By: naeem hussain, battagram on Sep, 18 2014
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very helpful thanku
By: maryam asif, islamabad on Jul, 20 2014
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the article is good and it's based on well research, but here one thing i would like to add that we have fought against terrorism more than a decade and unfortunately have not achieved a desirable results. so from my poor knowledge i will suggest that we have to change our policy regarding terrorism, and to identify those elements of society who are backing this bloody game of terrorism. Following this approach and with the will of GOD i hope we will success. Pakistan zindabad.
By: qurban, moro on Jul, 08 2014
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We can eradicate terrorism if we will join our hand with hand and trust on Allah. we are Muslim and we born in Muslim country our religion is way of peace, we have to learn Islam, we have to know about our enemy, when we See our enemy in our eyes then we can change the Pakistan, we can do anything in our country, please join your hand with those people who want to save Pakistan and Islam..
By: khurram, islamabad on Jun, 24 2014
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