Some photos that will give you the shivers

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if you're one of those who doesn't get enough sleep, then you might want to avoid these creepy vintage photos. They'll fuel your nightmares, and they certainly won't help you in the sleep department...

Gigantic fish - This guy may not feel scared next to this fish, but we definitely are just looking at it.

Spider in your coffee - Hopefully they looked before taking a sip.

Height - Even if you don't have vertigo, this photo will give you the shivers.
Building - This can't fail to make you shudder. Let's hope he didn't slip...
Raisins or cockroaches - This is one of those situations where something doesn't contain exactly what it says on the packet...
Evil eyes - A terrifying photo of a herd of sheep.
Horrifying - This looks like part of a horror film - a dark forest and a group of masked figures. This image has circulated the internet and no one can give an explanation for it.
Acrobatics - Good team work, but you can't help feeling that something is going to go very wrong.

Ghost - How did this woman manage to bend her neck in that inhuman way? This terrifying image has intrigued many.

Reflection - Do ghosts exist? This girl's reflection definitely shouldn't look like that.

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