Strange Jobs You Might Not Know Exist

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There are some very unique job descriptions out there! Every wonder what they are? A “line straightener” may not be an “official” career that you can find in a government handbook, but somebody somewhere hired somebody else for that job, and that’s what they called it. Here are some Strange Jobs You Might Not Know Exist!

Underwater lumberjack

When trees have been covered due to flooding or diverted rivers, these people get to work.

Food expert witness

These people explain food to juries in court.


Subway building spotter

Metro systems like the London Underground pay people to walk along the lines above ground checking to make sure that no building codes are being violated (this could have deadly repercussions for the metro lines).


Parachute tester

Well, somebody has to go first…but seriously, this job isn’t that much different from test pilot or stunt man. Quite often, these people end up being soldiers testing military equipment.

Gallon gas checkers

These people make sure that the gas stations really are pumping one gallon of gas when they say they are pumping one gallon of gas.

Professional jewelry wearer

When a rich person in one country wants to sell jewelry to another rich person in a different country, they’ll sometimes pay someone to wear the jewelry from point A to point B. Of course, this can be considered smuggling…but hey, they’re rich.

Staple removers

When companies decide to go digital, they need someone to remove the staples from all of their documents so that they can be scanned. Of course, this is typically a college summer job.

Bridge driver

When you are too afraid to drive over a bridge by yourself, you can call up a bridge driving service, and they will drive over the bridge for you.

Lightbulb replacer

Big universities and companies actually employ these people.

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