Positive Facts Nobody Told Rest Of The World About Pakistan

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If you think you know everything about Pakistan being a Pakistani, well, you’re in for a certain shock – there is always more to what the eyes see and the mind knows. These are small details that matter in big places.

For decades Pakistan has been undermined by foreign elements and countries – trying to pull us down so we can crumple like most countries in the Middle East. However, what the world doesn’t realize or know is the Pakistanis are not to be messed with nor can they be toppled. In fact, Pakistan is growing faster and better than ever. We have reputed our name in every field of the world and we have the stats to prove it.

Here are some facts that make Pakistan stand out and tell its people that the country is headed in the right direction.

Pakistan is the largest contributor to United Nations’ Peacekeeping Missions

Pakistan has hosted the largest number of refugees in the world – more than any other country

Pakistan is home to the world’s largest Sea-port in the shape of Gwadar Port
Pakistan holds the world’s largest bio-metric data base in the name of NADRA
Pakistanis are the 3rd largest English speaking population in the world
We are also the 6th youth population in the world – if put together, we could form the 12th largest country in the world, just by our youth
Pakistan Army serves as the 6th largest military force in the world
We are also one of the world’s largest labor and manpower resources – cheap, but we do more work for other countries than their own people do

Pakistan is home to the world’s 7th largest pool of scientists and engineers – not to forget we outsource doctors too

Pakistan has almost 45 million students – which are more than the total populations of Australia and Canada

By 2050, Pakistan will be the 4th largest nation in the world

Currently, Pakistan is the 4th largest milk producing country in the world
We are the 7th largest trader service in the world and the 15th largest traders of goods
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