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When comparing the dramas of Pakistan and India, a truth comes out that speaks “Pakistani dramas were famous while Indian dramas are famous.”

PTV (Pakistan Television)
PTV (Pakistan Television), founded in 1964, was the first channel of Pakistan. At its early stage, just few people were available but with the passage of time more and more actors became the part of it. In short span of time, PTV turned into a platform for actors and actresses to show their potential, as it was the first institution. It had produced a lot of quality TV artists like Uzma Gillani, Mareena Khan, Saba, Talat Hussain, Shabbir Jan, Mahmood Aslam, Firdos Jamal, Humayun Saeed, and a lot more.
Famous Pakistani Dramas
Actually Pakistani Dramas were famous in past even in our neighbour countries like India etc. These were:
• Un-Kahi
• Tanhaeyaan
• Aanch
• Dhuwaan
• Bandhan
• Alpha Bravo Charlie
• Sonahray Din
Some good dramas are also being produced nowadays like:
• Anna (by Humayun Saeed)
• Castle
But nowadays the interest of people towards Pakistani dramas has been lessened, as they do not bother to see the coming dramas.

Why Are People Moving Towards Other Channels?
The simple reason is that the life has become so fast and nobody has time to see the Ads. When someone sits to see any famous drama of PTV he has to see so much advertisements too that will definitely irritate him (the audience) and he will decide to see something else to save his precious time. One more thing that I want to elaborate here is that today people have cable at their homes, delivering more than 80 channels, so it is obvious that when you have more options then things are filtered.

Star Plus – A second name of Tension
People especially women see just Star Plus 24 hours. I am surprised to know that they discuss each drama and even each scene with each other. Just take a look on few scenes:
Kumkum’s previous husband has come back, Tulsi has left the house, Sujal has died and then has come back again in the form of Dushaal, Shruti has been kidnapped. I am unable to understand that what is this. It is tension and just tension. These dramas are putting wrong impact on our Pakistani society. The people’s trust on each other is getting decreased day by day. I think a person sees a drama for entertainment but not to get tensed.

Although we have good TV artists and dramas available in Pakistan but unfortunately people want to see non-realism based dramas in which people just talk in crore.

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