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لاہور کا موسم
Lahore Weather - Lahore is the most famous city of Pakistan which has its own significance. Lahore is filled with lively people who are food lovers. The city is also popular among people of Pakistan to extreme weather conditions especially uncertain rainfalls that change the atmosphere of cit ..Read more

Lahore Weather

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Feels like: 25°
High 32°  Low 17°
Visibility 5 km Wind km/h
Dew Point 15 °C Humidity 53%
Sunrise 06:13 Sunset 17:19
Moonrise ----- Moonset -----
Lahore Weather Forecast
10:00 PM
11:00 PM
12:00 AM
5 Day Forecast
Very warm with plenty of sun
Hi 36° | Lo 18°
Hi 32° | Lo 18°
Pleasant with plenty of sun
Hi 32° | Lo 17°
Hi 32° | Lo 16°
Hi 31° | Lo 16°
Lahore Weather Map
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Lahore Weather forecast is surely the most amazing feature that we all are usually looking for. I am all thankful to the dedicated team who gave us this valuable weather forecast which is surely helpful for the ones travelling to the city.
Wadeeyat, Oct 24 2016

This page shows the lahore Weather update of the city that is very helpful for the travelers. I am sure that the page offers you much more than you can ever think of! I am really happy on this service.
shahzaib, lahoreOct 08 2016

Lahore is extremely hot, you must check weather prediction before visiting it, especially during summer, there are a lot of cases of heat sickness, so choose a day with minimum temperature peak and them visit, good luck :)
Aqsa, KamraSep 30 2016

I wish if the weather of Lahore could change, I am obsessed with this hot weather. Isn’t there any solution of it. No body plants tree here and the number of people and vehicles are increasing here day by day
Zaiba, lahoreSep 21 2016

I am travelling to Lahore tomorrow and this has been my sixth visit. I always check for weather updates before packing my bags. Weather in Lahore city is cloudy and sunny which is suitable for me.
Enaya, KarachiSep 15 2016

This is a very good and helpful website
subhan naveed, lahoreAug 05 2016

Weekly Weather Update: Latest development shows heavy rainfall expected today in Lahore and continue this week. As per latest weather update and weather analysis calculation following expected precipitation about raining in Lahore. Keep in touch with Hamariweb Weather for more updates.
4th Aug Thursday: 1 mm Rain with Thunderstorms: 60%
5th Aug Friday: 3 mm Rain with Thundershowers @ 60%
6th Aug Saturday: 2mm to 4 mm Rain with Chance of Thundershowers @ 91%
7th Aug Sunday: 5mm to 14 mm Chances of Lite showers @ 70%
Shujaat Ali, LahoreAug 04 2016

Now a days the weather of Lahore is just owesome, when raining.. I like it...!♡
Arbaz, lahoreJul 26 2016

The weather of Lahore is pleasant these days. I think that this page is surely helpful in terms of getting the right kind of information about the weather that is going to prevail in the upcoming week.
Jalal, lahoreJul 24 2016

I will be travelling to Lahore city for a business trip and this page is surely helpful in packing my luggage perfectly well. I am all happy to access the details of weather for Lahore city here.
Gul bahar, LahoreJul 15 2016

Lahore have cold weather better than Sialkot and Gujranwala but we are waiting for rain because the atmosphere is too much drier and people aren't feel good in this atmosphere it cause many disease
Alma, LahoreJul 10 2016

Due to the current weather situation in Lahore, the weather becomes very pleasant. By the grace of Allah the temperature is also decrease.
laiba, lhrJun 29 2016

Good cloudy weather but temperature is too high so please pray for rain. As per this week weather report rain expected this week and it may change down the current weather.
Mohsin, LahoreJun 27 2016

Irfan.i like cool weather.
This time so hot.
Lahori Munda, lahoreJun 26 2016

Today Morning to day of mid is so cold
i like it

Meejee, LahoreJun 22 2016

Very very Hot Not Fit for Work
irfan, LahoreJun 20 2016

good weather today
Asad , LahoreJun 18 2016

Its very hot today
faakhir khan , lahore samnabadJun 07 2016

Today is very hot
Shamshad ahmad , Lahore Jun 04 2016

Thanx almighty Allah the greatest who very kindly blessed us with every season.
M siddique, LahoreMay 31 2016

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Lahore Weather - Lahore is the most famous city of Pakistan which has its own significance. Lahore is filled with lively people who are food lovers. The city is also popular among people of Pakistan to extreme weather conditions especially uncertain rainfalls that change the atmosphere of city in minutes. Whereas summers in Lahore can range from being moderately hot to extremely hot.

Lahore Weather features five seasons that includes dusty summers that prevails from April to June during this period there are dust storms and heat wave periods for the city; pleasant spring that starts from February till April; foggy winters that starts from November till February during this season there are few western disturbances experienced that causes rain. There are rainy monsoons that start in July and remains till September, and dry autumn seasons from September till November. Talking about summers in Lahore the weather is humid and sunny.

The Lahore Weather in month of August temperature is 39 °C and lowest 13 °C. The humidity level of city these days are 74%. Lahore wind speed record minimum in November and maximum in May. The recent wind speed is around 7km/h. Heavy rain falls are expected to occur in August and the large precipitation amount is expected in month of September. Current winter in Lahore is the best time of the year when you experience chilly weather. The month of October brings 9 hours of sunlight a day, coldest daily temperature remains at 18°C and warmest daily temperature is 33°C. The month of November also experiences 9 hours of sunlight, coldest daily temperature will be 12 °C, while the warmest daily temperature is 27 °C.

Find the latest Lahore weather condition, tomorrow and 5 days temperature forecast of Lahore Weather on There are five days temperature updates with in-depth information on hourly basis are listed on this page. For latest updated of weather conditions such as Rain, Dew Point, Wind, Humidity, Sunrise and Sunset time you can visit our website at anytime or checkout today's Lahore Sunrise time and Sunset time. also gives complete Lahore Weather map with depicting temperature information.