About Junaid Jamshed

Junaid JamshedSome people are like ocean and you cannot just confine them in few words. Junaid Jamshed is one of them. A talented and spirited Naat Khu’wan, Naat and Nazm Writer, Junaid Jamshed possess mesmerizing voice that has tremendous feelings of love and devotion toward Allah Almighty that comes from within his soul.

He was a young Pakistani recording artist who came to the limelight as front man of pop group Vital Signs in 1987 with the song Dil Dil Pakistan and remained a youth icon through the 1990s. In 1999, Junaid Jamshed released his debut solo album Us Rah Par which became an immediate national hit, followed by Dil Ki Baat in 2001.Junaid Jamshed transformed into a pious and religious man as his heart and mind turned towards Allah Almighty.

Junaid Jamshed now days know as Naat Khu’wan and a scholar. He was very active in Tablighi Jamaat. He frequently travels many areas of the world and inspires Muslims and for to improve their practice of Islam. His most favorite album Badee-uz-zaman was a special and famous album of the world in Islamic Naat Field. He gained immense popularity from the recitation of Naat Sharif in his beautiful voice. People get inspired by his changed personality and he became the eye candy of all. He has released several Naat Albums that are downloaded online and are purchased from retail stores. Since then he developed interest in religion and concentrated on singing hymns. Junaid Jam shed’s debut album Jalwa-e-Janan in 2005 was followed by Mehboob-e-Yazdaan in 2006.

HamariWeb offers you Junaid Jamshed New Naats released last year and this year. His Naats are available in audio and video versions. Junaid Jamshed 2015 New Naats covers his latest collection released till date. This Ramadan you can facilitate from the soulful voice of Junaid Jamshed online with ease. Some of the most popular Junaid Jamshed Naats are Qasida Burda Shareef, Madad Ae Mere Allah, Yeh Zameen O Aasman, Teri Rehmat ki Atta, Faizan E Muhammad to name a few. You can find all new Junaid Jamshed Video Naats of 2015 on this page. You can listen to Junaid Jamshed 2015 Naat online and can download for free. You can share the favorite Naats with your family and friends.

 Junaid Jamshed Naats


Qasida Burda Shareef  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Madad Ae Mere Allah  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Aey Rasool E Amin Tujh Sa Koi Nahin  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Yeh Zameen O Aasman  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Teri Rehmat ki Atta  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Subhan Allah  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Mere Nabi Pyare  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Mere Allah Teri Yaad  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Her Shakhs Ki Gardan  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Her Sal Aata He Ramdan  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Gall Muki Na Sajan  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Faizan E Muhammad  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Aye Rasool Bujhi Na  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Allah Allah Allah  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Aj Sik Mitran Di  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Duniya Ke Ae Musafir  by  Junaid Jamshed 
La Makaan Allah  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Nabi Ki Azmat  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Ya Rajaai  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Haram Ki Hawaiin  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Qaseeda Hassan Bin Sabit  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Ae Nabi Jee  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Dua  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Ae ALLAH Tu Hi Ata  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Kamli Walay Muhammad(S.A.W)  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Ya Rab Tu  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Duniya Ka Musafir  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Ae Rasool E Ameen(S.A.W)  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Ho Karam Ki Nazar  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Dua  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Allahumma Sall E Ala  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Hai Meri Ye Dua  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Ae Nabi (S.A.W) Pyar Nabi  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Agaya Mah E Ramdan  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Rabbi Zidni Ilma  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Zawal E Muslim  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Zahoor E Mustafa(P.B.U.H)  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Tableeg E Islam  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Sifat E Sahaba(R.A)  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Rehlat E Khatmul Mursaleen  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Musalmano Ka Daur E Erteeqa  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Daur E Jehhalut  by  Junaid Jamshed 
tamanna  by  Junaid Jamshed 
badi-uz-zaman  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Tofeeq de mujhe  by  Junaid Jamshed 
musaddas-e-hali  by  Junaid Jamshed 
mera dil badal da  by  Junaid Jamshed 
jab ma kaho  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Har Lehja he  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Elahi la Tu'azzibni  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Dua e Tariq  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Habibi Rasooli Urdu  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Habibi Rasooli English  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Oh Merciful  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Nasab Mubarak Janab Muhammed (PBUH)  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Mere Allah Tu Kareem Hai  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Madinah Ko Jaiye  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Kamle Wali  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Hijrat  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Bold and Brave  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Badr ud Duja  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Qasida (Qaseeda) Burda Shareef  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Mujhe Zindagi Mein Yaarab  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Mohabbat Kiya Hai  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Mere Allah Tu Karim  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Meetha Meetha Pyaara  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Badee-Uz-Zaman  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Ae Allah Tu Hi Atta  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Aei Taiba  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Aei Rasool-E-Amin  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Madad  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Rahsah Makwa  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Yah Subh-e-Madina  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Qad Af Lahal  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Multazim Pur Dua  by  Junaid Jamshed 
jaga ji laganay  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Tune Pochi Hay  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Muhammad Ka Roza  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Jalwa-e-Janaan  by  Junaid Jamshed 
Reviews on Junaid Jamshed Naats
Ae Nabi Jee

MashaAllah junaid bhai. I met him in Chicago, he is such a nice person.

Junaid , Chicago Sat 30 Apr, 2016
Muhammad Ka Roza

Allah ham sab ko Naoki ki hidayat Karey aor apney Ahkam pe paband karey aor Mohammad S.A.W ke sunnaton par amal kareny ki toufiq Atta farmayen. AMEEEN

Anwar , swabi Sat 30 Apr, 2016
Hai Meri Ye Dua

masha Allah

sahu , kashmir india Fri 29 Apr, 2016
Qasida (Qaseeda) Burda Shareef

I remember listening to Qaseeda Burda Sharif on PTV good old days!! Thanks to HamariWeb for giving us the opportunity to listen to it again. Voice quality is superb

Nadeem , Lahore Thu 28 Apr, 2016
Meetha Meetha Pyaara

Now you can listen to this heart touching Naat Sharif Meetha Meetha Pyaara online. I want to download whole collection of my favorite Naats online on MP3 version

Laiba , Karachi Thu 28 Apr, 2016
Kamle Wali

Nice naat

Sohel Patel , surat Thu 28 Apr, 2016
Muhammad Ka Roza

Muhammad Ka Roza Naat Sharif is a nice effort for making it accessible online here. I will listen to this today and bookmark the page for future use as well.

Parveen , Lahore Thu 28 Apr, 2016

Jalwa e Janaan by Junaid Jamshed is the most amazing Naat Sharif. Heard it couple of times on TV but never thought it would be that easy to download it online here. Jazak Allah

Khalid , Lahore Thu 28 Apr, 2016
mera dil badal da

The most beautiful Naat that you will listen today is this one. Mera Dil Badal De by Junaid Jamshed is here for download. I have saved it and listen to it oftenly online.

Naseem , Lahore Thu 28 Apr, 2016
Kamli Walay Muhammad(S.A.W)

ye naat sun ke dal ko sakoon melta ha

jutt , lahore Thu 28 Apr, 2016
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