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I need a english to Urdu dictionary plz sand m....

christopher sohail , karachi Tue 25 Aug, 2015

muja english sikhni hai

sawera , faislabad Tue 25 Aug, 2015

English sekhay ga plz koi mujy hellp me

Hamad Mado , sialkot punjab Tue 25 Aug, 2015

main khud bhi kar sakhty hon . main ap ky translation speed check kar rehi thi.

sumbal , gujrat Mon 24 Aug, 2015

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sumbal , gujrat Mon 24 Aug, 2015

koi ma history ka student h aiou sy

tehmina , 092 Mon 24 Aug, 2015

I need a english to Urdu dictionary plz sand m.

guria , sialkot Mon 24 Aug, 2015


Waqar butt , Lahore Sun 23 Aug, 2015

a very good type of helper

faizan , lahore Sun 23 Aug, 2015

hi muje English sikhni h

Sanwal , kharppor Sun 23 Aug, 2015
English to Urdu Dictionary – Are you an English language learner and face difficulty in grasping tough words? HamariWeb Dictionary brings you a unique service for the language learners, English to Urdu Dictionary and Urdu to English Dictionary. This page serves as guidance for those who are not fluent in English or Urdu and find difficulty to understand phrases, or sentences can take assistance from English to Urdu Dictionary page of HamariWeb. You can simply type the words or phrases in English and search online; you will receive is meaning in Urdu within seconds. Similarly if you find difficulty in comprehending tough Urdu words, you can type them in search bar and get the accurate meaning in English. Isn’t it amazing?

English to Urdu Translation is designed by keeping in mind the need of Urdu speaking people who mainly don’t know the meanings or have a command over the English language but want to learn it with full enthusiasm. To improve your language skills a person requires excessive amount of vocabulary that allow full command over the language. With good English to Urdu dictionary you can do the subsequent things as you can look up the meaning of an English word you see or hear, discover the Urdu translation of a word in your English language, review the spelling of a word, get grammatical information about a word, you can find the synonym or antonym of a word and a pronunciation of a particular word.

This is online multi linguistic Dictionary portal. The other section of the page is Urdu to English Dictionary. Here you can find English meaning of every difficult Urdu word. Urdu to English dictionary is a significant feature that can help you to translate various tough Urdu words in simpler English. This feature suits the foreigners who are not so familiar with Urdu language. The major advantage of Urdu to English Dictionary comes when you are interpreting some significant piece of work. The difficult words of English can be translated in Urdu and for you to understand there is an audio facility also available to know the right pronunciation of a world. For the ease of people the English word meaning are also written here in Roman Urdu language as well. Urdu to English translator is the similar feature that oversees Pakistanis can use for effective communication in foreign locations.

HamariWeb present highest number of vocabulary compared from all others dictionaries. The aim of this dictionary is to teach Urdu meaning of hard and easy English words both for experts and beginners. Hamariweb.com provides the most popular and reliable Dictionary English to Urdu & Urdu to English Dictionary with roman Urdu, proper definition, antonyms and synonyms. This Online English to Urdu Dictionary is easy to use as compare to dictionary book because it has a smart search bar by which you just type the desire word , the search bar return the all meaning with no time which help you in English to Urdu Translation and Urdu to English Translation. Hamariweb.com also provides "word of the day" for that user who wants to increase their English to Urdu vocabulary. English to Urdu translation is the best feature that attracts the masses living in United States of America, UK, and Canada. The foreign residents can easily translate the difficult words into Urdu, when they communicate to Pakistanis.

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