Ice Cream Recipes – Who doesn’t like tempting ice cream? Kids and Adults have a sweet tooth for ice creams especially in the hot summers. Mothers prefer to prepare... ...Read more

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Deghi Zarda Recipe b...
Whenever I make the zarda so that not makes good I don’t know why, but now with the reference of my cousin, I came here on this site to note the new recipe to make Deghi Zarda. I hope that it will make good in taste.
yusrah - khi 4/24/2017 7:59:39 AM
Lab-e-shireen Recipe...
I made the many recipes of zubaida tariq which made very tasty and made that by easy method that’s why I am going to make this new recipe of her this lab-e-shireen
hayma - karachi 4/21/2017 1:03:44 PM
Gulab Jamun Recipe b...
Gulab Jamun by Chef Shireen is the good recipe ingredients are same as common dishes and easily available on near market so try it recommended to the entire foodie woman’s there for sweet
Tehmina - Lahore 4/20/2017 5:00:42 PM
Lab-e-shireen Recipe...
The every recipe of zubaida tariq has the big taste that everyone really like to eat that and I still follow her many recipes by this site and next time I will make lab-e-shireen
huma - karachi 4/18/2017 7:19:26 AM
Rich Bread Pudding R...
My son really likes to eat pudding, but usually I purchase it from the sweets shop because I cannot make it at home, but this time I am successful to find the easiest recipe of Rich Bread Pudding, I am noting it every steps to try it.
FAUZIA - khi 4/17/2017 6:40:02 AM
Crunchy Sweet Recipe...
This is the chef Zakir recipe of crunchy sweet recipe that looking very delicious. I love to make sweet dishes of different chefs at home, but usually I give my preference to Chef Zakir due to his expertise.
RUKHSANA - khi 4/17/2017 6:36:06 AM
Gulab Jamun Recipe b...
I never have to forget this site whenever I want to get the new and the delicious recipe of chef shireen Anwar because she gives the best recipes by the easy way
anoosha - lahore 4/15/2017 1:37:20 PM
Lab-e-shireen Recipe...
Labe E Shireen is one for the tasty dish every what many people like to east in the Off days like Sunday party and Birthday parties and I just take the recipe from this page for Tasty Lab E Shireen
Hunza - Karachi 4/13/2017 3:16:38 PM
Fruit cocktail trife...
Actually, children like colorful jelly's in different shapes, that's why I make this Fruit cocktail trifle for my children. Due to the fruits they get energy. I always use this mango custard flavor in the preparation of it.
sabeen - khi 4/12/2017 7:58:00 AM
Butter Icing Cake Re...
Masha Allah, I become an expert chef in Cake and Brownies, this time I am trying to make Butter Icing Cake recipe for that I am following the recipe of Shireen Anwar because her tips are very helpful to make any dessert perfectly.
AIZA - khi 4/12/2017 7:28:59 AM

Ice Cream Recipes – Who doesn’t like tempting ice cream? Kids and Adults have a sweet tooth for ice creams especially in the hot summers. Mothers prefer to prepare ice creams recipes of various flavors at home considering and health and hygiene of children. For such mothers, HamariWeb brings you an exclusive page for dessert recipes & Ice Cream Recipes. You can use these mouthwatering dessert recipes & Ice cream Recipes in Urdu and try them home in your ice cream machine. Flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango are easily prepared by following recipes of HamariWeb.

Ice Cream & dessert recipes can bring smile on sad faces and rejoices kids anytime. Find Dessert Recipes and Ice Cream Recipes of your choice on this page. We have added easy homemade ice cream recipes without ice cream maker, learn how to make Lava Cake, find Cream Pie and Chocolate Chunk Muffins recipe. Dessert Recipes in Urdu are easy to comprehend and can be prepared within no time. All are easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipes that you can make Desserts and Ice cream at your home. Find quick easy Ice Cream and Dessert Recipes at