Rice, Biryani, & Pulao چاول٬ بریانی اور پلاؤ Rice, Biryani, & Pulao Video Recipes
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Latest Reviews & Discussions on Rice, Biryani, & Pulao
Degi Yakhni Pulao
ayesha - khi 9/22/2015 11:08:29 PM
The recipe of degi pulao is full of taste, when I read it I feel water in my mouth. I am noting the whole way of making pulao because my whole family wants to eat it, this is a good recipe.

Hyderabadi Kachay Ghost ki Biryani, Andarsy,
Waniya - Karachi 9/19/2015 1:56:46 AM
Please do not share such type of typical recipes which is not easy to prepare at home.

Chicken Masala Biryani
sonam - khi 9/17/2015 7:54:38 AM
Last month I got this masala biryani recipe in this site which I tried and made superb, after that I have prepare it three times because my husband and my whole family like the taste of it, it is very delicious.

Hyderabadi Kachay Ghost ki Biryani, Andarsy,
omera - khi 9/17/2015 3:40:33 AM
Usually in the hyderabadi biryan kacha gosht is use, last week I made chicken biryani in the hyderabadi style which was very tasty because every one like the taste of it and ask me the way of making biryani.

Chicken Masala Biryani
anila - khi 9/16/2015 3:05:53 AM
All the members in my home appreciate me when I make masalay dar biryani, it is good in the taste as well easy to make but I am using the same quantity of all the ingredients which I see in this recipe.

Chicken Masala Biryani
daania - khi 9/8/2015 1:34:38 AM
Which kind of rice is suitable for making chicken biryani, many chefs use sela rice in the hotel but the smell of sela rice is not much good and it is also harmful for the digestive system, I want to make it.

Hyderabadi Kachay Ghost ki Biryani, Andarsy,
Sana - Karachi 9/4/2015 12:41:09 AM
What kind of dish is this and I dint like the recipe and its video. Please upload some great type of recipes here on this website.

Chicken Masala Biryani
Sana - Karachi 9/3/2015 12:07:23 AM
Chicken Masala Biryani is a common dish in Pakistan, but too much masala is not good for health.

Chicken Masala Biryani
ubah - khi 9/2/2015 6:50:34 AM
When I spread a layer of the rice in the centre and over it give a lovely smell but I fell that the other rice which I separately boiled was broken due to the steam of it so how can I do to get rid of it?

mumtaz - khi 8/27/2015 6:43:55 AM
Yesterday I eat yakhni pulao in the wedding which was delicious in the taste that’s why I feel interest to make yakhni pulao in the home with my own hands, I think this recipe is just like the same.

Rice, Biryani, & Pulao

Pakistani food rice, pulao & Biryani recipes collection. The most fascinating array of free Indian & Pakistani cuisine. Biryani is a rice based food made with spices (especially cumin, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, mint leaves, ginger and garlic)Pulao Recipes selected by the collective tastebuds of the masses from Group Recipes. Check out Biryani Recipes, Pulao Recipes & much more. Find rice, pulao & Biryani recipes in Urdu and English. Try our easy rice, pulao & Biryani recipes and make tasty food at your home.