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Bihari Kabab

Bihari Kabab is a delicious dish made up by meat mince with certain mixture of spices. It you are a true lover of BBQ you will definitely love this Bihari Kabab recipe. Warming and scrumptious Bihari Kabab is very easy to make at home all ingredients you need are Beef Meat, Spices, Onion, Yogurt, and Oil. Feel feet to give you feedback to us.
Submited by tayyaba from faisalabad
47 reviews

1) kilograms beef pasanda (thin sliced)
2) teaspoons coriander powder
3) teaspoon red pepper powder
4) teaspoons garam masala powd
5) medium onions paste
6) tablespoon mustard oil
7) cup yogurt
8) medium onion sliced
9) As per taste salt
10) scopes papaya (raw ) ground


1. When you buy Pasandas get them thin sliced about 2- 3inches wide 4 inches in length.
2. Two medium onions that you have sliced should be fried brown and crushed by hand.
3. Now mix well all the above ingredients and the beef with your hand.
4.leave to marinate for about 6-8 hrs in the fridge.
5. Then put the meat in the skewers( folded in layers).
6. Close held together.put the meat over heated charcoal turning it regularly till meat is barbecued from all the sides.
7. Serve it hot with paratha and raita.

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Reviews & Discussions - Bihari Kabab
I remember I ate Bihari Kabab once in a whjile in any resturent those were so spicy that my mouth got burn.

Zulfi - Karachi 10 Jul, 2015

This is spicy but delcious dish I like to eat on special occassions just and my mom make very good Bihari Kabab.

Sanam - Peshawar 09 Jul, 2015

Love the Bihari Kebabs. I think your recipe is easy to make and will not take too long to prepare. I ll make it and share my experience

Huma - Multan 19 Jun, 2015

Last time I make bihari kabab by using the same recipe but I think I choose a piece of beef in some different area because it disturb the teeth.

zahida - khi 19 Jun, 2015

According to the recipe of chef zakir I like the taste of bihari kabab but in this recipe there is some changes which I noted, I will make with it also.

Khalida - Lahore 10 Jun, 2015

I am not a fan of Spicy food it create problem for metabolism and I would suggest people not to eat such spicy food.

Zulfi - Karachi 02 Jun, 2015

Bihari Kabab is so spicy as it is made up of different spices.

Nashrah - Karachi 26 May, 2015

I love spicy food therefore m fond of birhari type of dishes.

Aisha - Islamabad 22 May, 2015

The duration of making bihari kabab is very long, please any one tell the easy way to make it.

Uzma - Lahore 17 May, 2015

In the whole continent this is a most popular dish but when i eat in the northern areas in the tour, i never eat this type of taste.

zeenat - khi 20 Mar, 2015

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Bihari Kabab - Above is the Bihari Kabab recipe by which you can make Bihari Kabab easily anywhere around the world. All the ingrediants & method are provided for your assistance. Enjoy the delicious of Bihari Kabab recipes at Hamariweb.com