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Afghani Kabab With Tomato Gravy
fareen - khi 9/5/2015 1:06:31 AM
Tomato gravy is very important to eat afghani kabab because this chutni gravy increase the taste of kabab too much but there is also a few changes in the recipe of kabab just like shami kabab recipe.

Handi Kabab
zoha - khi 9/5/2015 12:56:04 AM
For making handi kabab I feel difficulty to include the garam masal quantity in this dish because In the recipe it is not clear that when I use the garam masala and in which quantity that’s why I am worried.

Keema Mattar
zareena - khi 9/5/2015 12:33:38 AM
How can I do to decompose piece in no more time? Actually while making keema muttor and the muttor pulao I noted that some times muttor take much time to cook, my children is eager to eat muttor.

Raj Shahi Koftay Recipe by Shireen Anwar
ismat - khi 9/4/2015 4:25:05 PM
Any time I noted that my koftay according to this recipe becomes very hard, it is good because it cannot break into the gravy but you know its hardness also tease every one to take a bite, how can I do?

ifsah - khi 9/4/2015 4:10:54 PM
Brain masala is superb in the taste, I specially like because my husband wants to eat it with roghni paratha, it becomes very good in the taste but I also wants to share an easy way to wash brain next time.

Kaleji Recipe
Alena Khan - Lhr 9/4/2015 9:31:13 AM
I need very spicy & tasty kaleji recipe, this one seem old method but i will try it also.

Nargisi koftay
Huda - Karachi 9/4/2015 12:57:10 AM
Nargisi Khoftay is not easy to make especially when you stuff eggs in it. People mostly face that there Khoftas break while stirring them in gravy.

Hyderabadi Tala Hua Gosht
Amina - Multan 9/4/2015 12:54:49 AM
Some time fried Ghost also looks good if you are not in mood to eat such type of dishes like gravy. You can even eat this dish with Rice.

Saba - Karachi 9/4/2015 12:51:42 AM
Shami Kababs are simple and great dish you can’t simple ignore them. It tastes delicious with Pulao and even with Biryani type of dish.

Chapli Kabab
Fareeda - Karachi 9/4/2015 12:19:47 AM
Chappli Kabab is so common that you can now easily make this in your home by following this simple recipe.

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