Ethnicity Submissions

Yahoo! Groups - Afghan Pashtuns United
- Community group for intellectual interaction and development regarding Pashtuns and Afghanistan
Yahoo! Groups - World Pakhtun Foundation
Moderated discussion forum with archives and links.
Chach Pathans
Provides information about the Chach Pathan community of Attock, Punjab.
Pakhtun Unity
News, music, poetry and information about the Pakhtuns and the Pakhtoon World Foundation
Tribes of Indus Kohistan
Lesser known Shin, Yashkun, Kamin, Gabara and Chilis tribes of Indus valley.
Information about the origins, history, culture and traditions of Pashtun/Pashtoon/Pathan people, known as Pakhtuns/Pukhtuns where they live in Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India and Iran.
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