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Daily Mashriq is an Urdu Pakistani Newspaper, published from Peshawar, provincial head of KPK. It is also available online through Daily Mashriq online website. The Editor-in-chief of Daily Mashriq is Syed Ayaz Badshah while the CEO is Mr. Syed Zahir Ali Shah. The head office of Daily Mashriq is located in Bilal Town, GT Road Peshawar city. Daily Mashriq Newspaper is regarded as one of the most authentic source of getting accurate news and information, and currents happenings in the country. Elites and educated class of KPK prefers to read Daily Mashriq newspaper.

Daily Mashriq is not only the source of providing current affairs but you can search out daily news related to politics, entertainment, sports, and jobs opportunity in Peshawar, Quetta and all over of Pakistan. It has branches are in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Daily Mashriq presents breaking news updates, sports, cartoon and articles columns plus Sunday Magazine and Khawateen edition as well. The online users can read Daily Mashriq e- newspaper online in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad editions. This page offers you details about Daily Mashriq and its online website that you can browse and read this newspaper online. The readers of KPK can subscribe to Daily Mashriq for all the latest updates.

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I don’t like the newspaper because I don’t like politics I only like the movies and dramas daily evening I see the movie on the internet .
saleem, khiWednesday, September 21 2016

This news channel is good for knowing anything that did in our country thanks for offering me this website I really like to read this
sheena, feslabadMonday, September 19 2016

Daily Mashriq is published from which city I mean can we access this newspaper in Multan city as well? I am all looking forwards to subscribe this newspaper. Thanks for offering me this relevant details. Will check the website too. Thanks
Marium, KarachiSaturday, September 03 2016

Daily Mashriq is here to give you all the authentic news and information that you are looking for. Thanks to this website for offering us details online about Daily Mashriq. I am pretty sure about this website. Thank you so so much for this brilliant offer. I am going to subscribe it for sure.
Kanwal, KarachiFriday, September 02 2016

کسٹم پشاور ميں بھرتی اور بیقاعدکیاں ـ کلکٹر کے ماتحت عملے نے جعلی دستاویزات پر من پسند افراد کو آکے کروایاّ۔ ھوس کے پجاریوں نے مزموم ارادوں کی تکمیل کے لۓ وبرو اور جوان دوشیزاؤں کو کاغذات کی جان پڑتال کے بغیر میرٹ پر لانے کے لۓ کمالات دکھاۓ۔ جوان لڑکیوں کے موبائل نمبروں کےحصول پر مجنون آپس میں لڑنے لکے۔ جانچھ پڑتال نہ ہونے کی بناء پر دھشت کردوں کے بچے بھی بھرتی ہونے میں کامیاب۔ شرفاء کے بچے محروم رہ کۓ۔ عوامی حلقوں کی جانب سے غیر جانب دارانہ تحقیقات اورامیدواروں کے اسناد کی جانچھ پڑتال تک بھرتی روکنے کا مطالبہ۔ بھرتی نہ روکنے کی صورت میں متاثرین کی جانب سے راست قدم اٹھانے کی دھمکی۔
Spring, PeshawarThursday, June 02 2016

I have been hearing such good things about this Urdu newspaper titled Daily Mashriq! I am thinking to read about it and then get it subscribed! I am all happy to learn about this newspaper through your platform!
Erum Khan, LahoreMonday, February 08 2016

Daily Mashriq news paper is the famous news paper of Peshawar, many times I browse this news web to get update with current news but I never read the megazine of daily mashriq.
luqman, khiTuesday, February 02 2016

I just read the head line news in daily mashriq news paper regularly, it is also a famous news paper but I n karachi only the express and jang group news papers are famous due to the authentic news.
kuzay, khiThursday, October 15 2015

I daily read the online news paper in this site and get the cureent news. It is such a great news from the saudi government that they announce the ten lakh saudi riyal for the martyrdom of hajj, I appreciate this act.
adnan, khiThursday, September 17 2015

Daily Mashriq is yet another amazing newspaper that covers the details about the latest happenings and news report about events. The E paper of Mashriq is totally amazing service for people like us who cant buy paper daily.
Jameel Khan, KarachiSaturday, September 12 2015

Daily Mashriq is an phasto newspaper if am not wrong as i never seen this name anywhere in Karachi.
javed, karachiSaturday, September 05 2015

Total how many newspapers are circulating in Pakistan. Please also mention the total number of newspaper working in Pakistan.
Sameer, LahoreMonday, August 10 2015

Daily mashriq Is based on the peshawar news paper which is also a famous news paper of pakistan. Usually I read the news by browsing it in the internet, I like the name also.
Ahmed Abbas, karachiThursday, August 06 2015

Is this Newspaper circulates in Karachi as well please inform?
Hunain, KarachiTuesday, May 19 2015

I Would like to forward my submission through your esteemed source of media to the chief justice high court peshawar KPK that we worked as a program producer at Radio station wana SWA and Razmak NWA in very critical situation since August 2004. in May 2013 FATA secretariat terminated all staff of three radio stations Razmak and Miranshah North wasirisran and Khyber due to fund. we all the three radio stations staff went to peshawar high court for justice but our case pending from the last one years date pa date plz chief justice peshawar high court give us justice as soon as possible.
Hafiz Pirzada
producer Radio Razmak NWA
Hafiz Pirzada, LahoreSunday, January 11 2015

If army staff member is convicted in criminal case in civil duridictins,why he is not tried in civil courts. But under which law civil servant is treated and punished ? The present regime must present amendments in the Constitutional Law that No army Chief dare to occupy civil government in Pakistan, as in India Indian army does not dare to interfere in the matters of civil government for ever and after retiring, they should not be adjusted in various department of the country. Only retired civil servants must be adjusted. Pakistan cannot afford any more MARSHAL LAW in Pakistan.
Muhammad Younus Butt , LahoreSaturday, July 06 2013

I would like to forward my submissions through your esteemed and respectable sources of Media to the higher authorities in Pakistan as I have been very hard that my story of grievances might be listened but so far I am helpless, but I did not loose my efforts till now and suddenly your grace media came to my mind for trying here my luck.In 1981 in P.I.A my services were dispensed without any justification vide letter NoFSD/PER/P=40239/81 dated 13.9.81 and my case is still pending in Joint Secretary v1 Ministry of Defense, Rawalpindi Letter No.1/350/CC/2008 dated 27.8.2008 may I request Mian Nawaz shafir to void this order and my services in P.I.A may be re-instated
Muhammad Younus Butt, LahoreWednesday, June 12 2013

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