The festive season is approaching as Eid ul Fitr moon is about to sight. The shopping and preparations are at peak. The most happening thing about this Eid is food. The festival is... ...Read more

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Special Masala Mutto...
This chef every recipe is very delicious I really like his every recipe but now days I want to eat yakhni pulao so please tell me the yakhni pulao recipe
zobia - islamabad 9/24/2016 8:09:05 AM
چاول کی کھیر
Chawal ki kheer is a very tasty dish usually my mother make it to me and my little sister because we are really like it chawal ki kheer
nazia - feslabad 9/23/2016 2:17:15 AM
Special Masala Mutto...
My mother make the delicious Mutton Karahi that me and I am going to make this Special Masala Mutton Karahi for my Mother and I thought taht she will like it very much what I deserve
Aniqa - Karachi 9/21/2016 5:34:10 PM
چاول کی کھیر
My family don’t like to eat this Chawal ki Kheer but I am really appreciated this recipe and the person who add this recipe from this page
Seerat - Karachi 9/21/2016 10:03:30 AM
Rasmalai is my favorite sweet dish. Best recipe of cooking I ever seen on any website. thumbs up for .i saved your recipe and I will must try.
zahra - multan 9/21/2016 7:56:43 AM
چاول کی کھیر
The recipe posted here seems authentic and unique to me.I just made it and it's delicious.
syeda - lahore 9/20/2016 9:39:48 PM
Special Masala Mutto...
I am a pure vegetarian so I don’t like mutton and beef I only like many kind of vegetables but my sister is really like any type of meat
samia - karachi 9/18/2016 4:55:16 AM
Yakhni wala pulao
I really like any type of dish who made for rice and yakhni pulao I like it very much my grandmother makes the any type of pulao she is a very best chef in my family
sheema - pindi 9/15/2016 1:34:34 PM
Hunter beef
I really like beef meat but I don’t like chicken tomorrow I will make the hunter chicken by following this chef’s recipe because on this page hunter beef recipe looking very delicious
hooria - quita 9/15/2016 1:30:09 PM
Yakhni wala pulao
I just making Yakhni Wala Pulao with my mother hand recipe because it is give me the real taste of Yakhni Wala Pulao what I didn’t taste on any restaurant
horain - karachi 9/11/2016 10:38:08 AM

The festive season is approaching as Eid ul Fitr moon is about to sight. The shopping and preparations are at peak. The most happening thing about this Eid is food. The festival is incomplete without sweet, yummy and traditional food prepared and served to the guests. Families prepare Eid recipes for dinners and dawats. The Eid Recipes Pakistani includes main course meal, appetizers, salads, desserts and one and only Sevaiyan! Eid Recipes dessert includes Kheer, Firni, Seviyan, Sheer Khurma that are loved by all. These are a must for your Eid table. Chef and cooking experts also prepare some unique dishes in this reagrd. Eid Reicpes by Shireen Anwer are most searched by the users. Find Eid Special recipes in Urdu and Make Eid Special foods on Eid Day and make your Eid special. Here you will find Eid special cooking recipes in Urdu and English along with tips and guides. Eid Special corner contains Eid Special sweet dish recipes, chicken dishes recipes, Special Biryani Dishes recipes, Fish, Cakes, Homemade biscuits and many other special Eid recipes. Make your Eid special by trying our special Eid Recipes and share love with your friends and family. Ramadan & Special Occasions. Eid Recipes 2015 includes the latest, unique and mouthwatering dishes that you can prepare for your Eid table this year. Eid recipes in Urdu are posted on this page and can be assessed with ease.