chawal ki kheer

Chawal ki kheer recipe is a thick and creamy rice dessert popular in India and Pakistan. It is an elegant kheer recipe made with rice, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, and coconut slices for garnish. Condense milk can be an added to make it more thick. Decorate this delicious chawal ki kheer with Almonds, Khishmish, Pista and Coconuts.

(by Sabeen from karachi)

• چاول 1/3 کپ
• دودھ ڈیڑھ کلو
• چینی حسب پسند
• پسی ہوئی الائچی تین عدد
• ناریل کٹا ہوا تھوڑا سا

ٹوٹے ہوئے چاول دھو کر تین گھنٹے کیلئے بھگو دیں پھر ہاتھوں سے خوب مسل لیں تاکہ باریک ہو جائیں۔ اسی پانی میں آدھ گلا یا مکمل گلا لیں پھر اتار کر دودھ ملا لیں اور چمچ چلا کر پکائیں۔ گاڑھی ہونے لگے تو چینی حسب پسند شامل کر دیں الائچی بھی ڈال دیں۔ ناریل کاٹ کر ڈالیں۔ چینی کا پانی خشک ہونے پر اتار لیں۔ ٹھنڈا ہونے پر کھائیں۔ چاول ابالے بغیر بھی کھیر پکائی جا سکتی ہے اس میں یہ خیال رکھیں کہ چاول اچھی طرح گل جائیں۔ آنچ تیز نہ کر یں اور پانی کی جگہ دودھ زیادہ ڈالیں۔


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sumayya - karachi 4/21/2017 12:57:31 PM
The easy recipe of Chawal Ki Kheer is available at this website you can easily searching for the best Chawal KI Kheer recipe at this place and make it for your kids
Zainab - Karachi 4/17/2017 4:23:03 PM
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Shumailah - Karachi 4/13/2017 3:09:48 PM
I can make this Chawal ki kheer by the different method who is quite difficult that’s why I don’t make it usually but this is the easy way to make Chawal ki kheer
seemna - lahore 4/11/2017 1:35:29 PM
Kheer is one of the traditional Indian dessert recipe. From one of the many varieties chef Seema shows us how to make delectable and mouth watering Rice Kheer in quick and easy way.
sarim - oslo 3/30/2017 8:28:17 PM
Creamy texture with full of wholesome ingredients like, almonds paste and rabri make this pudding more delicious. Preparing rice pudding is the best way that you could possibly make with left over rice.
dua - rahim yar khan 3/19/2017 9:27:21 AM
chawal ki kheer is so yummy my mother make very deliciously chawal ki kheer and everyone fan of her cooking.
bilal - Naran 3/14/2017 10:35:53 PM
Kheer is one of those classic desserts that don't require an occasion. This is an absolutely delicious recipe which will surely make you win everyone's heart.
nawaz - shadiwaal 3/6/2017 9:33:45 PM
Mostly peoples are really like to eat this sweet dish of chawal ki kheer and this is the new method to make it more deliciously
nasra - lahore 2/28/2017 1:43:32 PM
Kheer is a desi dessert that is made by the combining of rice, milk and sugar. The level of sugar may varied according to taste.
arooj - san francisco 2/27/2017 9:28:33 PM

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