murgh musallam

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Submited by mrs moeed from karachi

chicken(whole) 1
• yogurt 1 pao
• red chilli 2tsp
• salt 1tsp
• garam masalah 1tsp
• oil 1 1/2 cup

yogurt main 1 pao water add karain gay.achi tarah mix karain chilli salt garam masalah pisa hoa oiladd karain gay r achi tarah mix karain gay r chicken p phela dain gay.achi tarah masalah mix karain gay chicken p cut lagain gay ta k masalah achi tarah lag jay.24 hours k liyay masalah laga k rakh dain gay.pan main chicken samait tamam masalah laga hoa dalain gay r dhemi anch p paknay k liyay rakh dain gay.chicken p masalah phelatay rahain gayjab dahi ka pani khushk ho jay chicken gal jay oil upe a jay to serving bowl main nikal dain gay.chawal , khatti daal salad r raita k sath serve karain gay


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murgh musallam Recipe

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