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Chicken Nuggets Reci...
Gave a lot of money to K&Ns and Menu and other such companies that have a slogan of healthy chicken but believe me nothing compares to fresh un-processed chicken, make nuggets/ tender pops at home and stay healthy.
Dilawar - Chimmo 9/30/2016 10:26:51 AM
Chicken Malai Boti R...
Malai chicken tastes great and always a bit expensive at hotels but its a lot cheap if you make it at your home, its cleaner, its healthier and tastier. Its heavy though, cant eat too much of it because of cream.
Maria - Lahore 9/30/2016 10:24:50 AM
Achaar Gosht
This recipe of Achar Gosht is really delicious my mother very like to eat this recipe and asked me that how could you made it
Naila - Karachi 9/29/2016 4:24:06 PM
Chicken Nuggets Reci...
Every month my father have get the big pack of nuggets my family really like it but I don’t eat this because I don’t like any item of the chicken
shaina - feslabad 9/28/2016 2:34:04 PM
مرغی کا قورمہ
I want to cook food but my mother tells me that I am a little girl so I can’t cook food she is very good cooker her every dish really very tasty
rani - karachi 9/28/2016 2:32:51 PM
Chicken Malai Boti R...
Yesterday night my brother made the chicken malai bolti but this photo of malai boti looks very delicious next time I will try this recipe by shereen anwar
fouzia - karachi 9/28/2016 2:32:30 PM
Spicy Chicken Broast...
Zubaida tariq is a very experienced chef .her recipes are mind blowing. i always try her recipes and every recipe give me a good taste.
Hadia - rawalpindi 9/28/2016 3:13:21 AM
Achaar Gosht
achaar gosht is my favorite dish, chicken is in fridge and now I am checking recipes to do something with it. Aah will try this recipe.
jaazba asad - lahore 9/27/2016 12:45:06 AM
Spicy Chicken Broast...
Zubbaida tariq is the very best chef in whole Pakistan and her every recipe is really very delicious I want to know the chicken nuggets recipe by zubaida tariq
sania - thatta 9/24/2016 8:09:49 AM
Chicken Malai Boti R...
On this page the malai boti looks very delicious and tasty. Shireen anwar is a very nice chef her every dishes very tasty I want to know the yakhni pulao recipe by shreen anwar
hani - quita 9/23/2016 2:27:10 AM

Chicken Recipes in Urdu - Chicken or poultry is a basic ingredient for Pakistani food. Chicken is equally loved by children and adults. Mothers at home prefer to make chicken recipes like Chicken Karahi, baked chicken, fried chicken roast, Chicken Salan, Chicken Curry, Chicken Korma, Boneless chicken, Chicken Curry, Chicken Biryani and lot more. Apart from the usual chicken recipes some of the yummiest chicken recipe dinner is available on this page. It covers the unique chicken recipes video that you can prepare for lunch and dinners. You can find delicious Chicken recipes for Ramadan 2015. Decorate your dining table this Ramadan with delicious Indian and Pakistani Chicken recipes.

Find Chicken recipes and make it cook at your home just by following the simple recipe of Chicken, Poultry given below. You will find Chinese chicken dishes, Italian chicken dishes, baked chicken, fried chicken roast, chicken nuggets recipe, chicken Salan, chicken Curry, chicken Karahi recipe and very simple and Easy Chicken Recipes. Grilled Chicken Recipes Chicken is one of the most sought after foods to hit the grill. It is healthy, cheap and incredibly tasty Best chicken recipes on the internet World’s largest chicken recipe website. Try our simple Poultry and Chicken recipes.