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Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Chicken Nuggets Recipe - Are you the fan of chicken nuggets? Juicy, crispy and tasty chicken nuggets are prepared with chicken boneless cubes mixed with butter to give it an ultimate taste. Now you can prepare delicious chicken nuggets at home with ease. Chicken nuggets is prepared easily and served as evening snack with sauce. Children and adults love to have chicken nuggets. Get the easy Chicken Nugget recipe on HamariWeb.
Submited by Rameen Malik from Multan
39 reviews

• 1-1/2 Pounds boneless chicken breast
• 4 tbsp Butter
• 3/4 Cup finely crushed Ritz crackers
• Salt and pepper to taste


• Pound chicken breast with mallet until 1/2-inch thick, then cut it into pieces as required.
• Heat butter in a pan and dip chicken pieces, one at a time.
• Then roll chicken in cracker meal till each piece is fully coated.
• Bake the coated pieces for 10 minutes in center of oven until chicken is turned crisp.

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Reviews & Discussions - Chicken Nuggets Recipe
I am noting all the ingredients which is necessary for the preparation of chicken nuggets because my children insist me to make chicken nuggets. I hope I can make in the same way which I bring from the market.

rania - khi 19 Jan, 2016

My children love to eat fast food but I prefer to give them healthy food. I think a mixture of both and that I found in Chicken Nuggets Recipe posted on this page. I will make the nuggets from this recipe!

Parveen - Karachi 15 Jan, 2016

There is no sweet dish like Kulfi and especially the Malai Kulfi. I like this recipe it seems easy I will try this one in home.

Saba - Karachi 10 Jul, 2015

I was looking for some new recipe to make for my children for Iftar. Chicken niggets is surely a good choice. I will make it for this today with your reicpe. Thank you for sharing

Nuzhat - Lahore 19 Jun, 2015

Chicken nuggets is also a healthy desert which I want to make in the iftari that is why I am noting the recipe of it, its look tasty.

sabeeha - khisa 15 Jun, 2015

I like chicken Nuggets that are filled with cheese I make it at home and my sister eat all like crazy.

Huda - Karachi 15 Jun, 2015

I will make chicken nuggets in this recipe in the month of the ramadan, it is very good in the taste anf every peoples wants to eat because it is very light.

Sidra - Lahore 10 Jun, 2015

My daughter is like chicken nuggets to much she is just 5 years old and she cries if dont make chicken nuggets. She is like wants what she wants at the time.

Zubia - Karachi 08 Jun, 2015

Chicken Nuggets are my favorite snack I do eat them while I am on diet.

Zeena - Karachi 05 Jun, 2015

Chicken Nuggets are the best snacks for children I made chicken Nuggets every day on this wish of my children.

Najia Ashraf - Islamabad 02 Jun, 2015

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Chicken Nuggets Recipe - Above is the Chicken Nuggets Recipe recipe by which you can make Chicken Nuggets Recipe easily anywhere around the world. All the ingrediants & method are provided for your assistance. Enjoy the delicious of Chicken Nuggets Recipe recipes at Hamariweb.com