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Urdupoint.com - UrduPoint is one of the famous Urdu based web portal of Pakistan. This website promotes good quality Urdu content in form of news. The font of website is so understandable and readable, so people easily read news published on site. It is a pure Urdu dynamic website that offers Urdu services in different styles and provides unique contents. This site is especially for Urdu lover. This site contains Political news, Urdu articles, Online T.V, Urdu chat room, Islamic Info and much more. Urdu Point is a main source for the ones who like to read and write in Urdu. They can enjoy the privilege to get wide variety of knowledge and entertainment sections provided by Urdu Point. This site contains other sub sites as well includes eMarkaz, SMSMarkaz and HulChul. UrduPoint is also planning to launch Pakistan’s first WebTV project.

You can find all the related details of Urdu Point available online on HamariWeb Directory. All information which is provided here is authentic and gathers from different right sources. You can get the latest updates of UrduPoint by visiting their Official Website mentioned on this page. Stay connected with HamariWeb Directory for latest updates.
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This site contains Political news, Urdu articles, Online T.V, Urdu chat room, Islamic Info and much more. Urdu Point is a main source for the ones who like to read and write in Urdu.
noman, gujranwalaFriday, October 14 2016

urdu point is a big platform here you can find any kind of information that you like. I daily search some literature work from this page because I really have interest in literature and like to read daily something on literature.
iqbal, islambadTuesday, October 11 2016

Urdu point.com.pk official website is available there so get the right link address from this page and learn everything you want
zoha, khiFriday, October 07 2016

This website promotes good quality Urdu content in form of news. I just read this page on in office because there is no availability of news and I am eager to read the news on morning.
firdos, shekhoporaFriday, October 07 2016

this website promotes good quality Urdu content in form of news. The font of website is so understandable and readable, so people easily read news published on site.
zobia, islambadMonday, October 03 2016

This is a big platform for urdu lovers because here is available every kind of information that will be helpful for them.so must visit this website one time. Hope you like it. i also daily visit this site and check the latest stories.
Asmara, lahoreThursday, September 29 2016

This is the very help full page for him who know the any Urdu meaning and read the poetries and Urdu translation of any word.
rahat, khiTuesday, September 27 2016

This is the very nice page usually I use this page for checking any update and any news. This site is really very helps me any time
rabeel, karachiSaturday, September 24 2016

I really like Urdu poetry I have many stock of the Urdu poetries books and I really like this page who show the beautiful Urdu poetries
shanzai, feslabadFriday, September 23 2016

This is very nice page when I saw this page I feel very happy to this because it is very helpful for me to knowing any meanings and any news so I really like it
sara, karachiSaturday, September 17 2016

This page really helps me to find the authentic website because sometimes we didn’t get what we want on Google easily but is the perfect way to go with superb website
Azam, KarachiWednesday, September 07 2016

Urdu point is a good website overall and I am really impressed by the way it is covering every latest happening in the country. I check their website on regular basis now and is all impressed by the way they are reporting news and current affairs. My favorite website it is.
Nadeem, LahoreFriday, September 02 2016

For the videos and the entertainment, this urdupoint.com is also superb where we watch all the current news as well feel happy to see the entertaining videos and updates.
Hammad, LahoreMonday, August 29 2016

Urdu point is so fake! I used to check this website for latest news and information but I usually don’t end up getting the right one. I have realized that the information posted here is not authentic. Be aware guys.
Erum Khan, KarachiWednesday, June 22 2016

Those who want to get any news in urdu language, this urdupoint web page is awesome where we find all the breaking news iin urdu language.
raza, khiThursday, May 19 2016

Urdu point is just like a news web page where we can find the news of all the political and sports activities but this web usually based on political news and information.
Talat, khiFriday, April 29 2016

urdupoint.com.pk make usually based on any political news, in the facebook page of urdupoint I get very interesting news and videos which I like.
kinza, khiSunday, April 24 2016

After watching the videos in the URL of funmaza.com I like the Facebook page of it, in which I get all the funny videos. This site videos streaming is also very fast.
Raqab, karachiSunday, April 17 2016

In the facebook page of urdupoint.com, we can watch every sorts of videos specially in the current topic. With the help of it I can get authentic breaking news as well.
Tahir, khiMonday, April 04 2016

Urdupoint is good news website i receives its news update from this facebook page. I stay in touch with all type of news including political, sports and education but sometime it hesitate when lot of update receives on wall.
Saima, KarachiThursday, March 17 2016

I have subscribed Urdu Point on Face Book and have been getting all the latest news updates on regular basis. Urdu point keeps me updated about current happenings every day. Everything is available in Urdu on this page.
Hina, HyderabadTuesday, March 08 2016

urdupoint.com is the most informative browser which I browse when I want any news but the main issue is about the streaming of this facebook page, it is very slow.
kamran, khiSunday, March 06 2016

Such a nice work for peoples
qaisar awan, sargodhaSaturday, February 20 2016

urdupoint.com is such a best site to get the news, usually I browse this site as well some times I also watcht the videos in the facebook page.
dawood, khiTuesday, February 16 2016

For the news and information about the current affairs urdupoint.com is always in the top. I prefer this link and also like the videos which I watch in this site.
faraz, khiWednesday, February 10 2016

Now a days i just browse this site to get the current updates of cricket. I never miss any PSL match and news of cricket specially PSL.
arshad, khiTuesday, February 09 2016

Many times i browse the videos in the page of urdupoint.com, the streaming of the videos is very slow as well the ad is also very long.
sadaf, khiMonday, February 08 2016

Now a days I just browse urdupoint.com to get the sports news, I specially like to watch PSL matches as well U19 matches.
hussain, khiFriday, February 05 2016

In every news channel and news web page just only news about PIA privatization, I think privatization is a good step of our government, we should support it.
hussain, khiWednesday, February 03 2016

It is quiet difficult to find the person who fired in the protest of PIA employers but I am sure that he is not a rangers or police man.
Qasim, khiWednesday, February 03 2016

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