Mango Souffle

Mango Souffle – Now you can prepare delicious food at home within no time. Find the yummy Mango Souffle recipe online on this page. The ingredients and method to prepare is listed on the page. Follow the recipe as it is to get the perfect aroma and taste.

Submited by saba from karachi

Evaporated milk 1 tin
• Mango pulp 1 cup
• Sugar 4 tbsp
• Gelatin powder 1 tbsp (dissolve in 1/4 cup water)
• Water 1/4 cup
• Pineapple jelly 1 packet( dissolve in 1 cup hot water set aside for cool)

1.Put all ingredients in a blender, blend it for 2 minutes or until all the ingredients are unified in the blender.
2. Pour mixture in a bowl and refrigerate it for 2 hours.
3. Then un mouled freez mango smoothie in a platter.
4. Garnish with mango slices, cherries, sprinkle crushed nuts over souffle and serve.


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You never have eat this type of sweet dish just like it mango soufflé that’s has the brilliant taste which everyone must like to eat that eagerly, in this mango season I will definitely make it.
NIDA - khi 4/17/2017 7:55:26 AM

Mango Souffle Recipe

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