Namkeen Gosht Recipe

Namkeen Gosht Recipe is a traditional meat dish regarded as a specialty of Peshawar. It is a prepared with mutton, green chilies, onions, ginger garlic, yogurt, salt, cardamom, cinnamon, whole red chilies, and green chilies. Namkeen Gosht Recipe can be served with Roti or Chapatti on lunch or dinner parties.
Submited by Nighat Ansari from karachi

• Mutton 1 kg
• • Green chilies 6 nos fine chop
• • Onion 2 large size fine chop
• • Ginger garlic 2 tbs
• • Salt 1 1/2 tea spoon
• • Water 1 liter
• • Yogurt 750 grm
• • Cardamom large 8 nos
• • Cinnamon (dar chini) 7 stick
• • Whole red chili 12 round shapes
• • Oil 1/2 cup
• • Green chilies and green coriander for garnishing

1. Take deep pan put mutton, onion, ginger garlic and all spices beside whole red chilies add water. Cover pan with lid cook for 35 minutes.
2. Add oil in mutton stir well until oil become on top.
3. Whip the yogurt and put into mutton add whole red chilies cover with lid cook until the mutton become tender garnish with chilies and coriander

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Reviews on Namkeen Gosht Recipe
Namkeen gosht is just like same of balochi gosht, i eat this dish in balochistan, here i also try it with the help of this recipe in my home, it is just same.

Temoor - Sargodha 02 Aug, 2016

Well I always thought that meat recipes are salty naturally. I want to try making namkeen gosht recipe posted here. I love to try new recipes and this one can be a totally amazing thing to make.

Dawood - Karachi 20 Jun, 2016

I think I can replace my old style Karahi dish with this Namkeen Gosht recipe for the dinner menu. The method of Namkeen Gosht seems easy and will not take much time of mine. So thanks!!

Iqra - Karachi 01 May, 2016

Namkeen Gosht Recipe is available on this page for those who are interested in trying new recipes every time. I am a big fan of you guys and would like to congratulate the team for the efforts you guys are making

Warda Ismail - Lahore 19 Sep, 2015

Namkeen gosht is very tasty dish which I like, I make it just in the bakra eid with the mutton meat. The duration of cooking is not much long and the method is also very easy, such a delicious dish.

abida - khi 30 Aug, 2015

Specially in the eid many peoples wants some different to eat, in the upcoming bakra eid I will also try this namkeen gosht because the ingredients which read in this recipe look very tasty.

shafaq - khi 24 Aug, 2015

Namkeen Gosht Recipe seems like really tempting and unique. I m going to try this in my family dinner and will give you my feedback in this regard. I just want to ask if this recipe can be made in 3 steps only?

Faryal - Karachi 17 Aug, 2015

Usually I make namkeen gosht in the eid because the meat which use for making it is very expensive, I like this balochi dish.

safeena - khi 15 Jun, 2015

Namkeen gosht is a very tasty dish but it serving is very difficult, usually peoples like to eat with chapati.

ammara - khi 18 Mar, 2015

I never forget namkeen gosht which i eat in the murree when i went in the tour of pakistan, it was superb in taste.

atif - khi 22 Feb, 2015

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