Afghani Rice

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1/2 kg Rice
1/2 kg Mutton
2 Carrots
4 Cardamom
1 cup Apricot
1/2 cup Oil
2 piece Cinnamon
100 gm Raisins
1 tsp Black pepper
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Saffron essence
2 tsp Cumin seeds
2 tbsp Sugar


Heat 1/2 cup oil in a pan, add 1/2 kg mutton with fat and fry till its color turn to golden brown. Now add 1 glass of water and 1 tsp salt. Cook over low flame till meat tender. Soak 1/2 kg rice for 20 minutes, cook with 2 tsp cumin seeds, 1 tsp salt and water as required till half done. Now drain the rice and keep aside. Now in meat mixture add 2 chopped carrots, 100 gm raisin, 4 green cardamom, 1 tsp black pepper, 2 pieces of cinnamon and 1 cup apricot. Cook for another 1 minute. Now add boiled rice and 1/2 tsp saffron essence. In other pan cook 2 tbsp sugar till melts, add 1/2 cup water and mix well. Now pour this mixture on top of rice and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve hot.

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There is no sindhi biryani recipe i found here please add it and please add healthy drinks recipe and ice cream deserts

Ms.Farhan - Karachi 05 Apr, 2014

dont try this att all i try this at home ..noone eat this mean not my maid eat this..

afshan - karachi 07 Jun, 2013

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