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Chef Rahat

Chef Rahat Pioneers in culinary industry, Chef Rahat is recognized as the most versatile, talented and learned chefs of the country. She specializes in all sorts of cuisines and gained immense popularity from her amazing recipes and shows. Chef Rahat Ali is passionate about her culinary career which took her to the highest level in this profession. Her style of delivering her experience and communication skills is very unique and simple. Chef Rahat gained nationwide popularity due to her impressive and lively style while cooking. Her energetic appearance and passionate cooking made her popular not only in Pakistan but also in the Asian countries. Chef Rahat Ali uses her experience in her shows to use tricks and tips for cooking effectively. She introduced various styles of cooking and taught innovative methods of preparing pizza, BBQ and Naan and all the other food.

She previously used to do a cooking show on Geo titled” Rahat’s cooking” and prepares delicious and mouth watering recipes. She gained fame from that show and became a household name. She is currently associated with Indus Vision and conducts a show titled “Rahat Weekend Cooking”.

Chef Rahat recipes can be easily prepared at home with the regular house hold appliances. Chef Rahat’s recipes are innovative, imaginative and her special tips make cooking a remarkable experience. Chef Rahat is always ready to solve the issues people face while cooking and guides them the right methods on live calls. She has been hosting cooking shows for different popular channels and has a huge fan following all over Pakistan. Her unique and original cooking recipes are highly recommended by food lovers. She had huge range Special 2015 recipes available online.

Chef Rahat Ali is famous because of her lively and attentive approach in cooking. She is an imaginative cooking specialist who always goes all-out to instruct some outstanding cooking ways to her admirers. Chef Rahat Ali appears live from Monday - Friday in her renowned cooking show cooperating with her spectators through live calls and also determining their cooking needs and kitchen related problems on the spot. Chef Rahat is extremely well-liked not only due to her vast cocking ideas but also due to her kind nature. Many women and especially girls like her cocking shows and unique recipes. She cooks food with most recent recipes and uncomplicated methods.

Chef Rahat Recipes
Dahi Phulki
Tandori Aloo Or Aloo Tarka Salad
Pizza Sandwich
Three Fruits Jam
Rahat Thandak Bhara Loki Ka Raita
Sauced Fruit Trifle
Keema Gobhi
Pizza Sandwich Food evening with Rahat
Chana Dal Halwa
Pasanday Dhuandhar
Anda Cholay, Quetta ke Naan by Chef Rahat
Chicken Nuggets
Chawal Kaju Aur Ananas Kay & Lazat Bharay Kabab
Sabzi Badami Qorma, Naan Tukre by Chef Rahat
Ginger Chicken
Gulab Jamun by Chef Rahat
Chocolate Cake
Shami Kabab
Pakistani Shawarma by Chef Rahat
Peshawari Kebab Video Recipie By Chef Rahat
Black Forest Triffle
Chicken Tikka by Chef Rahat
Gola Kabab by Chef Rahat
Cake Balls
Urad Daal with Tarka by Chef Rahat
Tawa Chanp By Chef Rahat
Kachri Keema
Tandoori Aloo, Aloo Tarka Salad by Chef Rahat
Egg Vegetable Fried Rice
Burnce Road Ki Murgh Aloo Biryani
Creamy Corn with Mixed Vegetables
Beef Cheese Burger
Aloo Terka Salad
Pizza Without Oven
Strawberry Ice Cream
Pahari Karahi Asli Wali
Chicken Cheese Burger
Aloo Palak Methi & Chana Daal Kabab
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Dahi Phulki
wadeeha - khi 11/10/2015 6:14:43 AM
After frying phulki you should put it into the boiled salt water to make it soft. In this recipe of dahi phulki just a few changes which I did when I tried it in the home, for dahi I use the same way.

Pakistani Shawarma by Chef Rahat
uzma - khi 11/9/2015 1:25:08 AM
Pakistani Shawarma is just like a chicken roll due to the spicy ingredients which is include in it but usually in the ready to eat shop this shawarma is available to eat which I want to make.

Gola Kabab by Chef Rahat
Ahmed - Karachi 9/23/2015 5:08:04 AM
Chef Rahat now don't come in Television programs but this video of Gola Kabab is good. I really like to enjoy this recipe while making it home.

Gola Kabab by Chef Rahat
Seema - Lahore 9/22/2015 1:45:19 AM
Gola Kabab recipe is simple and looks unique I will try this recipe for sure on this Eid.

Egg Vegetable Fried Rice
Sadia - Karachi 8/26/2015 7:20:39 AM
Egg Vegetable Fried Rice are simple to cook and it is best served with Chinese dishes.

Gola Kabab by Chef Rahat
almas - khi 8/19/2015 4:20:50 AM
Chef Rahat also give a solution for those who could not use a bar B Q grill to make gola kabab, all the ingredients are same but in the end you can frying in the pan, you can also make coal flavor after frying.

Pizza Without Oven
Nimra - Karachi 8/17/2015 5:48:30 AM
I would like to thank the team of HamariWeb for posting such problem solving recipes for people like us who lack in proper resources. Our oven is out of order and your pizza without oven caught my attention while searching. I tried it and it turned out to be really delicious. Got so many praises!!

Gola Kabab by Chef Rahat
lubna - khi 8/2/2015 10:33:25 AM
In the pan or in the bar b q I only feel trouble to save gola but every time it breaks and make the shape like keema, one time I also use the thread but not success so how can I do to make it in the home?

Egg Vegetable Fried Rice
laila - khi 8/2/2015 10:14:27 AM
Any time when I make this egg fried rice in the home I just use the same way of preparation but in the end I am not success to make it fry because it is not possible to fry almost 2Kg rice so how can I do to make it fry?

Dahi Phulki
Laiba - Islamabad 6/20/2015 2:30:47 AM
Is meetha soda actually baking soda? I m kinda confused; as I used to make Dahi Phulki with baking powder previously. Please reply me asap.