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Siddiq IsmailAmong the top most Naat Khwans that Pakistan has ever produced, the name of Haji Siddiq Ismail occupies an eminent space. Siddiq Ismail was born on 10th February 1954 in Karachi. He started his career in 1965 through children’s programme named Bachon ki Dunya. Mr. Siddique Ismail holds the honor of being the first ever Naat Khu’wan on PTV. He has performed numerous Naats and is recognized at national and international levels. Siddiq Ismail valuable contribution in the field of Naat Khuwani earned him many national and international awards including the most prestigious, the Pride of Performance.

Siddiq holds the honor of being the first and also first famous Naat Khu’wan on TV channel. He has recited numbers of Naats and is recognized at national and international levels. Siddiq Ismail has also traveled to many countries and attended Mahfel-e-Milad. He was also known as the best live performer among the all Naat Khu’wan. Siddiq Ismail Naats are known to be popular due to his unique style of narration and melodious heart touching voice.

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 Siddiq Ismail Naats

Talab Gaar Haai  by  Siddiq Ismail New
Surah e Rehman Tilawat  by  Siddiq Ismail New
Sab Se Aula Wa Ala Nabi  by  Siddiq Ismail New
Lam Yati Naziro  by  Siddiq Ismail New
Chamak Tum Se  by  Siddiq Ismail New
Bekhud Kiye (HamariWeb.com  by  Siddiq Ismail New
Allah Hoo Allah Hoo  by  Siddiq Ismail New
Tera Naam Khuwaja Moin Ud Din  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Rehmat Da Darya Elahi  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ratein Bhi Madine Ki  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Mera Walyon Ke Imam  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Mangton Ko Sultan Banaya  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Haqeeqat Mein  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ab Meri Nigahon Mein Jachta  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Tere Qadmon MAIn Aana  by  Siddiq Ismail 
SubhanAllah  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Salam  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Nabi (S.A.W.W) Ka Aastan Ho  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Mustafa (S.A.W.W) Se  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Karam Mangta Hun  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Itna Meri Sarkar (S.A.W.W)  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Hasbi Rabbi  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ya Shafee Ul Wara Salam Un Alaiyk  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Oon Kay Gham Say Choor HoGaya  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Mut Poocheye Kay Kiya Hai  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Mein Lub Kusha Naheen Hoon  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Daman E Mustafa  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ya Rasool Allah  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ya Khuda Ek Din  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Sab Se Aula o Aala  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Naimatain Banta Ta  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Meri Aarzo Muhammad  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Main Lab Kusha Nahi  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Lo Madine Ki Tajjali  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Dilon Ke Gulshan  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Aye Khuda Aye Khuda  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ya Elahi Har Jaga  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Qaseeda Burda Shareef  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Mustafa Jane Rehmat  by  Siddiq Ismail 
L0 Madine Tajali Se  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ishq E Rasool  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Allah Humma  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ab Meri Nighaon  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Raham kar Raham  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Maa Tu Maa Hai  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Moula Ali  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Duniya Te Aya  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Na kahin seDoor  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Main Toofan  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Madine kafilay  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Halima Lori Deti hai  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Lailaha illallah  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Idhar Dhoondti Hai  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Hum Ko Apni Talab Say Siwa Chahye  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Hum Bhi Ek Naat Sunanay Kay Leye Aaye Hain  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Haq Kay Pegham Ko Ley Kar  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Hamd-e-Sarapa Naam-e-Mohammad  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Dasan Gal Ki Khazeene Di  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Habibe Khuda Ka Nazara Karoon Main  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Kion Na Ho Har Lamha  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Mangton Ko Sultan Banaya  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Mat Poochiye Kay Kiya Hay  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Meray Dil Main Ishqe Habib  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Sarwar Kahoon Kay Maliko Moula Kahoon  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Unkay Gham Se Choor  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ye Naat E Mustafa Ka Moujza Hay  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Yeh Kehti Thi Ghar Ghar Main  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ya Rasool -Ullaha Tere Dar Ki  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Subha Tayba Main  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Noori Mehfil  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Mugh Tayba Main Bula Lo  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Manjhte Khali Haat  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Madine Ka Safar  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Kamli Wale Main Qurban  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Ae Saba Mustafa Se Keh Dena  by  Siddiq Ismail 
Reviews on Siddiq Ismail Naats
Surah e Rehman Tilawat

Surah Rehman ki sirf 13 ayat talawat ki gai hain es surah ki total 78 ayat hay ... es ko sonh kar loog misguide hongay pori surah tilawat nahi ki gai.

asim , Karachi Tue 24 May, 2016
Noori Mehfil

allah pak sadiq ismail saab ki awaaz ko or bhi khobsurat kry ameen.

abdulrehman , lahore Sun 22 May, 2016
Ya Rasool -Ullaha Tere Dar Ki

Subhan Allah kiya khubsurat naat hai aik aik jumla se iman taza hota hai.Allah har muslim ko nabi pak SalalA ho Wasalam ki zeyarat karaye.Ameen

Danish , Karachi Tue 17 May, 2016
Ae Saba Mustafa Se Keh Dena


Muhammad shahroj , Manendragarh Mon 16 May, 2016
Madine Ka Safar

be khud ki ye dete hai naat mp3

abid husain , motihari Sun 15 May, 2016
Tera Naam Khuwaja Moin Ud Din

Tera Naam Khawaja Moin ud Din By Owais Raza Qadri

SALEEM KHAN , karachi Fri 13 May, 2016
Maa Tu Maa Hai

I love my parents

ibad ahmed , karachi Thu 12 May, 2016
Talab Gaar Haai


Abid hussain bhai , Karachi Mon 09 May, 2016
Chamak Tum Se

Mashallah nice

Akhtar mashwani Haripur (sarikot) , Haripur Wed 04 May, 2016
Bekhud Kiye (HamariWeb.com

I love the voice of Siddiq Ismail and also his great personality. He recites many Naat in his heart touching voice, I have a large collections of all the old Naat.

qaiser , khi Tue 26 Apr, 2016
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