PS-108 Election Result 2024 - Karachi South 3 Sindh

May 26, 2024 - Karachi South 3, PS 108 Election Result 2024 update in progress. There are 19 candidates participating in the general election in PS 108 Karachi South 3. Syed Abdul Rasheed MMA is the winner, he is leading the election by receiving 16821 votes. Second position is Abdul Nasir Baloch PTI. The Third positions is Abdul Majeed PPPP of PS 108.
Find all the complete details of PB-44 Provincial Assembly, Election Results, candidates’ details, party position, election campaign, election turn around, live courage, pre poll results & constituency report and previous results of 2008, 2002, 2013 of PS-108.

PS-108 Election 2024 Winner & Party Position

Last Updated: 26 May, 2024
Position Candidates Party Votes
1 Muhammad Dilawar MQM-P flag 20014
2 Murad Sheikh IND-PTI flag 16850
3 Ibrat JIP flag 14438
4 Sultan Ahmed TLP flag 9457
5 Muhammad Fayyaz Pirzada PPPP flag 9438
6 Muhammad Tahseen IND flag 1232
7 Shehroz IND flag 1156
8 Raghib Bashir IND flag 835
9 Aloo Mal PML flag
10 Syed Muhammad Khurrum S.. GDA flag
11 Imran Parvani IPP flag
12 Muhammad Noman MML flag
13 Anita IND flag
14 Asif Rais IND flag
15 Tousiq Ali Hoti IND flag
16 Hafiz Muhammad Asim IND flag
17 Shaneel IND flag
18 Irfan Ullah Khan Niazi IND flag
19 Uzma Shameem IND flag
20 Ghulam Hussain Kurd IND flag
21 Farhan Siddique IND flag
22 Kausar Saba IND flag
23 Muhammad Jamil IND flag
24 Muhammad Hasaam IND flag
25 Muhammada Tariq Fareed .. IND flag
26 Arif Younus IND flag
27 Muhammad Kamran IND flag
28 Mirza Faisal Manzoor IND flag
29 Malik Noor Ahmed IND flag
30 Naeem Nagori IND flag
31 Waseem Khan IND flag

PS-108 Election 2018 Winner & Party Position

Position Candidates Party Votes
1 Syed Abdul Rasheed MMA flag 16821
2 Abdul Nasir Baloch PTI flag 15577
3 Abdul Majeed PPPP flag 12252
4 Sultan Bahadur Khan PML-N flag 11113
5 Muhammad Zafar Iqbal TLP flag 7958
6 Shahid Ali IND flag 4350
7 Habib Hassan IND flag 3242
8 Jibran IND flag 1291
9 Muhammad Sadiq Rind PSP flag 1170
10 Abdul Subhan ANP flag 710
11 Dost Muhammad Danish IND flag 702
12 Muhammad Mateen PRHP flag 512
13 Peer Muhammad IND flag 472
14 Akhter Hussain PPP-SB flag 435
15 Tanveer Ahmed PP flag 203
16 Adnan IND flag 198
17 Shah Jahan Baloch IND flag 101
18 Syed Saleem Shah Gilani IND flag 74
19 Atif Mehmood IND flag 43
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PS-108 Election Result 2024 - Karachi South 3

General election 2024 in PS-108 Karachi South 3 constituency of Sindh, the stage is set for a vibrant democratic exercise. With many candidates poised to enter the fray, the electoral landscape is abuzz with anticipation and speculation.

In the lead-up to the election, all eyes are on the diverse array of candidates vying for the opportunity to represent the people of PS-108. From seasoned political veterans to fresh faces brimming with enthusiasm, each contender brings their vision and agenda to the table.

Among the candidates preparing to embark on the campaign trail, the presence of representatives from key political parties such as PTI, PMLN, PPP, MQM-P, JUI, JI, ANP, TLP adds an intriguing dimension to the electoral contest. As supporters rally behind their chosen candidates, the air is charged with excitement and anticipation.

PS-108 PTI candidate, PS-108 PMLN candidate, and PS-108 PPP candidate are among the focal points of discussion, as their respective parties seek to make their mark in this pivotal constituency. With campaign strategies being fine-tuned and alliances being forged, the stage is set for a fiercely contested election.

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My best friend lives in the area of this PS - 108 constituency. He will be casting his vote for the first time. I just hope that he is able to cast vote perfectly. He was really nervous about electoral polls.

  • By: Rehan Malik, From: Isb
  • on Tuesday, July 24 2018